To: Global Legal Systems, Pest Contractors, Public Housing & Human Rights Organizations

Change Legal Perspectives: Pesticide Poisoning Legal Case Makes the Injury Victim Guilty

Change Legal Perspectives: Pesticide Poisoning Legal Case Makes the Injury Victim Guilty

Stop victimizing pesticide poisoning victims, making THEM the guilty party when they have pesticides forced on them and they are injured.

Make Duty of Care, the Precautionary Principle, negligence concepts and Human Rights visible and actionable. Remove the influence of vested governmental and chemical corporation interests from blunt chemical convenience equations. Enforced (willful, negligent, culpable and totalitarian) pesticide injuries should not be permitted in so-called "enlightened" and democratic cultures. Rightful compensation should be made readily available to chemical injury victims, and the circumstances that created the injuries should be correctly recognized as a standard abuse of Human Rights.

Why is this important?

This is a critically important issue because millions of people worldwide are being willfully poisoned by the misuse of chemical applications, considered as not important within the grand framework of corrupt corporate and government interests. Big business and government want the supreme convenience of being able to use toxics whenever they wish. However, this ignorant and brutal love affair with chemical technologies is wreaking havoc, often among the poor and those least able to defend themselves. Even though Housing knew I was already chemical-sensitive and that I had specifically and assertively prohibited the use of pesticides on multiple occasions, they forced two pesticide treatments on me. My son and I were poisoned and yet I was made out to be the guilty party!

How it will be delivered

I will stage a press conference if at all possible. Otherwise, I will deliver the signatures in person if I can.