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To: David Kalisch - Australian Statistician, Hon Alex Hawke MP - Assistant Minister to the Treasurer

Restore trust in the census - do not store Name and Address without consent

Restore trust in the census - do not store Name and Address without consent

We petition the Australian Government and Australian Bureau of Statistics to respect the privacy of Australian residents and to destroy personal identity information (names and addresses) as soon as the census collection is finished.

Individual respondents should continue to have the ability to opt-in to having their identifying data stored in perpetuity, as has been the case in previous Censuses.

The ABS's Census Privacy Impact Assessment and website do not make any compelling case for the retention of names and addresses. The ABS originally wanted to keep names and addresses forever. Now they have changed that to a maximum of 4 years after community concern. There has been no reasonable justification or reasoning given for either the original proposal or the changed proposal.

Name and address information is personal information. The information given in the census about religion, income etc is sensitive information. There is a real risk of this information being re-identified or the access to this information being increased in the future. In addition, data leaks continue to occur despite the best efforts of governments and organisations. The safest way to avoid risk is to destroy the names and addresses immediately.

That's why we call on you to ensure that the ABS does not store names and addresses of people without their consent.

Why is this important?

Changes are being made to the 2016 Census that mean that personal information (name and address) of all Australians will now be stored for up to four years.

This represents a serious invasion of privacy. Please sign this petition to send a message that this is not acceptable.

This petition has been initiated by Electronic Frontiers Australia and the Australian Privacy Foundation.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this petition by email and letter to the responsible Minister, Hon Alex Hawke MP, and the Australian Statistician, David Kalisch. We will also be announcing it to the media.

Reasons for signing

  • I do not have anything of value to add other than the obvious and the already stated arguments. It horrifies me that there are only 100 signatures here.
  • I have no trust in goverment or the politicisation of the civil service


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