To: Lisa Neville

Cash-for-containers recycling scheme in Victoria!

Victoria needs to get inline with South Australia and the Northern Territory and introduce a cash for bottles and cans scheme! If the ACT and NSW can introduce similar a scheme, so we can we too.

Why is this important?

This is a scheme that will reduce landfill and create jobs. Cash for Containers schemes have lead to rates of recycling of 80-95%. It will also mean less litter in the parks, waterways and streets. We will be out of step with most of Australia! The new Andrews government needs to show some leadership and progression and prove that they actually DO care about the environment.

How it will be delivered

To Lisa Neville personally.


Reasons for signing

  • It's a no-brainier, if we can do the right thing then why not?
  • Victoria needs without doubt a container recycling scheme or is it Andrews wants to create more landfill as this state is looking like a mess day by day.
  • it gliched


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