To: City of Port Phillip and Flexicar

More Parking in Elwood

More Parking in Elwood

Install a car share bay in Wimbeldon Ave or in the middle of the "hole" in pods in the CoPP area

Why is this important?

1 car share pod reduces cars in a neighbourhood by 14 - that is 13 more car parks.
To reduce parking demand, increase air quality (by reducing reliance on cars) and reduce emissions.
Also increase usage of Walking, Cycling and Public Transport therefore increase investment by the Council in these safer, more children friendly transport methods.
Let me know in the comments if you are a member of a car share, and which one please.

Reasons for signing

  • I want car share in my street please


2015-07-14 11:38:48 +1000

City of Port Phillip On Street car share policy we only have until the end of this week (July 14) for Flexicar to apply. from