To: The NSW Government

Campaign for royal commission into church sex abuse

Campaign for royal commission into church sex abuse

The NSW Government needs to hold a royal commission into the Catholic Church's handling of sex abuse matters.

Why is this important?

This petition follows an overwhelming public response to the disappearance and death of John Pirona, who left a letter saying he was in ‘‘too much pain’’ following his sexual abuse by a priest as a child.
It also follows Maitland-Newcastle Bishop Bill Wright’s ‘‘broad support’’ for an inquiry into the sex abuse issue, after acknowledging growing public calls for a royal commission.
The Newcastle Herald, which has mounted a sustained campaign on behalf of victims and their families, was approached by parishioners to put this petition together.

Reasons for signing

  • Give me a staff of justice and I'd teach you the meaning of... Capital punishment! Those priests and fathers, etc... should die!