To: NSW Premier Mike Baird

Campaign For a 1 for 1 Solar Feed In Tariff

Campaign For a 1 for 1 Solar Feed In Tariff

Dear Premier,

The people of NSW request a fair price for the electricity they create through solar photovoltaic panels. At present the people of NSW may only receive between 6 and 12.9 cents per kilowatt hour for the electricity that they feed into the grid from their solar panels, but this is at the discretion of their electricity retailer. These solar panels are also maintained by the people of NSW at their own cost. The price of 6 to 12.9 cents per kilowatt hour grossly undervalues electricity produced through solar photovoltaic panels.

Residents drawing electricity from the grid are charged more than 21 cents per kilowatt hour, however, if they use solar to produce energy, feed it back to the grid and have it sold on by their energy provider they may be paid between 6 and 12.9 cents for this electricity. Surely the people of NSW deserve to be paid the same rate that electricity costs to draw from the grid?

We request that you introduce a one for one feed in tariff for excess electricity, produced through nett metering, to provide value for money for NSW residents who install solar PV.

We also urgently request that the Government legislate a minimum mandatory "floor price" solar feed-in tariff in NSW to ensure that all NSW residents, and small businesses, who install solar receive something for their excess electricity.

Why is this important?

At the moment the people of NSW who have solar systems are not being paid fairly for the electricity they feed back into the grid. Current charges for electricity use in NSW are more than 21 cents per kilowatt hour. If you have recently installed solar panels or installed them after the NSW Governments Solar Bonus Scheme ended then you may be paid less than half of the cost of electricity for the electricity you produce and feed back into the grid, or you may receive nothing for the electricity you feed back into the grid.

Currently people in NSW may be paid between 5 and 12.9 cents per kilowatt hour for the electricity they feed into the grid while they are charged more than 21 cents for the electricity they use from the grid. There is no legislation or requirement for electricity provider's to pay anything for electricity fed back into the grid and IPART (The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal) determined in June 2013 that electricity retailers should be encouraged to voluntarily offer competitive feed-in tariffs that reflect the fair and reasonable value of the electricity exported by photovoltaic customers. The range recommended was between 6.6c and 11.2c per KWh, which is a reduction from the previous year's range of 7.7c - 12.9c.

Of the numerous electricity retailers currently operating in NSW 6 do not offer any feed-in tariff for solar electricity fed back into the grid and only 1 of the remaining 5 retailers offer more then 6 cents per kilowatt hour. If you check the 'Energy Made Easy' website,, you will find the current feed-in tariff's offered.

How can this be considered 'fair & equitable'? How can it be considered value for money for NSW electricity user's?

On top of this most electricity retailers offer their customers the ability to purchase 'green' energy which the retailer states is sourced from solar or wind farms. For this privilege the electricity retailer charges the customer a tariff on top of their usual charge rates for this 'green' energy.

This simply isn't fair! Energy providers are making profits off electricity produced by everyday people who have invested their money in installing and maintaining solar systems on their homes.

Currently all states in Australia are winding back their subsidised feed-in tariff's and state government's are pushing for a 'free market' for electricity produced through solar PV. Unfortunately as there is no legislation ensuring that customers receive some form of Feed-In Tariff (FIT), electrcity retailers are taking the opportunity to either not pay a cent for the electricity provided to them, ot worse, they are providing contract's to people who have solar which provides a minimal Feed-In Tariff with a substantially increased usage charge.

Worse still, the electricity companies, through their association the ESAA (The Energy Suppliers Association of Australia), are pushing for all customers who have installed solar to pay drastically increased network access fees to make up for the revenue the electricity sector has lost through more than 1 million households installing solar.

NSW electricity customers need, as a minimum, a floor price for nett metered solar power. A minimum Mandatory Feed-In Tariff. To ensure fairness in the market.

The people of NSW have the right to a fair price for the electricity they produce. Please sign this petition so we can campaign for a fair price for our solar electricity.

All solar customers need to stand together and fight for a 'fair go' and to that end we have asked PowerGroup Purchasing to attempt to negotiate a better Net Metered Feed-In Tariff for NSW residents. If you are interested in taking part in this additional campaign please register your details at:

Since the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme closed there have been more then 75,000 households connected under Net Metering in NSW. We need to stand together to get a 'fair go'!!

You can also find out more by checking out the following blog:

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How it will be delivered

Once we receive 10,000 online signatures we will arrange to meet with the Premier and the Energy Minister to raise our concerns publicly with them and to discuss ways to rectify this serious issue.

We must work together if we are to have any hope of achieving an acceptable outcome that not only aids NSW residents who have solar, but also benefits the State of New South Wales.

Reasons for signing

  • fair deal to all
  • Because of the rip off charge me 27 cents and give me 6 cents
  • 6.1 cent is not acceptable.


2014-01-14 16:24:42 +1100

1,000 signatures reached

2013-10-31 20:07:44 +1100

Met with the NSW Resources & Energy Minister, The Hon. Chris Hartcher, today and discussed the petition as well as other issues affecting solar in NSW. Impressed with the level of understanding expressed by the Minister and look forward to receiving his formal response to the issues raised.