To: Mayor Barry Sammels

Call On City of Rockingham Councillors To Support a Motion for Marriage Equality!

Call On City of Rockingham Councillors To Support a Motion for Marriage Equality!

To the Hon. Mayor Barry Sammels and Councillors of the City of Rockingham,
We, the undersigned, call on you to reflect our community’s commitment to fairness, inclusion and equality by passing a motion in support of Marriage Equality.

Why is this important?

We know our local community supports Marriage Equality. Like so many other communities across the country however, we have watched with sadness and anger as politicians in Canberra have failed again and again to end the unjust laws which still now prevent LGBTI Australians from having the same opportunities for love, commitment and happiness as everyone else.

With over two thirds of Australians now in support of Marriage Equality this is a change whose time has well and truly come. But as the current political deadlock shows, it is not something which will happen without community pressure! We need all of our elected representatives, local state and federal, to stand with us against this discrimination if we are to succeed in making Marriage Equality a reality.

Passing this motion is not just a vital stepping stone toward Marriage Equality however. It is also an unmissable opportunity to proclaim the values we hold dear as a community and to state clearly that in the face of discrimination and hate we say “This isn’t right and we stand with you”.

Reasons for signing

  • Because love is not a crime and people love who they love - every single person on the planet should be free to marry the person who makes their soul dance. Simple. Easy. RIGHT. <3
  • It seems unfair to me that I can marry for love, but friends/family can't. ALL people have the BIRTH RIGHT to marry for love! It should not be a question! It should not be up for debate! We should ALL have the same marriage rights! Anyone who says otherwise is a bully!
  • Love is love No one should be told who they can or can't spend there life with


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