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To: Tony Abbott

Prime Minister, Call a Federal Election NOW!

You and your government have completely failed the Australian people.
You have become an international embarrassment, and have completely lost sight of the aspirations of Australians for a better future.

Your budget is in tatters.
Your policies on renewable energy, Coal Seam Gas, education, health, are unacceptable to us.
Announce an election date so we can go to the polls and form a new government.

EDIT: I neglected to say the environment in innumerable ways over and above CSG, treatment of asylum-seekers.

Why is this important?

The Australian Federal Government is destroying this country, day by day. We need to elect a new government that understands what Australians want done.

Their budget is in tatters.

Your policies on the environment, renewable energy, science, Coal Seam Gas, education, health, are unacceptable to us.

How it will be delivered

Email, unless someone can help me on this to do it a better way!

Reasons for signing

  • It's heart-breaking to see the erosion of Australian society and social institutions by this embarrassing bunch of cruel and unusually punishing pollies. Give us the chance to kick them out!
  • Because this government from I have seen are not only incompetent, but also disrespectful of the Australian people the LNP are quite happy to drive the country into the ground, just to get rid of the great projects and the influences of the ALP. This is only short sighted but is also very dangerous.
  • cos abbott is an illuminati worshipping piece sh*t!


2014-08-29 12:11:17 +1000

Thanks everyone for signing to get us to this stage - the way I see it, we've got a long way to go to cause any kind of ripple in Canberra.

Please share with your friends - let's make this thing SHOUT!

I'd appreciate suggestions as to:
How to get more signatures
What to do with those signatures (at what stage)

2014-08-26 00:35:22 +1000

1,000 signatures reached

2014-08-24 19:39:23 +1000

This is humbling. Some of you have used words I feel but didn't have the brains to express!

This is a flicker, we need to turn it into a FIRE.

2014-08-24 19:22:20 +1000

500 signatures reached

2014-08-24 15:16:08 +1000

100 signatures reached

2014-08-24 14:56:19 +1000

50 signatures reached

2014-08-24 13:43:36 +1000

25 signatures reached

2014-08-24 12:22:03 +1000

10 signatures reached