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To: Byron Shire Council

Byron Shire needs an Agricultural Officer.

Byron Shire needs an Agricultural Officer.

The one united issue raised by all farming demographics in the region is that there is urgent need for the key position of Agriculture Officer to be appointed by Byron Shire Council.

This role should be responsible for the strategic development of the agriculture industry in the Shire, the local food economy and to support sustainable agricultural enterprise and land management.

Why is this important?

The agribusiness sector in the Byron Shire needs to be recognised as a valuable industry for the region.

Byron Shire Council are in their budgetary review phase so now is a critical time to highlight to the elected Councillors the importance of having an Agriculture Officer appointed to better represent the needs and concerns of the farming and agribusiness sector.

Some of the key requirements of the appointed Agriculture Officer would be to assist farmers and landholders to :

Understand the complexities of the planning rules and regulations.
Ensure the ongoing protection of prime agricultural land.
Minimise land use conflicts between agriculture and other land uses.
Increase utilisation of prime agricultural land for agricultural purposes.
Provide access to information and opportunities for new/young farmers
Work with industry to attract research and development funding and investment to enhance productivity and scope for employment growth.
Ensure strategic planning is made to develop and enhance the local agribusiness sector and.
Act as an effective communications conduit between the agricultural sector and different departments within council that may impact, regulate or be responsible for policies and processes that relate to aspects of agriculture or agribusiness.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed this because I believe that previous farming/food growing land in Byron Shire is under threat from every direction. Council have a suite of policies that may not protect farmland from future residential growth, tourism and inappropriate industrial activity. Byron Shire has a key role to play in food security in the coming years of climate change.
  • The agricultural officer could assist to promote and further small scale agricultural operations that help build local communities so that the northern rivers unique biodiversity can be protected from property development and tourism
  • I signed because I like to source my food locally and seasonally so I support local growing of food and its distribution locally.


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Agriculture in limbo :

"In 2010/11, the total value of agricultural output in Byron Shire was $29m, which decreased from $40m in 2005/06" -

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