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To: Lucy Wicks MP, Federal Member for Robertson

Build the promised Arts and Cultural Precinct on the old Gosford Public School site not a tax office

Build the promised Arts and Cultural Precinct on the old Gosford Public School site not a tax office

Dear Lucy, you must not allow the ATO building to be placed on the old Gosford Public School site, doing so will destroy the soul of the Arts and Cultural Precinct before it is even created. This should not be an extension to the Gosford CBD, which has ample alternatives to place it.

Why is this important?

Many people on the NSW Central Coast highly value the land on the Gosford waterfront and were anticipating something truly outstanding being created there. Something that would do for Gosford what Darling Harbour did for Sydney.

Our historic Gosford Public School was demolished despite a huge public outcry on the back of a promise to construct a community accessible performing arts/cultural/entertainment precinct on this site. This promise has been broken and our community betrayed. Now we find out that the Australian Taxation Office have awarded contracts to build an office building on what was State owned land that somehow has been taken over by the Federal Government???

This is an extremely short sighted decision and this very special piece of land should be put to far better use than an office block. This land should be for community use and as part of the plan to open up the waterfront for entertainment, restaurants and public enjoyment. We remember the pain we felt when the school was demolished but we were told that in its place would rise a wonderful new Performing Arts Centre and Cultural Precinct.

Gosford prides itself as being 'The Capital of the Central Coast' and a Regional 'City'. Every major and regional city has a world class Performing Arts Centre and Cultural Precinct. It is time the Creative Arts was at the forefront of planning. The people of the Central Coast deserve better than a tax office on this site. The Performing Arts Centre needs to be there as promised. We have waited too long already and we are shattered by this announcement.

As a local example of what could be created in this special area, Woy Woy has just a few waterfront attractions but they are sufficient to attract many tourists to the area and a Performing Arts Centre and Cultural Precinct at Gosford has the potential to be much greater and truly outstanding.

The Performing Arts Centre and Cultural Precinct would be just the beginning of something that could potentially reap far bigger future economic rewards than an office block ever could. Look what Darling Harbour did for Sydney! Previously Sydney looked mainly north towards the harbour, but the Darling Harbour development magically transformed its forgotten west side into its hottest development area and carried Pyrmont along with it. A Performing Arts and Cultural Precinct in this area could potentially do the same for Gosford and become a driving force for it to develop into the amazing city we want it to be and become the undisputed capital of the Central Coast.

Please help us by signing this petition to send a strong message to all those involved in making this very bad decision to reconsider and look at the many other possible alternatives available to accommodate the ATO just nearby in the existing Gosford CBD. Also please share it to as many people as you can via Facebook, Twitter or email. Thanking you, Noel Plummer

Reasons for signing

  • This is a significant site for Gosford.
  • It makes more sense to build a arts and Cultural Building Then A tax Office It is for the People not the Government
  • The Arts? Taxes The Arts? Taxes The Arts? Taxes Gee, that's a tough one.


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There will be a rally at the old Gosford Public School site for this Saturday morning, Oct 3rd at 8:30 am -

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