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To: Canterbury Bankstown Council

Boarding House at Beaman Park

Boarding House at Beaman Park

Dear Canterbury Bankstown Council,
Please STOP the application for a proposed thirty four (34) room Boarding House next door to Beaman Park and the Cooks River Cycleway in Earlwood.

Why is this important?

1) The Boarding House is listed with 2 two-story blocks of 17 self-contained single rooms each (total 34 rooms) with balconies.

2) Development is not in keeping with the character of the local Low Density Residential and recreational area due to its scale, dominance, density, location and transient nature of the residents

3) Streetscape and visual amenity: The development is not in keeping with the streetscape or visual amenity of the area.

4) Traffic and Parking: The increased traffic, the insufficient onsite parking for residents and their visitors, together with the cumulative effect of parking and traffic congestion (when added to the current weekend sport, the rugby club, tennis courts and the Imam Husain Islamic Centre) will cause a further escalation of parking, safety and traffic issues for current residents and sport field visitors.

5) Testing revealed the proposed site is contaminated with asbestos, lead, chromium, nickel, copper & zinc - above human health and/or ecological standards.

6) Council should refuse consent as the proposed building height is more than the maximum building height permitted under the environmental planning instrument of Zone R2.

7) The proposed site is in the flood zone and it is possible for contamination of groundwater and the Cooks River if not removed.

8) Development application is 3 lot titles adjacent to Beaman Park facing the sporting fields, cricket training nets and the Cooks River Cycleway.

If you wish to comment or a make a submission on the application, you must write to Canterbury Bankstown Council, 137 Beamish Street, Campsie NSW 2194.

Council Planning Contact is Alice Pettini for any enquiries on 97899350.
Quote DA-137/2018

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