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To: Joe Awada - Bayside Council Mayor

Bayside Residents for Peaceful Streets

Bayside Residents for Peaceful Streets

Dear Mayor,
Residents of Bayside Council are experiencing an increase in noise pollution from unnecessary revving of motor vehicles. This is causing discomfort and stress for community members who are trying to enjoy the Brighton Le Sands eating precinct, and for many residents who are losing sleep because of the noise pollution.

Road Rule 291 requires that a person must not start a vehicle or drive in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke. We support stronger policing of this road rule as well as the Bayside Council finding ways to nurture more peaceful streets in our area.

Why is this important?

Residents in the Bayside area are tired of the unnecessary revving and backfiring of motor vehicles, drag races, speeding and other dangerous vehicle activity.

It makes our streets unsafe for other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

It creates noise pollution, making Brighton Le Sands shopping district unpleasant to be in, and negatively effects people's sleep in the area.

We want our community to be a peaceful and calm environment. We want the Bayside Council to work with St George Police to better enforce Road Rule 291, requiring that a person must not start a vehicle or drive in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke.

We also support the Council and Police exploring other options for reducing these ongoing disturbances.

Reasons for signing

  • The unceasing, unnecessary and unwelcome noise of rev head cars and ridiculously loud motorcycles. These people have do little to do so they race around our suburban streets in a careless and dangerous manner, disrupting my peace and quiet and peace of mind.
  • Love living in the area except the loud noise of cars and bikes
  • While I don't live along Brighton, we experience the same issue in our residential street outside sans souci MacDonalds. Horns blasting, screaming, burnouts, excess of 100km in a marked 50 zone and all done at all hours of the night. Not a cop in sight.


2020-06-24 16:25:44 +1000

Thanks everyone for signing and sharing. I've had multiple requests to add additional areas to this petition within the Bayside Council area, including Sans Souci, Bexley, Banksia and Arncliffe. If you have any problem areas or streets please message me or write it up here in a post, and I will include it in the submission to the Mayor. Additionally if you have any ideas about solutions please also share that here or personal message me through this page. You can message me directly by clicking on my name above the petition - Heidi

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