To: Alan Tudge Minister for human services.

Kunannurra Hunger Striker Needs Answers

Kunannurra Hunger Striker Needs Answers

Dear Mr Tudge

What kind of government official ignores the plea of the people. Politicians are supposed to represent us and it is about time they started to remember that.
I have called both of Mr Tudges offices multiple times and been told he will return my call. He has not returned a single call.
We would like the cashless welfare card trials in Kunannurra suspended and the privacy concerns looked in to.
Please answer Daniel's questions!
What exactly did the government get for the 140+ million dollars (of tax payer money) paid to indue since 2009?

Why have there been no trials in major cities, or on the East Coast where the majority of Australia’s welfare recipients live?

Who are the major shareholders, who are the people who own Indue and who else besides them stand to benefit from this scheme?

The collection of data by private companies is an issue as is the community panel. Would you like your neighbours having access to all ins and outs of your finances, and to be able to make decisions on how much money you have to spend? No, I don't think you would. Neither do the people of Kunanurra, Mr Tudge.

Why is this important?

Daniel Taylor has been on a hunger strike for 14 days in protest of the privacy conditions of the cashless welfare card. The government has been ignoring him and the mainstream media are being typically biased.

Please help Daniel get answers.
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How it will be delivered

Hopefully in person.

Reasons for signing

  • Compulsory income management stigmatises and marginalises people and their children. The absence of cash isolates children from the community and their peers, as they cannot participate or compete.....
  • I read how people can't pay bills and their mortgages or private rent. This cashless card is wrong on so many levels. I think the shareholders of Indue need investigating by a private team whom are not connected to them or the government.
  • This govt. is taking control of our lives.We are not being given the right to spend our money as we see fit or even where we can spend it.They have stopped us going overseas and now they are taking control of our finances.This has to stop.


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Daniel is going to try to hand this petition to Alan Tudge in person.
We are trying to raise the funds to get him to melbourne ASAp.

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