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To: Bayside Council

Banksia's Gardiner Park doesn't need Fake Grass

Banksia's Gardiner Park doesn't need Fake Grass

Bayside Council are negotiating with Polytan Asia Pacific Pty Ltd to install synthetic grass on the local heritage park in Banksia. There are no plans on the Bayside website, no community consultation and no reports on car parking or an arborists report. Bayside needs to stop negotiations and rescind the motion to carry out this change and listen to the community.

Why is this important?

Gardiner Park is small in comparison to other playing fields in the Bayside area. The park is being overused by the local soccer team and the grass is damaged. A magical $10million was gifted from NSW Government to build synthetic fields at Arncliffe and Gardiner Parks. There are no plans and no consultation. The cricket team were ignored and so are the local residents. Sign this to stop work starting in Mid August 2020.

Reasons for signing

  • Is this just to fix the sinkhole?
  • We’ve already lost so much green space, population density is at record levels, we need every bit of nature for the community. Synthetic grass gets too hot so it’s a lie it can be used “all year round”. St George has lowest tree cover of any LGA in Sydney already. Put the $10 million into restoring neglected playing fields nearby Barton Park
  • Arncliffe Park and Ador Avenue are both synthetic there is no need for a third synthetic ground that will ruin a community park


2020-10-12 19:34:51 +1100

Have you got one? Bayside Council have put out a brochure on the Gardiner Park Upgrade. It is short on detail so we decided to put together our own version of the brochure based on the evidence within Council's own documents. Here is Gardiner Park newsletter No.1

2020-10-08 17:01:56 +1100

Park Meeting tonight, Thursday Oct 5th at 6:30pm, for those residents concerned at the information in the Mayor's brochure and more. Meet at the amenities block at 6:30pm. Join our fb page. Friends of Gardiner Park

2020-09-30 15:05:56 +1000

Welcome all the Banksia Tigers supporters to our petition page. Please enjoy our updates to this campaign and thanks for your signatures.

2020-09-11 13:52:39 +1000

We object to fake grass for scientific and health reasons. The heat effects of artificial turf are becoming more documented. Here is one link to 70 articles describing problems from burning feet to melting shoes.

NSW Football, who advise Councils on synthetic fields, advise not to play on synthetic fields at and above 30 degree due to heat retention.

Keep call and writing to council. They will listen to the potential damages that heat can cause to little feet.

2020-09-05 09:55:32 +1000

Increased use of the park will mean constant parking on nearby streets. Arncliffe Park is being used every night until 9pm. Gardiner Park is not a sports hub, it's not a high use park, it's a local park. With plans to expand the parks on the other side of Banksia (Barton and Riverine) we are pushing back on this small park for residents to enjoy in a variety of ways without impacting the locals. Upgrade yes, Synthetic. No. Call or email council with your concerns. We are making a impact.

2020-08-29 08:57:20 +1000

Information session for residents by residents at Gardiner Park today(Saturday 29th) from 2- 4pm. Come and see the plans and other documents we have acquired from Council via a GIPPA (freedom of information act). Come down and say Hi.

2020-08-25 18:30:15 +1000

We are hearing rumblings in Council, they are noticing that there is real anger about this overpriced development of the park. SGPA has been doing lots of work uncovering documents and examining the business case for this extravagant amount of money for one synthetic field.
The cost will be close to $3million for all the works. The average cost of a synthetic field is $1.4million. Ador Oval in Rockdale cost $4.25million and they got 6 fields out of that money.
With no parking and a home team that has exclusive license to use the field, the park will not generate any money. Added to this the cost of maintenance (45-65K per annum) and replacement costs of $500k in 8 years time, this is turning into an expensive single use field.
Email or call council and tell them the ROI makes no sense. Fix the park, yes! don't waste money on synthetic.

Read more at -

2020-08-11 19:46:39 +1000

Over the last three weeks there has been multiple emails to Bayside Council and the Dept of Planning and Public Spaces. The main concern has been where is the DA? Where are the plans? where is the Environmental Impact Statement? None of these documents are either on the Bayside Council site or can be obtained from Council. The team behind this petition have received some lengthy responses only just this week saying they have done the right thing by all the laws and acts that this plan covers.

So let's just say you are reasonably in touch with the plans for your area, you follow Bayside Council and read The Leader. Finding out about the 'acceptance of a tender' and shovels are ready in weeks for has been a discovery of deception. None of the plans for the park have been available, made public or logical. We have discovered that some plans for your area will be totally out of your control and seemingly beneficial to people very close to Council.

2020-08-07 16:17:53 +1000

Turf Wars. Gardiner Park can't get any bigger.
There are no extra car spaces. We are campaingning not just to keep this park and the upgrade to drainage which it needs but to push for the upgrades to Barton Park where 4 x multi use synthetic fields are planned.

2020-08-01 16:00:20 +1000

In 5 days the petition is at 150 signatures. Excellent work everyone for this response. We have visited Bayside Council and asked for an Environmental Impact Statement. These should be done and exhibited before any construction. It is possible they are exempt from exhibiting under the Priority Precincts Plan but hard to find definite answers. Council are preparing an environment plan, as of yesterday I had a convo with them, and it is two weeks away from completion. However you have to put in a request to see this. More secretive behaivour from Council. Voice your concerns with Council. The more people who call, visit or email the better. thanks heaps everyone.

2020-07-31 10:57:53 +1000

Thanks everyone for the responses. The pressure is mounting on Bayside Council as they see the consequences of not providing community consultation, in fact nothing, except a press release a few weeks ago.

We encourage you to visit or call Bayside Council and ask about Gardiner Park plans, environment impact statements or anything supporting good old-fashioned communication with ratepayers.

2020-07-28 20:12:59 +1000

100 signatures reached

2020-07-27 21:39:15 +1000

The petition went up today and already we have over 50 signatures. I want to add that this is not about playing soccer. Banksia Tigers have a future opportunity at Barton Park and the plans are already on the Bayside website. There will be 4 x synthetic fields, amenities and car parking. If the work starts in a few weeks the park will be shut down until mid 2021 and the only space will be the hills and upper areas. Already we are using our parks more in these uncertain times. Now is not the time to shut down a park and build something that will be duplicated in another part of Banksia.

2020-07-27 21:25:04 +1000

50 signatures reached

2020-07-27 18:43:49 +1000

25 signatures reached

2020-07-27 14:11:29 +1000

10 signatures reached