To: Mayor Kim Ford, Deputy Mayor Bob Porter and Hawkesbury City Council

Ban Rodeo and Animal Circus Events in the Hawkesbury

Ban Rodeo and Animal Circus Events in the Hawkesbury

Dear Mayor Kim Ford, Deputy Mayor Bob Porter and Councillors, we are calling on you to ban the barbaric and outdated use of animals in circuses and rodeos in the Hawkesbury area.

Why is this important?

In a "civilised" society, how can such barbaric practices still be going on? How is it that jerking a 3-4 month baby calf to a stop with a rope around their necks, to be slammed to the ground and tied up is something that is ok and encouraged at rodeos? How can we still have lions kept in cages their whole lives and force them to perform and be crated around the country to make money for some greedy business man.

We need to rethink our values and see if our actions line up with them.

If the world is so against animal cruelty, why is it still happening so much?

Animals deserve the same right to live a free life as we do. They would NOT be doing these "tricks" in the wild. They are not born to perform for us.

Other than the obvious suffering they would go through being kept in conditions NOTHING like what they would be living in if free in small cages and enclosures. These animals have been seen by myself and many other activists pacing the areas they are enclosed in. There is no way to regulate how the animals are trained, we cannot see what goes on behind closed curtains and to make these animals do something so unnatural it is obvious that they are being forced.

Horse and cattle are tormented into acting wild for the show, a flank strap is tightened when the chute opens around their sensitive flank area to make them buck uncontrollably from the pain.

Around 4000 horses and bulls are used in the over 600 rodeos held around Australia each year, in addition to an unknown number of calves and steers. Rodeos in most states are self regulated, meaning that only a small fraction of animal injuries and deaths ever become public knowledge.

"The immorality of rodeos extends to the arrogance of the riders and their attitude to the animals, and to the way the audience is demeaned by watching such a tawdry spectacle." (Vet attending an Australian rodeo). via Animal Liberation Victoria

Please, we need this cruelty to stop for the animals and for the future generations to know compassion over cruelty.

Thank you



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