To: Barry O'Farrell

Ban shooters in our National Parks

Ban shooters in our National Parks

Dear Barry O'Farrell: Please honour your pre-election promise where you promised your voters that you would protect our national parks from hunters.

Why is this important?

Licensed recreational shooters are now allowed in 79 of the state’s national parks, nature reserves and conservation areas in a sneaky deal that your government has done with the Shooters and Fishers Party to gain support for a Bill to privatise the State’s electricity assets.

Our protected conservation areas have essentially been turned into hunting reserves. Your government has not detailed how this will be policed and how the so called 'feral control' scheme will be undertaken without risks to the safety of people and native fauna alike.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered personally to Barry O'Farrell

Reasons for signing

  • Because the uncontrolled use of guns by hunters in the National parks will put the lives of those who live, work and play there at great risk. As the wife of a retired parks worker this is too horrible to contemplate.