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To: Quest Newspapers

Ban Political Advertising on Newspaper Cover Pages

Ban Political Advertising on Newspaper Cover Pages

Please stop allowing political parties, their lobbyists or affiliated interest groups to buy advertising sleeves which dominate the front cover of your newspaper.

Why is this important?

Quest News is owned and operated by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Australia. Quest Community Newspapers is a tabloid news company located in Bowen Hills which provides free paper delievered and online news coverage for the greater Brisbane area.

I do not believe that it is ethical or appropriate for Quest News to be so heavily influenced by political advertisements that they dominate the front cover of your newspaper. When any News Corporation allows this to happen, they send a direct message to their readers that the political party being advertised is one in which the newspaper personally recommends or believes should be voted into power.

Also, the content and advertisements that Quest News choose to allow into their printed media have a power to influence their readers. Therefore, they have a responsibility for what they choose to advertise and the way in which it is advertised.

I believe that Quest News should aim to keep their content (including advertising) as unbiased a possible, therefore allowing reasonable representation from all parties involved in upcoming elections. These advertisements should be limited to only holding space within the newspaper and should never dominate the highly influential cover page of a newspaper.

I would like Quest News to reconsider its current policy to allow any political party or their affiliates to use their financial advertising dollars to buy such high levels of influence by purchasing advertising sleeves dominate the front cover, back cover and inner sleeves of your newspaper.

Please sign this petition if you agree with these statements.
Kirsty Clausen


2019-05-02 19:58:38 +1000

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