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To: state government

Ban outdoor roadside advertising.

Ban outdoor roadside advertising.

Dear Minister,
Please stop outdoor billboard advertising on magor roads, and in residential and rural areas. These are community spaces and should be left for free thought and the right to see the world without unnecessary visual pollution. There are various cities in the free world that are starting to implement or have already implemented policy to ban outdoor ads. São Paulo has now stripped its 15,000 billboards and has achieved a 70 percent approval rating with its citizens.*

There is a lot of evidence that this is a really positive move in any city it has been implemented in. And its gaining momentum see refs below.


Why is this important?

Dear Minister,
Why must I be subjected to advertising I have not requested and I have no control to stop? Is the necessity to pollute outdoor spaces really required? All other advertising allows a certain amount of user discretion, that is its a choice and can be avoided, while outdoor advertising offers no choice. Why cant we leave these outdoor spaces for free thinking.
Why is subliminal advertising banned on television while its totally legal for outdoor spaces. But I hear you say subliminal advertising is not consciously seen, how can you not see a billboard thats 42 square meters. Well the first time you might see it and recognize it, after that its a constant flashing image every time you drive, ride or walk past or see it out the window. This is brainwashing and thats why advertising companies spend millions of dollars promoting signage spaces. This was put to the test in the following video Try it yourself next time you are thinking one thing is worth more than a similar thing, check your constant routes and see what appears.

This is from an agencies website on why advertisers should use Outdoor advertising.
"Why use Billboards and Buses?
*Outdoor advertising is constantly there day and night for the duration of your campaign *Outdoor advertising can catch consumers who don’t read newspapers or watch a lot of television. *Outdoor advertising can reach the right people."

Outdoor advertising is visual pollution and should be banned in the same way that littering is banned, it creates visual pollution and is of great concern to freethinking which we need as human beings to solve and act on real issues that impact on our communities.

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Reasons for signing

  • I pay for community radio so I don't have to listen to advertising. I can't pay for an advertising free option to live in.
  • Sao Paulo: Before And After In 2007, the mayor of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the world’s fourth largest metropolis, decreed the removal of almost all forms of outdoor advertising that had cluttered the city for many years. Outdoor advertisers, including Clear Channel, vigorously fought the ban, but recent polls have shown that 70 per cent of the population wants to keep the city ad-free.


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