To: ACT Politicians

Ban apartment smoking (ACT)

Ban apartment smoking (ACT)

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ACT Politicians need to change the legislation to ban smoking in apartment complexes. The current legislation is inadequate in that it imposes a burden of proof on residents to identify the source of the smoke drift. This is often impractical given the nature of smoke drift, and also creates a potential conflict situation which can lead to verbal or physical abuse, or other nuisance behaviour, towards the complainant.

The ACT Government is promoting urban infill and high/medium density living but is not protecting the right of residents to enjoy the use of their apartment without being affected by smoke drift.

Why is this important?

The harmful health effects of second hand smoke are well documented. In addition to these health effects the nuisance of having second hand smoke infiltrate your apartment, your furnishings, and your clothes is unacceptable. Residents are living in apartments with their doors and windows closed 24/7 to avoid smoke drift entering their apartment. This is not a healthy lifestyle.