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To: The government

ban alcohol at stadiums!

ban alcohol at stadiums!

Ban the sale of alcohol at stadiums

Why is this important?

the only reason for fights at stadiums is alcoholic beverages. i know this because when ever i go to an eagles game the people behind me get wasted and try to fight my dad so we have to go home early. we also have to have the stadium security on speed dial. and its really scary for children who just want to enjoy the game. kids shoulden't fear for their own safety while at an event that is supposed to be family friendly but has been ruined by a bunch of guys who are off their faces with god knows what. like, really?

Reasons for signing

  • This is a good thing to sign a petition about.
  • I sighned because this is a good cause that should be petitioned.
  • I signed because I agree, there are some 5 year old there witnessing stuff that they shouldn't. At the same time, there are some people who are just enjoying the game and being sensible. But not everyone is doing that!


2018-03-09 16:55:05 +1100

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