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To: Brisbane City Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

Ban Advertising on the Windows of our Public Transport

Ban Advertising on the Windows of our Public Transport

Dear Lord Mayor Graham Quirk,

I would like to request a ban on advertising on the windows of our public transport. Whether micro hole stickers are used or not, it affects visibility. On buses, in particular, passengers need to be able to see the number of the next bus stop and/or street name early enough to press the button to allow the driver enough time to stop the bus safely. The problem is exacerbated at night and/or in a rainy weather. It is an issue of road safety.

On any public transport, however, passengers require clear visibility.

Kind regards,
Agnieszka Niemira

Why is this important?

1) It is a matter of road safety.
2) Public transport passengers require clear visibility. They need to see the street names, the places names, etc; the windows are there for a reason.


Reasons for signing

  • Not only buses. The wraps on the City Cats are not tourist friendly, particularly in poor weather conditions.
  • busses need to be for the passengers first and foremost. They are not mobile billboards.
  • Not just that, but our public transport stuff should be independent! I mean, I know it generates more revenue, but...


2016-05-12 16:14:33 +1000

Good News! All the email addresses have been now forwarded to the Brisbane Lord Mayor office.

2016-05-09 15:29:48 +1000

Dear Friends/ Campaigners,

The petition Ban Advertising on the Windows of our Public Transport signed by 83 campaigners has been delivered to the Brisbane Lord Mayor's office. The response from the office is that the names and the post codes on the petition are not enough. For the office to consider the petition, we need to have every signator's email address on the petition, if delivered electronically, or every signator's postal address, if the petition is delivered physically. As I have since moved to Melbourne, we will need a Brisbanian to take over the administration and follow this through. If you would like to become a new administrator of this petition/campaign, please contact me and I shall make you a new administrator. To contact the Brisbane Lord Mayor's office regarding the petition call 34034400.

Thanks to all for participation and a special thank you to the future new administrator.

Agnieszka Niemira

2016-04-13 10:59:30 +1000

Dear members of the campaign,
the petition has now been delievered to the Lord Mayor's office.
Thank you for your participation.

2016-03-22 17:43:41 +1100

A good photo demonstrating how the visibility is affected on a rainy day. Compare the wrapped window to the wrap-free window.

2016-03-20 21:13:25 +1100

Dear Members of the Campaign,

I have requested an appointment time with Graham to deliver our petition. I am awaiting his response. Please email me or facebook me (Peace Pilgrim Agnieszka Niemira), if you would like to deliver the petition with me.

Thanks, Agnieszka

2016-03-20 16:27:13 +1100

Dear Members of the Campaign,

now that we have re-elected Graham Quirk, and he is supposedly committed to road safety,, it might be a good moment to deliver our petition to him.

Warm regards,
Agnieszka Niemira

2016-03-20 15:28:51 +1100

Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing the petition Ban Advertising on the Windows of our Public Transport, can you help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends?

We have reached 70 signatures. Unfortunately, we have not reached 100. But apparently if you write a letter to the government, they assume there are 100 people with that opinion, and for every signature there are 10 silent people, who nevertheless agree. So 800 people agree with this petition. This is not an insignificant number. The good news is Ben Pennings, Greens candidate for Brisbane Lord Mayor, and Greens are listening to us, so I know where my votes are going.

Thanks again for signing and spreading the word.

Warm Regards, Agnieszka Niemira

2016-01-20 22:07:52 +1100

50 signatures reached

2016-01-17 14:02:13 +1100

25 signatures reached

2016-01-16 21:25:49 +1100

10 signatures reached