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To: To: The Senate of the Australian Parliament

Australians want a Coal Seam Gas Moratorium

This campaign has ended.

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled: Australians call on you to put in place a 12 month moratorium on Coal Seam Projects across Australia. During this time we would like to see independent scientific testing done to determine whether or not Coal Seam Gas Mining is in fact safe.

1. A thorough investigation needs to be carried out in Tara, Queensland where it is reported that 25 families are suffering serious health issues.
2. A study into the CSG industry impact on the productivity of the Agricultural Industry needs to be done.
3. Determine if the aquifers have or will be adversely affected.
4. Determine whether or not waterways have been or will be adversely affected.
5. Determine how the CSG industry will deal with its waste in a safe manner. (No holding ponds, and no dumping it at Swan Bank)
6. Determine whether or not the Great Barrier Reef will be damaged from a growing industry.
7. CSG water use needs to be looked into as it should be allocated to farmers. We do experience droughts in this country.

Why is this important?

Australians want to secure a safer future for all, with protection for our good food-producing land, our water, human health and our environment from the dangers posed by a runaway CSG industry.

Our water supplies for drinking and food production are so important for the future. We should not be risking it on a short term mining boom. The gas will still be there in a years time, so there is no hurry. Plus there are alternatives to our energy needs. Our economy will need our tourism and agriculture industries into the future yet with farm land and the environment being put at risk by the CSG industry, one has to wonder what will be left of them.

The people of Tara need health officials to take their concerns seriously. "Unexplained" nose bleeds, ear bleeds, head aches and rashes are just a few of the ailments being reported by the residents of Tara since the industry moved into the estate where they live.

A fair go for all, not just a few.

How it will be delivered

Will be delivered to Queensland Senator, Larissa Waters on Friday the 24th of August, 2012

Reasons for signing

  • the way the energy firms treat the farmers id deplorable
  • We don't have that much high quality agricultural land on the east coast. So we need to protect that and the aquifers for the future.
  • Help protect health, farmland and environment, including Great Barrier Reef!


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1,000 signatures reached