To: Australian sports lovers and participants

Australia needs an independent Sports Ombudsman

Australia needs an independent Sports Ombudsman

Dear Tony Abbott
Would you please appoint an independent sports ombudsman to deal fairly, transparently and honestly with issues in sport?
If an athlete is unable to afford legal representation there is nowhere for him/her to go for justice - apart from appealing overseas to CAS .

Why is this important?

Sporting organisations do not always operate with integrity. Athletes, parents, whistleblowers etc need someone they can trust and have faith their voices will be heard.
With so many significant issues in sport e.g. drugs, match fixing, deception, bullying, corruption, fraud, tanking, suicide - we need an independent arbiter and tribunal. All other major industries have systems in place to protect their workers or participants,
Athletes and their families need to be able to trust their sport, if it is to continue to have a valued place in their community.



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