To: Tony Abbott

Ask Tony Abbott to represent the views of Warringah in the Marriage Law Postal Survey.

Ask Tony Abbott to represent the views of Warringah in the Marriage Law Postal Survey.

Dear Tony Abbott, Hon. Member for Warringah,

We ask that you represent the views of the people of Warringah in the lead up to the same sex marriage postal survey.

69.7% of voters in Warringah agree that same sex couples should be able to get married, as shown by the Australia Institute's polling, conducted 10th August 2017. Please represent us!

The people of Warringah, do NOT endorse your 'NO' campaign and expect you to ask us what we want, before speaking on our behalf.

Further, we ask you to immediately refrain from equating marriage equality with religious freedom, freedom of speech or 'political correctness'. That may be your position, but it is not the position of your electorate.

You said before the election you would be happy to be a humble backbencher and represent the people of Warringah. Mr Abbott, the jury is in and we ask you to do just that - represent your electorate!

Why is this important?

Polls clearly show that the vast majority of people in Warringah agree that same sex couples should have the right to marry, just as everybody else does.

We want same sex couples to have equal rights. We want our local member to represent our views, not his ideology, as that is his job!

Tony Abbott is a backbencher, and as such, it is his job to represent the people who live in Warringah, not to use his position as a platform to promote views that the majority of people in Warringah do not hold.

How it will be delivered

In person.

Reasons for signing

  • I believe that the local member should vote representing the majority in his electorate. Isn't that what he is elected to do-to represent his constituents rather his own ideological position?
  • Mr Abbott is not representing my view. I have asked him numerous times for a discussion on this but he hasn't got time to meet his electorate. Too busy with his personal agenda.
  • it i important that we make history, love is love, if my husband and myself are intoxicatingly inlove and happy and married almost 7 years in oct 3rd and together for 8 years as a couple then everyone has the right to be loved, feel loved, givem love, have a family, and to spend forever with the one that they love.


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