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To: Australian Prime Minister

Asbestos kills! James Hardie directors slap on the wrist token sentence!

Asbestos kills!  James Hardie directors slap on the wrist token sentence!

The James Hardie company directors should not have had their directorship bans reduced. They should have life-time bans imposed.James Hardie is being sued by the New Zealand Government for repairs to their schools. Australia needs to do the same! Please continue to sign.

Why is this important?

Australian building products maker James Hardie is being sued by the New Zealand Government over a $NZ1.5 billion ($A1.24 billion) repair bill for leaky school buildings.
March 2013 James Hardie announced a third quarter profit of $US28.8 million ($A27.85 million).
People who get diagnosed with an Asbestos Related Disease (ARD) do not get a slap on the wrist, their family and friends can never walk away from the horror that is asbestos!
Being diagnosed with an ARD is forever life changing, the pain, the anguish, is forever heightened by the knowledge it didn't have to be!
One can only ask, "Where is the justice in the James Hardie Industries (JHI) non-executive directors only receiving a 'slap on the wrist', token sentence of being banned from being a company director for 2 years?" The original sentence of 5 years was insulting enough think they will be able to become company directors again in May 2013....... the mind boggles!!!!!!
This decision being handed down in the middle of the screening of the 'Devil's Dust' program is an insult to those who have lost their lives to asbestos, those living with an asbestos related disease and those in the future who will be exposed - all thanks to James Hardie asbestos products!

Reasons for signing

  • My father was diagnosed with asbestosis and died 18 years ago. My husband as a young apprentice electrician handled asbestos wool to cover electrical cables.
  • My father's friend died of asbestos by a slow death of not being able to breathe properly. My father said it was worse than watching someone die in the war.
  • For the memory of a family member


2013-06-29 19:10:19 +1000

A big thank you for your continual support. Please ask others to sign. Here is the latest news article 29 June 2013.
James Hardie will be forced to pay more than $100 million extra for asbestos victims after being hit by more claims than expected in the past 12 months.

The company had believed the ''peak year'' for asbestos claims was 2010-11, but a jump in claims since March last year means it will have to pay an extra $117 million into a special victims' fund.

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