To: Apple and other hardware/software manufacturers

Apple get real about recycling your gear

As an early adopter of exciting new tech over the years I have been particularly and progressively unhappy with the lack of planet friendly recycling policies - the chat groups are full of the bad deals that have been offered owners of mobile phones, computers and tablets for their not very old equipment.
But what about moving to a whole new model facilitating a network of giving where the recipient gets a useful working device that adds to their ability to live a fruitful life. Funding such a move would be possible with a concerted push to the charitable foundations or the Crowd.
And people upgrading for their own reasons see a proper disposal from them to a useful end which may be a beginning for someone else.

Why is this important?

We are encouraged to buy buy buy the new while disposing of the not very old. This reinforces a consumer pattern that is unsustainable and that is destroying the planet. Here is a chance for our leadership companies to show leadership on the most important issue of the day or the century.