To: The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Greater Geelong

Allow Verge Gardens in Geelong

Allow Verge Gardens in Geelong

We, the undersigned, call on you to revise those sections of General Local Law 2005 that apply to nature strip planting, so that it becomes possible for residents to plant low-growing, edible and non-edible plants on their nature strip with no permit requirements.

We acknowledge that ‘common sense’ guidelines should apply - that gardens must be safe, must not obstruct foot or vehicle traffic, must allow for the opening car doors and must receive regular care and maintenance. However, we ask that all guidelines are sensible and support the environmental and community benefits to be gained from curb-sides that feed, enrich and connect neighbours.

Why is this important?

Curb-side planting of low growing, edible and decorative plants enhances household sustainability, builds community and enriches both people and neighbourhoods.

As Costa Georgiadis, the host of Gardening Australia says:
“It is not just about food for humans, verge gardens grow habitat for birds and insects and provide a home for the pollinators and ecosystem supporters that look after us and our food plants as well. And above all else, they build and grow connections and community.”

How it will be delivered

This petition will be hand delivered to Council by the Geelong Sustainability Group.

Reasons for signing

  • I was once told by an employee of COGG that 'if we allow gardens on nature strips people in Corio will want to put granny flats there'. An argument akin to Corey Bernadi saying if we allow gay marriage people will want to marry their pets.
  • Common sense, valuable useable space going begging, its the progressive thing to do, add this to putting Geelong in the national phyche
  • Encourages household sustainability. Mowing of grass releases 4x times the amount of carbon dioxide into atmosphere that the grass captures during growing process. Also verge gardening could lead to increase community connections.


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