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To: MP John McVeigh Minister for DAFF

Allow Durong Dingo Sanctuary to keep all the dingoes they have at present.

Allow Durong Dingo Sanctuary to keep all the dingoes they have at present.

Allow the Sanctuary to keep all the present animals and have Biosecurity listen and act upon the advise from Dingo Simon, so that they become aware & sensitive to the special needs of a pure dingo. They are social animals and at present Biosecurity,QLD treat dingoes as "pests" when in fact they are so very different to what most of us in our ignorance perceive dingoes to be. We need to treat this unique native animal with the respect it so richly deserves, through education and experiencing first hand this intelligent and intuitive creature.

Why is this important?

Dingo Simon’s story.
I began Durong Dingo Sanctuary in 2009 (about 50 minutes northwest of Kingaroy), so as to save Mike Noble's dingoes as he had to relocate and couldn't take the dingoes with him.
Over the years I have rescued 3 wild pure blood dingoes and given them a safe and enriching home.After getting them DNA’d for purity, the 1st rescued dingo ( I named Angel ) came back as only 75 % pure, so I had her de=sexed.
Due to this I have asked Biosecurity to have her removed from my Permit and that the new white pup (Zahra) take her place.Biosecurity said No. Presently I have a permit to have 17, but due to an unplanned pregnancy with Honey this year, she had 4 white pups.
Three have been sold (one went to Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary in Maryborough and two went to Halls Gap Zoo in Victoria ) and I want to keep the last one a female, Zahra.
But according to Biosecurity Qld I do not have approval to keep her, and it appears they will not increase my Permit limit again.
So I am left with the option of putting one to sleep or giving one way.
Both options I simply cannot come to do.
Biosecurity want me to isolate all the dingoes so no pairs are together or de-sex them.
So in order to do that I need to build 5 enclosures at the cost of $8000.00 for materials alone.What they don't understand is that dingoes need companions to touch, play and rest with. Just seeing them through the wire fence is not good enough.Biosecurity consider dingoes to be Exhibits for display and educational purposes only.
After having to sell my Droughtmaster Cattle Stud due to the drought sending me to the wall, I then had to sell my cattle yards and then my truck to pay bills.
Needless to say I don't have the money to build 5 enclosures and just make ends meet surviving on a Disability pension.
I see my role as owner of this Sanctuary is firstly to do my best to save and protect all my dingoes. Secondly to provide a place of education and understanding for the general public to gain knowledge of dingo behaviour and its role in our Environment.
I consider it a real privilege to be the only Sanctuary in Qld to keep dingoes under a captive breeding program as all other Zoo’s and Sanctuaries in Qld must de-sex all their dingoes.
The dingo is the top order predator in this country and has kept in balance all other animals for over 18,000 years, possibly even 40,000 years, until white man's presence brought all their animals from England. Then chaos began in the journey that we find ourselves in now.
The dingo is our only native canine and entirely different in every way from domestic and wild mix breed dogs.
My name is Elizabeth and I recently had the privilege of seeing these dingoes first hand and had one on one interaction with them suffice to say the experience was life changing; Dingo Simon is passionate and so loving and caring of the dingoes at the expense of his own health.
It is rare to come across such a gentle and all-encompassing ambassador for the dingoes, such a treat is in store for anyone who desires to find out more and I recommend that you take the journey out to the Sanctuary and go and experience for yourselves these wonderful creatures that are part of our Australian heritage. Trust me you will come away from there very enriched and humbled by these intelligent and intuitive creatures.
Simon desperately needs funds ( and he hates asking for money, however he knows he can no longer take on all the burden of upkeep himself) just to keep these beautiful animals in optimum surroundings and health.
Dingo Simon loves nothing more than sharing the experience of the dingoes and gives his vast knowledge and resources unstintingly, that I feel compelled to do what I can to assist him. He needs immediate help in money and resources and to petition Biosecurity QLD to assist rather than hamper his efforts; will you help in any way you can? There are immediate actions you can take to help Dingo Simon with his plight. Firstly email to [email protected] to allow Dingo Simon to keep all the dingoes and to have open discussions with him and be a lot more helpful rather than hinder what he is doing. Secondly ask your local school to invite him to bring the mother dingo and her pup and talk to the children about the dingoes, there is nothing better than 1st hand education of the young as they are the custodians for the future. Please understand if he were to do this the school will need to pay for his petrol expenses as he just doesn't have the money. You can email Dingo Simon [email protected]. . I know for a fact that Dingo Simon is so grateful for every dollar that comes in to help the cause. Thanking you for your time and interest and action undertaken in reading about the dingoes.You can donate to help Dingo Simon to keep our dingoes pure, by depositing into the following bank account .Durong Dingo Sanctuary.BSB 06 4418Acct 1026 0377.


Reasons for signing

  • With you Simon.
  • All of the dingos that are already at this Sanctuary need to stay... not be put at risk of euthanasia.
  • Dingoes are an integral part of the biodiversity of this land. They are in danger of being wiped out as many people consider them to be a pest or just don't care. We must halt the slide into extinction!


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