To: Blue Mountains City Council

Addressing Safety and Accessibility Concerns at Wentworth Falls Lake

Addressing Safety and Accessibility Concerns at Wentworth Falls Lake

Dear Councillors, Please help make Wentworth Falls Lake meet the needs of our community. Specifically the LAKE (Local, Accessible, Kid-Safe, Enriching) Action Group are asking for you to:
1. Upgrade and address safety issues of the existing play equipment
2. Create an environmentally friendly and accessible boardwalk around the lake
3. Provide safety barriers at the causeway
4. Upgrade amenities block and provide additional amenities

Why is this important?

Wentworth Falls Lake is a spectacular meeting place of regional significance. Through personal experience and in consultation with locals the LAKE Action Group are increasingly aware of a need to improve this local landmark. The council must address: issues of child safety at the play equipment and the causeway; accessibility so more people are able to engage in their local environment; and upgrade the toilets and provide additional toilets.

How it will be delivered

Once the signatures are collated we will email and deliver them to council. This is an staged project and the petition will be delivered as different stages are addressed through council.

Reasons for signing

  • Paul Sullivan
  • WF Lake is a great recreation area. I like to walk and a boardwalk around the lake wld be terrific.
  • as a resdient of Wentworth Falls, with grandchildren, I would like to see a safe and enjoyable environment around the lake as well as one that is easy for people with disabilities.