To: Senator the HON Nigel Scullion - Minister for Idigenous Affairs

Aboriginal verse at the start of the National Anthem

Aboriginal verse at the start of the National Anthem

Dear Minister, did you happen to catch Jessica Mauboy singing an Indigenous verse of the National Anthem prior to the English version?
If not, check it out on YouTube or Sunrise. Talk about goosebumps! Indigenous people need more representation in Australia and I think today (Australia Day 2016) is a great day to start a petition for change. We need to bind this country together and this is a beautiful and important way to make the statement that we are 'one people'.

Can we start a conversation around this idea please? The only problem is what dialect it is sung in, but lets not make that a reason not to start a conversation and get some change happening.

Why is this important?

Australia is a wonderful country. From the beaches to the interior and tip to tip, this place is wonderful. It's diverse and original. The people and landscapes alike are varied and spectacular. Let's embrace those sentiments and make a statement that marks as Australia as a country who respects the past as well as looks to the future. Which side of history would you like to be on? The invasion, slavery and stolen dreamtime side, or the reconciliation, respect and equal partnership side? Your choice, bro. Start the conversation.