To: Everyone (all enrolled voters in Australia) who isn't a politician and believes in fairness.

Abolish ALL politicians pensions and perks after leaving office.

Abolish ALL politicians pensions and perks after leaving office.

Sign the petition and put pressure on their State and Federal members to demand that the gravy train has to come to a halt. Now!

Why is this important?

Because in what other occupation would you be paid an obscene amount of money after resigning or being fired courtesy of the taxpayer? Let ex politicians walk their walk as they are rewarded handsomely while in office. If they truly want to restore the Federal balance sheets, then let them make the sacrifices they demand from those who can least afford it.

How it will be delivered

Email to all politicians.


Reasons for signing

  • They have no concept of surviving on the pittance called the age pension and have now cut it further. Whilst they bask in the trough on public money.
  • Pollies are their for the money ,,NOT for the people..
  • They should be treated the same as the rest of Austrailans. Maybe they might start doing a better job if money wasn't an incentive.


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