To: the Australian politicians in Canberra we ask that you vote for



To the Honorable President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

We the undersigned signatories are aggrieved of being deprived of our inalienable right to a basic livable income derived from the resources of the Commonwealth to which we are entitled to as human beings and citizens of this country.

The right to social security is a fundamental right, affirmed under the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to which Australia is a signatory.

The signatories to this petition ask the Senate to consider the following proposition below and then cast a majority vote in the affirmative for the question to be presented in a referendum to the Australian People in the following form.

DO YOU APPROVE the proposed law for the alteration of the Constitution entitled-

“An act to alter the Constitution, so that Australian citizens in the event of unemployment or retirement, have the inalienable right to a non taxable monetary allowance equivalent to the cost of living measured on a quarterly basis as set forth by the Melbourne Institute Applied Economic and Social Research, without Australian government interference on how the individual spends that allowance.”

****** Please note: It is important how poverty is measured. And I can think of no finer research institute in Australia that does the job better than the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. As an aside, I wish to add that the Melbourne Institute is in no way associated with this petition.*******

*****People who have signed this form will be asked to sign the same petition addressed to the Honorable Speaker and the Members of the House of Representatives. See below for more details on why this needs to be done separately.*****

Why is this important?

To all Australians of good will who believe in human dignity and social justice, a few moments of your time, please.

Poverty in Australia can be alleviated by placing within the Australian Constitution the right to a livable income derived from the resources of the Commonwealth. I realize that creating the right to a livable income is not enough by itself to solve the issue of poverty; there are other matters to consider such as creating cheap affordable quality housing while ensuring there are sufficient goods and services to meet the demands of the population without creating inflation. But for now, I ask that you sign this petition to help bring about a more enlightened society by lessening poverty.

One other reason for having a livable income for the unemployed, pensioners, students, single parents, and older job seekers is that there are insufficient jobs for everyone who wants one. Further, how many jobs these days are part-time, temporary or casual. These types of jobs are only going to increase. But how can anyone plan for the future when they don’t have enough money to get them through the week? Perhaps, one day you will lose your job too, and face age discrimination as an older Australian thrown on the unemployment scrapheap. , There needs to be an adequate safety net so people can live in dignity. Now on to some important points!

When I have the required signatures, I will ask everyone who signed the petition to sign it again at the House of Representatives e-petition website. The House of Representatives will not accept any signatures to a petition that has been created somewhere else, and they only allow petitions to be online for four weeks to collect signatures.

The petition will be scrutinized by the Standing Committee on Petitions for the House of Representatives. The Senate is handled differently. “Petitions that are posted and signed electronically are accepted if the senator presenting the petition certifies that they have been duly posted with the text available to the signatories. In presenting an electronic petition, the senator lodges a paper document containing the text of the petition and a list of the signatures submitted.” If this petition, fails, then:

Plan B We call upon the government of the day after the next election to hold a national plebiscite.
Plan C Have the Australian government ratify the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
Plan D An independent body to decide what level of benefits are necessary for the well being of unwaged workers. (Unemployed, all pensioners, people on Austudy, Veterans on disabilities )
Plan E To conduct a postal survey to ascertain the will of the people on this matter.

Before I go, consider the following; a petition concerning funding for community pharmacies was presented in 2014 to the Australian parliament it had 1,210,471 signatures. The second largest one was in the year 2000 which concerned taxation and beer prices that petition received 792,985 signatures. We should be able to do better. After all, our fellow Australians are more important than beer prices and taxation? Right?

How it will be delivered


Reasons for signing

  • Because of increased erosion of wealth coz of rip offs.
  • I signed this petition to help provide an adequate safety net, so people can live in dignity.
  • I have signed this Petion and shared to my Music Twitter site, to help the Unemployed and dehumanised Centrelink and Job Network Systems which have no real value for the 11 Billion invested in same.Privatisation does not seem to achieve anything. The System should be a Government Run initiative, with help and advice if you are unfortunate enough to be retrenched through lack of work in your Industry. There are around 16-17 People looking for each Job.


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