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To: Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbot

A petition to call for the immediate resignation of Christopher Pyne

As Party Leader and Prime Minister, Tony Abbot has a responsibility to the Australian public to ensure that the within Parliamentary sessions politicians act with professional decency.

Chrisopher Pyne's behaviour in the parliament is not becoming of a representative of the Australian people, and he should be held accountable for his actions.

Why is this important?

Over recent years, the Australian Parliament's integrity has been called into question on multiple occasions because of the way that politicians behave during parliamentary sessions. It has come to a stage where Parliamentary sessions should not receive even a PG rating for telecasting.

Politicians should be the highest form of role-models with the highest level of public accountability. They represent the Australian people at home and internationally.

With this in mind, the incident wherein Christopher Pyne used derogatory and violent language in a publicly televised Parliamentary session is absolutely intolerable.

With this petition, we intend to call for Pynes resignation, and Tony Abbot's support for said resignation-- as Party Leader and Prime Minister-- in the interests of reinstating some public confidence in political accountability.

Had a teacher in an Australian school used such offensive language they would be issued a severe reprimand. Pyne, as Education Minister, should receive no less.

We the undersigned strongly believe that Christopher Pyne has demonstrated that he is not a fit representative of the Australian people and as such should be held accountable. His behaviour embarrasses Australia as a nation, and Tony Abbot should call for Pyne's resignation if he does not willingly volunteer it.

Reasons for signing

  • The man is only representing the big end of town not ordinary workers Liberals lied just to get in Government They have no mandate for the cuts tabled in the Budget


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