• Please build a toddler pool and play area for families at Parap Pool, Darwin.
    With the Parap Pool in Darwin having re-opened in early January 2018 after a $15 million redevelopment, we think the City of Darwin have missed one crucial element - a baby and toddlers pool and dry play ground. Darwin has a young population and a tropical climate, it is common sense to include these basis amenities at a public pool. Currently the Parap Pool has opened with a new 50m pool, a 25m program pool and a very basic zero depth wet play area for kids which includes a leaf shower over concrete. We would like the Alderman of City of Darwin to recognise this missed opportunity and rectify it immediately for the families of Darwin.
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  • Labor: Save the asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru
    Tens of thousands of Australians have appealed to their Members of Parliament and Labor Senators to stop the human rights abuses occurring to the people held in these centres. Our appeals to honour, compassion and justice have failed. We are tired of receiving the rote responses that affirm your party’s opposition to indefinite detention, admits the harm that is being done and confirms the need to safely and quickly process people, but then refutes any responsibility to act on these beliefs: “It is up to Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Government to end the politics of division and fear and commit to Australia doing our fair share to deal with what is an unprecedented global humanitarian crisis”. Respectfully, we disagree. It is clear that the government will not budge. It is, therefore, up to Labor to act now to ensure the safety of every child, woman and man on Manus island and Nauru before it is too late. For more information, especially on the Manus crisis see: https://www.hrw.org/news/2017/10/25/australia/png-refugees-face-unchecked-violence
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  • Don't give $18.5 million to billionaire Adani
    The Townsville council wants to waste $18.5 million of ratepayer’s money on a private airstrip for Adani. Adani is an offshore multi-billion-dollar multinational mining giant. Their Carmichael coal mine is a private project intended to enrich the Adani family. Why are the people of Townsville paying for a billionaire’s private infrastructure? If Adani’s project is commercially viable they should be financing it themselves. This outrageous ratepayer handout comes on top of a range of other special privileges governments have given to Adani at the expense of everyday Australians. Townsville is facing problems with its own water supply, but the Queensland State Labor government have offered Adani free and unlimited groundwater. The Federal Government is offering Adani a billion-dollar taxpayer handout to build their rail line. There are many things in Townsville that $18.5 million could be better spent on, including investing in long-term solutions for creating secure local employment or ensuring long-term water security or preventing low-lying suburbs from flooding every King Tide. The last thing we need is $18.5 million of our taxes wasted on a tax-dodging billionaire’s private air strip.
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  • Allow disabled job seekers to contribute through volunteer work
    Having a disability doesn't have to stop me from contributing to society. I want the freedom to contribute according to the skills I DO have, instead of being required to look for work in a labour market that constantly focuses on the skills I lack. I want to do something useful with my life, rather than bashing my head against a brick wall. The success of this petition might even help to break the brick wall down!
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  • Save the facade, 185 Castlereagh St
    This iconic 1912 building is part of Sydney’s history. It’s housed The Barley Mo, Cahill’s restaurant, the old Windsor tavern and most recently the Windsor. A building that has had publicity in Sydney newspapers throughout its lifetime. When we can build a 100 story building, why can’t we save the facade of buildings that make our city unique and appealing.
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  • Dutton: Withdraw the Citizenship Bill and process citizenship applications now
    A majority of the Senate are now on the record as opposing the Citizenship Bill as a whole. Even the Liberal-controlled Senate Inquiry into the Bill recommended amendments, and the Liberal-controlled Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights says aspects of the Bill are “incompatible with the right to equality and non-discrimination”. It is clear that the bill will not pass Parliament in its current form, and is likely to be voted down entirely. Yet Peter Dutton is ignoring the wishes of Parliament and continuing to apply the Bill to all citizenship applications his Department has received since April 20 2017. As of 21 September, the Department is continuing to advise applicants by letter, website, and telephone that the “old law” will not apply to them, despite it being the only current law in force. Instead applicants are being told that if they do not meet the criteria of the new Citizenship Bill, which has not been approved by Parliament, their applications will be rejected. The previous “residency calculator” has been removed from the DIBP website, and there are reports that people are being blocked from applying for citizenship at the time that they would have become eligible according to previous DIBP advice. Please help end the confusion and sickening uncertainty migrants have endured simply as a result of wanting to make Australia their home. We must also recognise that this government’s attack on citizenship began well before 20 April 2017, with the Government’s refusal to offer citizenship ceremonies to 10,231 refugees who have completed all the requirements for citizenship, including passing the test. REFERENCES Senate Inquiry into the Citizenship Bill, 5 September 2017: http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Legal_and_Constitutional_Affairs/CitizenshipBill2017/Report Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights report, 12 September 2017, p.49: http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Joint/Human_Rights/Scrutiny_reports/2017/Report_10_of_2017 Nick Xenophon Team statement on the Citizenship Bill, 13 September 2017, 1709pm: http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Hansard/Hansard_Display?bid=chamber/hansards/4b2995f7-50df-4e5c-b14d-c943cad7b9b5/&sid=0000 Refugees arbitrarily denied citizenship ceremonies: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/feb/16/glimmer-of-hope-for-10000-refugees-left-stranded-by-australias-inaction
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  • Return Community & Residents Rights - Stop Supercar Racing Blights
    V8 car racing outside residential homes is unsafe and unacceptable. The Supercar "Noise Management Plan" recommends residents living on the racetrack "Keep doors and windows closed; seal cracks, doors and window frames using commercial or make shift products. Basic protection measures may include: adhesive sealing strips for door frames and windows , temporary vent seals, under door strip seals/draught stoppers, fill cracks using commercial foam fillers or silicon; remain in back rooms; use hearing protection; leave property during some or all of the race period". Many residents living on the racetrack have no air-conditioning, and cannot afford to go away for the race period. They are faced with living in the above conditions for 3 x 10 hour days. Please note there are at least 3 ladies in the area that are pregnant, one of whom is expecting her baby to born the event weekend. The Heritage Conservation Areas of Newcastle and Newcastle East is wholly unsuitable for V8 Super Car street racing. The race preparations have seriously degraded residential amenity, homes are being damaged and convict hewn sandstone blocks are being sawn up for the benefit of the layout of the Supercars race track. Businesses are suffering some have closed and one successful business has already lost $70000 in takings. To add insult to injury hospitality is being outsourced to Brisbane or Sydney Supercars suppliers. The race will impact negatively on historic houses, buildings, public parks and the inhabitants on, and within, the racetrack. It will impede access to three aged care complexes located within the proposed racing area. There are over 4000 people residing in this predominantly residential area. NCC are unable to guarantee that sound levels are safe for all residents and that there will be no delay in response times to emergency and medical service. Preparations have resulted in reduced public safety and access to major tourist sites including Newcastle Foreshore Park, Horseshoe Beach, The Convict Lumber Yard, The Cowrie Hole, The Soldiers Baths, Nobbys Breakwall, Bathers Way, Newcastle Baths, Fort Scratchley, the Canoe Pool, and Nobbys and Newcastle Beaches. This will also be the case during the event. This race affects every user of the iconic East End in the lead up to and at the beginning of the peak holiday season. Our beautiful peninsula will be scaffolded and barricaded for three months each year and visitors will be discouraged from coming. The vast majority of people would detest having a 3 day car racing event on their street, or in their suburb. Please consider what residents and the wider community have been living through in preparation for, and during, 3 x 10 hour days of this car racing event. Residents are being asked to provide their private details, to a consortium, in order to be "accredited" to enter their own homes. Many residents will also be forced to walk through a concrete and wire structure, less than 1 metre from V8's racing, for over 200 metres just to get to a pedestrian bridge to get out of their home and away from this event. For residents with disabilities or mobility difficulties there is only one entry and exit, with only one lift to help over a thousand people. Supercars refuse to reveal the Sound Report and to add more insult to injury Destination NSW have given no conditions for which Supercars should comply to. We are trapped by this appallling legislation and we will be soon be trapped by an enclosure, and racing cars, circling our homes and suburb. ANALYSIS OF THE MOTOR RACING (SYDNEY AND NEWCASTLE) ACT 2008 (NSW) This is an Act that: 1. suspends the operation of other Acts protecting safety and the environment before, during and after the proposed event; 2. permits the event to be conducted on public land eventhough it would not be otherwise permitted under those other Acts; 3. permits the event to be operated by a private entity without charge and with the aim of making a profit for the private entity; 4. requires oversight of the event by a government agency, but with no right for any other person to legally challenge the competency or quality of that oversight; 5. severely restricts the actions of any other person in and around the public land where the event is being conducted; 6. prevents any other person suffering financial loss as a result of the event from claiming compensation from the private entity or the government agencies permitting the event; and 7. removes oversight of reinstatement of the public space after the event from the local Council and hands it to Destinations NSW, a government department that only has accountability for tourism. If you're interested in knowing more about the comparison of this track location in relation to other s'cars tracks in Australia head to this website https://rightracewrongplace.org/2017/07/07/compare-the-newcastle-circuit/ This video shows some of the destruction caused in preparation for this intrusive and dangerous event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPc_JXgiQB8&feature=youtu.be
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    State Government policies are destroying TAFE in SA. The short-sighted policy of making public Vocational Education and Training (VET) funding fully contestable means nothing more than taxpayers money going into the pockets of sometimes unscrupulous profit driven private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), with disastrous effects for students, employers and our economy. All South Australians own our public TAFE system. Already, over $70 million of your money is going to private for-profit RTOs while TAFE SA campuses and courses are closing, denying students access to the high quality vocational education they need for the jobs of the future. Fully contestable funding is nothing more than the ideologically driven privatisation of VET and a race to the bottom. Federally, Bill Shorten's Labor Party is backing TAFE by guaranteeing government funding, recognising the need to reverse the damage being done. It's time for South Australian politicians to do the same!
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  • The Australian Parliament House should be alcohol free
    The Parliament is a workplace, arguably, the most important one in the country. Community standards, as often stated in the Parliament, do not accept alcohol and drugs in the workplace. It is not in the interest of the health of the Parliamentarians and their staff, nor is it conducive to good decision making and responsible behaviour. The Parliament should be exemplary in this regard. This is not a political issue and should be treated in a bipartisan manner.
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  • Urging the Federal government to sign the treaty to outlaw nuclear weapons.
    More than 120 nations adopted the first international treaty banning nuclear weapons on Friday July 7, 2017 at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Unfortunately the Australian Federal government have refused to take part in these historical negotiations for this treaty. The agreement is a very clear statement that the international community wants to move to a nuclear weapons-free world. As we commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the horrific nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we are urging the Federal government to join and ratify the treaty to outlaw nuclear weapons once and for all.
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  • Ask Tony Abbott to represent the views of Warringah in the Marriage Law Postal Survey.
    Polls clearly show that the vast majority of people in Warringah agree that same sex couples should have the right to marry, just as everybody else does. We want same sex couples to have equal rights. We want our local member to represent our views, not his ideology, as that is his job! Tony Abbott is a backbencher, and as such, it is his job to represent the people who live in Warringah, not to use his position as a platform to promote views that the majority of people in Warringah do not hold.
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  • Commit funding to resolve Belgrave's parking issues
    Belgrave is the ECONOMIC HEART of the Dandenong Ranges; a town which plays home to many much needed services including Centrelink, the local library, a local cinema, the soon to open Belgrave Community Hub as well as many small businesses and Victoria's premier tourist destination; Puffing Billy. Belgrave township is also located at the END OF THE 'Belgrave' Metro LINE. A consequence of this being that residents from across the Dandenong Ranges, from as far afield as Monbulk, Emerald and Olinda, use Belgrave as a day parking facility whilst commuting to the city. However, as Belgrave commuter numbers has significantly increased - allocated train station parking is at full capacity. Commuters are then forced to park in 'all day' street parking areas - leaving no available parking for customers of the established businesses in Belgrave. Furthermore, Belgrave's parking challenges are being seriously stretched by day visitors to PUFFING BILLY. With significant funding committed by the State Government to develop this local asset, Puffing Billy visitor numbers are expected to increase three fold from 260,000 p.a in 2012 to 484,000 in 2017 and an anticipated 700,000 visitors by 2022. Yet no consideration has been given as to how Belgrave may accommodate this significant increase of visitor numbers and the further pressure placed on on already overstretched parking. The ultimate impact of this lack of parking is that many residents of the Dandenong Ranges ARE UNABLE TO TO VISIT OR SUPPORT THE BUSINESSES OF BELGRAVE. We urge the State Government to urgently commit funding to address this issue by moving the current train station further along the line (behind the Cameo Cinema) thereby freeing up large sections of land for additional parking. In addition, the building of a multi layered carpark upon this land would alleviate this serious problem catering for the growth in Metro commuters and Puffing Billy visitors whilst leaving parking for the customers of Belgrave businesses.
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