• EGP (Equal Gender pay)
    There are several reasons why there should be no pay gap: > There is no proof that being a mother, makes a woman less productive on the job. > It is a basic human right to be treated fairly! > Equal Work, Unequal Pay... NOT FAIR!!! > Women deserves equal pay as they work as hard as men.
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    Created by Dhvani, Vaidehi, Ollie ...
  • Sugar Tax
    A healthy lifestyle will make sure you have a long and bright future!
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    Created by Guy A
  • She Chooses
    There are plenty of points on why abortion is important like, - Women have a moral right to decide what to do with their bodies. - The right to abortion is vital for gender equality - The right to abortion is vital for individual women to achieve their full potential. - Banning abortion puts women at risk by forcing them to use illegal abortionists. - The right to abortion should be part of a portfolio of pregnancy rights that enables women to make a truly free choice whether to end a pregnancy.
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    Created by Lily & Piper
  • Shut down Manus island
    This is important as people fleeing from war torn countries want to start a new life free from war and extreme poverty yet we put them in prison for it, even though they committed no crime!
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    Created by Asher Murdoch
  • Make Commercial Whaling Illegal
    Killing whales for food has occurred in some cultures for thousands of years, but commercial whaling is quickly devastating the world's whale populations. Commercial whaling involves hunting down these majestic creatures and turning them into barrels of oil for profit. Whales are essential for healthy oceans - they play an important role in the food web and help the oceans deal with the impacts of climate change. Japan is one of the world's biggest whalers. Although they say the slaughter happens for "research", the same research can now be conducted without killing the animals. Most whale populations have decreased by 90% in the last 200 years. If we don't act now to ban commercial whaling, our grandchildren may only see the beauty of whales in museums.
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    Created by Holly Whalan
  • Illegal for tech companies from selling personal data to advertisment companies
    Tech companies are giving your digital information away without your consent to the world and it is legal. It is an invasion of privacy and this is the only way to stop it.
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    Created by Luke Armstrong
  • Equal Marriage for Equal Love
    Equal Marriage means every relationship is equal and has the same value. LGBT+ Australians and their family members and friends just want the same recognition and value for life long committed relationships. If you sign this petition you are helping Australians all over the country to gain the recognition and equality they want and need. And equality is a necessity for a well functioning society.
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    Created by Lily & Piper
  • Ban Ben Stokes from coming to Australia
    In 1882 a small group of men from the Colony left for the Motherland and did what no one thought was possible; beat England at their own game, on their home soil. We must do everything in our power to honour this 135 years of history to regain and rightfully hold on to that most holy Urn. The Ashes. Oh and to stop further bloodshed and uninvited guests to our beautiful shores.
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    Created by Terry Spanks
  • Build a Welcoming Community Through Friendship.
    To permanently change policies towards people seeking asylum we need to change votes so that politicians are always motivated to have much more compassionate policies towards people seeking asylum. To change votes we need to create personally meaningful relationships, where all voters become emotionally committed to compassionate people seeking asylum because of friendship and the difference it makes in the voter's life. We need to create opportunities for people to feel the difference their making through their daily and weekly actions, that they are part of a loving supportive community. A community where they make a difference and are also cared about and supported. A community where those who have their doubts about people seeking asylum want to participate in, invited by people they love to an event that offers them something they're interested in such as learning how to cook a new cuisine from a refugee homeland. Where provided their willing to be sociable are accepted as they are so that in their own time and space they may choose to change their attitudes and beliefs.
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    Created by Robert Akeroyd Picture
  • Autism is not an insult! Apologise NOW Barry
    The language we use is impactful. Language matters. Senator O'Sullivan has implied the 230 000 Australians with Autism are callous, insensitive, and uncaring when he used the term "Austistic disregard" to insult the banks on live radio. Let him know it's not OK and that he needs to apologise.
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    Created by Louise Corteen
  • War on Trial - Close Pine Gap
    In September 2016, several hundred Australians of diverse ages, professions and creeds gathered in Alice Springs to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Pine Gap Agreement. As part of the peaceful protests near the facility, five Christians prayed and played a musical lament, regarding the role of Pine Gap in war-fighting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Syria. They were arrested. The peaceful and symbolic ceremonies conducted by Margaret Pestorius, Tim Webb, Franz Dowling, Andrew Paine, Jim Dowling, as well as Paul Christie (arrested in a separate incident), were intended to bear witness to the death and suffering of civilians as a result of United States military operations, including drone assassinations, facilitated by surveillance conducted at Pine Gap. Since their peaceful protests, more evidence has emerged detailing the role of Pine Gap in the activities that concerned the Peace Pilgrims. It implicates Australia in extrajudicial drone assassinations in countries with which we are not at war, in nuclear weapons targeting and in illegal mass surveillance. Three months after the protest, you authorised the prosecution of these concerned citizens for ‘unlawful entry’ under the Defence Special Undertakings Act 1952 (Cth). That legislation was drafted at the height of the Cold War to secure areas for British nuclear testing, and it permits prosecutions to be held in secret, and for records of hearings to be destroyed, imposing penalties of up to $42,000 and 7 years in jail. This prosecution occurs as Australia prepares to serve on the UN Human Rights Council and when UN Rapporteurs have criticised policies, laws and actions of your government that undermine freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and the right to protest. These are fundamental civil rights, and they are profoundly important when governments are engaged in the sort of conduct which Pine Gap facilitates. Five of the defendants are devout Christians. Their faith impelled them to give voice to the teachings of peace and love for humanity and creation found in the Bible. In this case, where Australian citizens were doing no more than praying and peacefully expressing dissent, prosecuting them is not only grossly inappropriate but a shocking waste of court resources. We, the undersigned, urge you to exercise your discretion to direct this punitive, disproportionate and expensive prosecution be discontinued before the matter comes to court in Alice Springs on 13 November 2017. The Alice Springs Peace Convergence takes place on Arrernte land. The ‘kwertengwerle’ (ritual caretakers) of central and eastern Arrernte are committed to closing Pine Gap through a process of Healing, Unity & Peace.
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    Created by Allysha Jensen
  • Scott Emerson MP - Reject Adani's billion-dollar handout!
    The LNP's plan to hand over $1 billion to offshore mining giant Adani to build a coal mine is utterly irresponsible. Adani's mega mine will accelerate global warming, and cause irreversible damage to groundwater and the Great Barrier Reef, among many other things. $1 billion for this project is a shortsighted and irresponsible waste of taxpayer money. The world is moving away from fossil fuels and transitioning to renewable energy. Every major Australian bank has refused to fund Adani because of the environmental impacts and moreover, because it's a bad investment. Finally Adani have a shocking and disgusting track record of environmental destruction, corruption, and tax-evasion. Adani are under investigation right now for siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars of borrowed money into offshore tax havens. Public funds should be invested in the community, not a billionaire's dirty coal mine, dirty in more ways than one. Authorised by E Roberts, 3/15 Lamington St, New Farm, Queensland, 4005.
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    Created by Vikram Goonawardena Picture