• End puppy farms in Australian Capital Territory
    I have personally experienced two animals in a property close to me whose lives were alarmingly sad and neglected. It took a lot of phone calls to the RSPCA to have them removed. I know there are more dogs out there who need a much better life. If there were no puppy farms around there would be much less dogs in deprived situations, as there would be less opportunity to obtain a dog on impulse. Of course we must also think about the females who produce these puppies. Their stories are horrifying. I am aware of an organization called www.oscarslaw.org which is trying to end puppy farms. The government can make the biggest change in the lives of dogs by making a law to end puppy farms and the indiscriminate sale of pups without any knowledge of the source. I know there are many organizations doing a wonderful job in rescuing and rehomeing dogs who have been abused or neglected, but the animals have to suffer prior to being rescued and that is totally unacceptable in a modern educated society. Please consider the need to make a law banning puppy farms. there is a lot of money spent on rescuing dogs from horror situations, this money could be used to assist owners train and care for their dogs.
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    Created by Doris Andrews
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