• stop charging pensioners the MCIS levies
    Pensioners cannot afford to pay a levy which is doubling almost every year. The Federal Government has just given pensioners financial assistance to cover the costs of the carbon tax but the State Government has almost doubled the MCIS levy without any explanation and certainly no help to pay for it. If the State Government wants money from the Federal Government it couldn't stoop lower than to take it out of the pockets of pensioners. At the same time the O' Farrell Government has increased rents for public housing tenants. This is not right.
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    Created by Ingrid Loewy
    Australia imports palm oil for its cheap price and its relative chemical stability, with little regard for the longterm environmental regard. Burning rainforest also releases millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide which increases global warming. Orangutan mothers, driven from the forest to palm oil sites for food, are often killed and their babies sold into a miserable life as illegal pets. As well, palm oil is a saturated fat that contributes to heart disease and strokes. WE NEED TRUTH IN LABELLING TO GIVE US CLEAR INFORMATION AND CHOICES.
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    Created by Helena Manos
  • Legalise voluntary euthanasia
    Being of advanced age, I have witnessed the death of many people close to me dying in a way that they had hoped to avoid, namely experiencing what they considered to be a loss of dignity caused by the effects of an illness &/or experiencing pain which even the best of palliative care could not control. As well, in my 26 years of work as Secretary of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of South Australia, I was contacted by many people, affected by terminal illnesses, with most valid reasons for wishing to die, & who wanted to make use of a Bill such as I have described. If you could have listened to their cases, I cannot imagine that you would have doubted their sincerity. Nor can I imagine that anyone could be lacking in humanity so as to deny them the right to end their life as they wished, namely being legally assisted by a doctor to die when they wished to do so.
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    Created by Anne Hirsch Picture
  • Natural Gas supply for Newlands Arm in Victoria.
    We the residents of Newlands Arm should not be overlooked, especially with the costs of electricity spiralling, we are entitled to have the choice of gas to cook and heat in our homes.
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    Created by Wendy Keogh Picture
  • MeadowLea, we don't think you ought to be congratulated!
    Orang-utans are facing rapid extinction with palm oil being the single biggest threat to their survival. Palm oil is found in nearly half of the products on our supermarket shelves, only needing to be labelled as 'vegetable oil'. Certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) is produced in a way that does not compromise the last remaining habitat or the Orang-utan. It is the best choice Orang-utans have for survival . Certified sustainable palm oil is the only realistic means to shift the palm oil market towards a sustainable future, and is supported by a range of conservation organisations such as Zoos Victoria and World Wildlife Fund. More than 5 million tonnes of certified sustainable palm oil was produced in 2011, but without companies committed to purchasing it, forest destruction from unsustainable palm oil products will continue. Many food manufacturers have already made commitments to use only CSPO by 2015, but until the food industry's major players make public commitments make source, import and use CSPO themselves, progress may be too slow to save Orung-utans. Goodman Fielder, makers of well-loved brands such as MeadowLea and White Wings, import palm oil into Australia and use it in their products. They are one of the largest users of palm oil in Australia but currently have not made any commitments to import and use 100% certified sustainable palm oil in their products. (NB Greenpalm certificates are endorsed by RSPO as a way of supporting sustainable palm oil, but cannot be labelled as being certified sustainable palm oil). Sign this petition to tell the makers of MeadowLea, Goodman Fielder that until they commit to importing and using 100% certified sustainable palm oil in their products by 2015, you won't be congratulating them.
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    Created by Chloe Nicolosi
  • We don't need another casino for Brisbane
    There is already a casino in the same precinct in Brisbane, which does not add anything to the community. These type of casinos are solely to make a profit and is not community-minded. We don't need another outlet for people who have a gambling addiction.
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    Created by Lisa Harvey
    Australia has enough people who would love to have a job in the mining industry. It's our resource and the money made from it should be kept in our country. This will not only affect the mining industry but every worker in Australia.
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    Created by Bobette Upton
    Children in NSW have a right to an education, one that meets their needs. The number of children with special needs educated in mainstream schools is growing rapidly, so much so the cost of educating them is growing at a rate of 11% per year. This funding "shake up" is simply robbing Peter to pay Paul. It provides nothing extra for our communities most vulnerable children, it simply doesn't meet their needs. Some schools will be considerably worse off under this funding model, Braddock Public School's funding will drop from $237,026 to $142,634.80. How is this fair? Governments elected by the people have an obligation to work for and represent the people. They have an even greater responsibility when it comes to the most vulnerable people in the community. Short changing our most vulnerable and needy children is not taking this responsibility seriously. Support our most needy children and sign this petition today.
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    Created by Peta Holmes
  • Keep Olympic Park Green no V8s
    Tourist, visitors, cyclists, runners, families and residents the two local buses and local traffic are all disrupted for three months before and over a month after the actual weekend. No other event disrupts the Park like this one. Visitors and tourists see the Park at its worst- barriers and scaffolding everywhere. Bus drivers are forced to run different routes each day disorienting people. The long term damage it is doing to the Park and the heritage bushland and birds. The damage to the Green environment and the green Image promoted world wide.
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    Created by Barbara Gapps
  • Resident Parking Scheme for Flood Street, Bondi
    This petition is important, because there is a severe shortage of parking on Flood Street. The surrounding streets already have resident parking schemes, which has increased the usage of the untimed parking spaces on Flood Street by visitors to the area. Consequently, residents of the street face great difficulty finding parking spaces for their cars. This petition is the first step in the process to have the council implement a resident parking scheme; if there is enough demand, they will send a survey out to collect more information to assess the need for this scheme. Please sign this petition in order to reclaim street parking on Flood Street for the people who live here, and pay rates to the council.
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    Created by Rosemary Fanning
  • Bus Stops not Buck Passing
    Bus users get a raw deal! Many bus stops in Sydney are hard to find, located by unsightly pieces of metal hanging of telegraph poles. When you can find them they are poorly lit, often bus drivers not seeing you. When the weather is poor you get burnt to a crisp, particularly when temperatures average 30+ degrees when its hot, and you get drenched when it rains. This is not good enough! You have funded the rail network, so please consider funding all bus stops in Sydney to make sure they are comfortable and accessible for all people, particularly wheel chair and pram users as well as the general public. Bus transport is critical for people to get to work, education and shopping. 55% of all bus stops in Australia are meant to be accessible (continuous path of travel etc) by 2012, under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1992) Transport Standards'. This will not be achieved unless there is funding made available.
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    Created by Paul Falzon
  • Ian Macdonald must condemn the sexist remarks of LNP staffer Max Tomlinson
    In response to Dr Ford’s article about the drop of female representation in Queensland parliament from 49 per cent to 18 per cent – a troubling fact in itself – Mr Tomlinson sent Dr Ford an incredibly sexist rant stating that, “most women… probably don't possess the necessary drive, determination and decisiveness that men innately possess” and that it is “part of Nature's grand design to enable men to be stronger, more fearless and more determined than their sisters”. It seems unthinkable that these comments could even be uttered in 2012, let alone by someone who was one of the chief media advisors to Senator Macdonald. The resignation of Mr Tomlinson upon the publication of this email is a welcome first step. However the women of Queensland must be reassured that these prehistoric views are not shared by Senator Macdonald. We urge Senator Macdonald to immediately and publicly clarify his position in regard to Mr Tomlinson’s comments.
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    Created by Jess Barr