• National Food Plan
    Small producers cannot afford the costs involved with developing and running a food safety plan. The big increase in farmers markets over recent years shows that there is a desire for more nutritious food which the big chains cannot provide. By not having a FSP they will be effectively excluded from the food supply chain and stopped from doing business.
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    Created by Ed Adamthwaite
  • Change 30 Minute Parking Spots into Residential Parking on Little Eveleigh Street
    Recently, two residential parking spaces have been converted to bicycle parking, forcing residents to park in the vacant 30 Minute spaces or streets away. There has been no attempt to replace these necessary spaces. Four new babies have been born to families living on the street in the last two years, please consider these families and the lack the parking available to them, especially.
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    Created by Marianna Craven-Sands
  • Join the Nationwide Petition
    Dear Friends We are asking you and you to join the nation-wide petition calling on the Federal Government to implement the seven proposals in the petition that would help lift to a decent standard of living the two million people who have , for far too long, been forced to live below the poverty line. The petition is calling on the Federal Government to enact the seven proposals spelt out in the petition. The proposals are the result of the work of the FAIR GO FOR PENSIONERS ALLIANCE which include over 100 organisations – all with a long history of compassion, dedication and knowledge in trying to alleviate the result of successive government’s failures in meeting basic needs of housing, health care (including dental care) and education. Australia is now regarded as the most stable and economically viable nation with forward projects valued at trillions of dollars, with a huge shortfall in labour to meet future workforce needs. Yet pensioners, the unemployed, and low-paid workers standards of living are falling with continuing increases in food costs, rent and energy costs, plus deterioration in public housing availability, health care, public hospitals and education. There are elections to be held in 2013. This is the time when all politicians are more attentive to the peoples’ needs. This national petition shows the way forward, loud and clear, and is affordable for the world’s most flourishing economy. What is necessary for success is for people to collect and deliver a deluge of signatures to parliament house to make sure our parliamentarians realise the necessity of sharing the wealth of Australia with all Australians , especially the two million people presently trying to live on inadequate pensions. With the help of people like you and your organisation we can achieve this goal. Thank you inanticipation James Lawler Regional Secretary, NURW
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    Created by James Lawler
  • Application for the premises at 34a Howard Avenue, Dee Why
    On our Northern Beaches in Sydney there are some amazing services, however, there is not 1 service that is set up to cater ONLY for the Single Mums. SMS LIGHTHOUSE, Single Mums Support is a service who has a vision to set up a centre where mums can come to receive hand in hand support. A place where they are loved and not Judged A place where they can get genuine practical help. eg bread/clothes/furniture A place that will advocate and mediate on their behalf A place where they can be educated and taught strategies on how to get on with life as a single parent, letting go of victim mentality A place where they can get assistance with admin and document writing A place where they can get a hand up not just a hand out A place where they can make friends and connect with other mums who understand their hardships A beautiful place where they can just come for a coffee and a break while their children play in the back yard or the toy room. This, SINGLE MUMS SUPPORT, is a service that makes welcome any single mum. Isolation is a word that does not exist within SMS. The current stats within the Warringah Shire is that 12.2% of the family composition are Single Parents. Of this percentage 80.8% are female.
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    Created by Josie Parata
  • Australians want a Coal Seam Gas Moratorium
    Australians want to secure a safer future for all, with protection for our good food-producing land, our water, human health and our environment from the dangers posed by a runaway CSG industry. Our water supplies for drinking and food production are so important for the future. We should not be risking it on a short term mining boom. The gas will still be there in a years time, so there is no hurry. Plus there are alternatives to our energy needs. Our economy will need our tourism and agriculture industries into the future yet with farm land and the environment being put at risk by the CSG industry, one has to wonder what will be left of them. The people of Tara need health officials to take their concerns seriously. "Unexplained" nose bleeds, ear bleeds, head aches and rashes are just a few of the ailments being reported by the residents of Tara since the industry moved into the estate where they live. A fair go for all, not just a few.
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    Created by Paul Dawkins Picture
  • Stop the Freeze on Mental Health
    The Mental Health nurse Incentive Program implemented in 2006, has kept many people suffering severe mental illness out of hospital and helped them back into the workforce and to lead meaningful social lives. Australia wide the program has provided services to 40,000 people with severe mental illness in 2010 and in the last year close to 47,000 people. Benefiting not only individuals, but their families and community, all at low cost to the public purse. From the budget announcement (as of 8th May 2012) it seems that a surplus is more important than some of the community’s most vulnerable people, funding to this program has been frozen. The Government has written to the College and has explained that ‘Maintaining MHNIP services at 2011-2012 levels means that from 9 May 2012 no new organisations or nurses can join the program unless existing participants leave, and organisations and nurses will need to maintain client services and sessions at existing levels’ (Australian College of Mental Health Nurses). This decision has been made without conducting a full evaluation of the program and without sufficient evidence to either prove or disprove the usefulness of the care being provided. And we believe that this decision has been based upon poor evidence. Freezing the program means that no additional mental health nurses or organisations hoping to deliver services can provide this much needed program. The mental health nurse incentive program has been designed specifically to provide high quality health care for the severely ill and the government’s decision is blocking the extension of this program and preventing nurses from caring for some of our communities most vulnerable people. Freezing our funding will ultimately result in reducing service for the mentally ill placing greater pressure upon our already overwhelmed emergency departments and community mental health teams. Minister there is quite obviously a need for this program and this is a very short sighted financial measure that is not being made in the best interests of the people who need this care. Nurses are at the front line and are prepared to deliver. It’s about time that the government got behind nurses and serious about care for the mentally ill.
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    Created by James Southan
  • S.A.F.E (Sexual Awareness For Everyone)
    We believe that all students and schools, despite socio-economic status, gender, religion and ethnicity should be educated about all types of sexualities and gender identities during sexual education classes. Sexual preference should not be discriminated against and we would like sex-ed classes to reflect society's sexual diversity. These topics, when integrated into the high school curriculum would give students a broader, more educated idea of what sexuality can be, and would allow teenagers to feel comfortable and proud of any gender and sexuality that they may chose to identify with.
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    Created by Georgia Lee
  • Change Coxswain Park
    This park is completely underused as it has no infrastructure. It could be transformed in a hub for community activities with the first public natural playground of Geraldton, appropriate tables and sitting, BBQ areas, a community run garden, a 'learn road safety' area and much more. Let's make Coxswain park a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy!
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    Created by Cath Dalle
  • Change Centrelink rent assistance rates for fairness and equity.
    This is an important matter of equity in payment rates for Centrelink beneficiaries. The way rent assistance is currently calculated means that the amount of assistance given for rent is not in proportion with how much rent a person is actually paying in comparison to a person paying a different amount, and on their accommodation circumstances. Eg. Sharing, not sharing, single, couple, children, no children. Here is a case senario that illustrates this inequity: A single person with no children is living alone ie. not sharing accommodation, paying $270 per fortnight rent. They are entitled to the maximum rate of rent assistance for their circumstances, which is $120.20 per fortnight. Another single person with no children IS sharing accommodation (it does not matter with how many other people, it only matters that they are actually sharing accommodation), also paying $270 per fortnight rent. They are also entitled to the maximum rate of rent assistance for their circumstances, which is $80.13 per fortnight. This example shows that it is hard for a low income recipient to get ahead, and defeats the purpose of sharing rent to make finances less strained.
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    Created by Jennifer Low
  • Ban the use of bee killing pesticides
    Bees are a vital part of human food production. Aside from honey and other products they produce, they are critical in the pollination of almost all other food crops — from fruit and nut trees to vegetables and oil seed crops. Worldwide, bees hives are disappearing. North America and Europe have experienced over 50 per cent declines in bee numbers over the past 30 year. This reduction affects wild hives and in domesticated hives has been dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Neonicotinoids have been strongly implicated by recent studies as a contributor to CCD in the USA and Britain. They are not widely used (yet) in Australia, but beekeepers across the country are increasingly worried about their commercial and home use. The equation is simple. No bees, no people. We need to do everything we can to give Australian bees a fighting chance.
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    Created by Michael Baczynski
  • Tasmanian AFL Team Within 2years
    1.The deprivation of enjoyment and income against the Tasmanian people 2 .The false use of the word Australian football league National football league when it excludes one state 8 . The breaking of trade discrimination of 92 of the Australian Constitution Section 92, in effect, prohibits action by either the Commonwealth or a State which discriminates against interstate trade or commerce and which has the purpose or effect of protecting intrastate trade or commerce of a State against competition from other States. . Chapter IV also regulates other aspects of finance and trade.
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  • Petition asking for review of the PEAT test
    The Graduate Recruitment Program of Teach NSW and the NSW Institute of Teachers require candidates, who do not have at least two years full-time teaching experience in schools, or who haven’t done most of their undergraduate studies in seven specified English-speaking countries (Australia, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, New Zealand, South Africa), and who seek employment in schools in NSW, to sit the PEAT test before they can be interviewed for teaching positions. To pass requires an A in each of four areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking. While it is important to have good English skills to teach in Australian schools, the circumstances in which this test is applied, cause unnecessary difficulties and delays for overseas trained candidates wanting to become teachers. This contradicts the principles of a multicultural Australia and ignores the educational benefits of bi- or multi-lingualism. The stated benchmarks, and their interpretation in practice, of the PEAT (the pass rate is said to be 15%) seem to be more stringent than the standards required to gain access to a teaching career for Australian educated candidates. The candidates who must sit the test include people who have done their post-graduate teaching degree in Australia, which devalues Australian university qualifications, and candidates from about 50 other English-speaking countries. The frequency and availability, as well as the cost of the PEAT test are unacceptable, as candidates have had to wait up to five months to book a test, and candidates who need to repeat any part of the test are not allowed to re-sit before three months. The PEAT test, which costs candidates $400 (and more, if parts are required to be repeated), as well as the possible exemption interview, are only offered in Sydney. Regional candidates thus have additional travel and accommodation expenses. This contradicts the principles of equality of opportunity.
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    Created by Cécile Michels