• Don't allow Queensland's national parks to be opened up for resort development
    National Parks have been protected in the first place to protect areas of ecological importance from development, mining and other industry. More than ever, these wild places are crucial to maintain ecosystems and to ensure the protection of endangered species. If we allow development in these areas, we are interfering in the protection of these places and not guaranteeing future generations they will have these places to enjoy.
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    Created by Melanie Thomas
  • Amend or Repeal Law that gives NSW Police the right to Breath Test without Reasonable Cause
    The campaign against drink driving has led us to believe that the police can breath test a driver if he or she has reasonable cause to believe that someone might be driving under the influence. However, the actual article of law states no such reasonable (or probable) cause. The only "criteria" is that someone be in a car that is on or near a road. Hence, the police can test anyone on the slightest personal whim which, from a legal standpoint, can be then used as a pretext by the police to conduct a search of the vehicle, a search of the driver and a whole range of other invasions of personal and private property rights. Although this might be in a good cause, the vagueness of the point of law can set into motion a whole chain of events that can lead to personal victimisation, racial profiling, the targeting of minority groups or anything else a police officer might decide. Therefore, I ask that this article of law should at the very least be amended to say that the police must have reasonable cause to believe that a person has been drink driving, driving erratically for instance. However, since speeding or other bad driving behaviour has ALREADY been covered by other laws, and breath testing can then be legally carried out, then this article of law is revealed for what it really is; giving the police non discriminatory powers.
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  • Campaign against the global trade in asbestos
    Asbestos kills! There is no safe asbestos! "The global asbestos lobby, led by the governments of Russia and Ukraine, is going all out in its efforts to prevent the listing of chrysotile asbestos as a hazardous substance under the Rotterdam Convention." http://www.rightoncanada.ca/?p=1736
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    Created by Louise Williams
  • Save 120 year old tree
    To ensure the relevant 10/30 legislation is consistent with local and state government planning and environment objectives to preserve our natural/environmental and cultural heritage.
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    Created by steve karakitsos
  • NSW Workers Compensation Amendment Act 2012
    All injured workers in NSW, past, present and future are now subject to the most evil injury law. The NSW Gov't has taken away your right to diagnosis, medical care, treatment, rehab and legal advice. Any injury advised to WorkCover will be assigned a case manager of an insurance co. This case manager, often 17 years old, and about to be calling you from India, will have absolute discretion. Their decisions are binding. WorkCover will decide if you can have free legal advice, where you will be assigned 1 of only 250 lawyers left in the scheme. Otherwise you will have to pay. Any appeal about your capacity to work, must be taken to the Supreme Court, at your own cost. You will be dumped on the dole and medicare. Business will not employ you because you have been injured. ISN has met with the NSW Business Chamber, as well as regional chambers, and confirmed. We call on the people of NSW to assist in this urgent campaign. We ask that you visit, email, facebook,twitter and/or phone your State MP, WorkCover, Insurer, Centrelink, Business chamber , Union, GP, employer, colleagues, family and friends. Ask if they know of these amendments. Anything would be helpful. Everyone in NSW is affected by this legislation. Families are breaking up, people are living in cars, all because they went to work and were injured. Homelessness and suicide in NSW is about to rise rapidly. This is a statewide call to assist. Please encourage as many as possible to sign our petition and visit www.isninc.com.au for more info.
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    Created by Patricia Theoret
  • Stop all live animal exports from Australia
    Australians are disgusted by scenes of animal cruelty. Last year, the export of cattle to Indonesia was stopped because of inhumane practices in abbotoirs. The Govt. has had 12 months to sort this out and has failed miserably. The only way to ensure that this doesn't happen again is to slaughter the animals in Australia
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    Created by Richard Edmonds
  • People Against Relentless Gambling Advertising (PARGA)
    An entire generation is growing up thinking that it is normal to bet on every thing all the time. By the time our children are 18, they will have been swamped with advertising from all manners of betting agencies, online and offline, in the belief that betting on an event is necessary for it to be enjoyable. This incessant and relentless advertising, with their associated gimmicks, will lead an entire generation into gambling addiction, causing all manner of social and financial problems across the country. This relentless advertising, at the very least, must be regulated to minimise the harm done by these betting agencies.
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    Created by Chris Malcher
  • Apple get real about recycling your gear
    We are encouraged to buy buy buy the new while disposing of the not very old. This reinforces a consumer pattern that is unsustainable and that is destroying the planet. Here is a chance for our leadership companies to show leadership on the most important issue of the day or the century.
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  • test specific target effort default title: Single origin
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  • Stop the Bailleu Government from phasing out MICA Paramedics in rural Victoria
    Rural Victorians rely on MICA paramedics because we are so far away from major hospitals and need their extra skills and knowledge to treat our families and loved ones. Country Victorians need and deserve the same level of care as the Melbourne metropolitan community. We need Mica Paramedics in Wallan, Kilmore, Wandong, Broadford etc especially because this rural community is growing at such a rapid rate.
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  • Let's recognize the Aboriginal People by having a referendum and changing the constitution.
    This recognition of the First Australians is important for the growth of our county. How can we apologize for the wrongs of our forefathers and how can we expect the Aboriginal people to accept our apology when they are still not recognized by our constitution? It is an important step in the growth of our country and it has the real possibility of bringing us all closer together. Apart from signing this petition you should also go to http://www.youmeunity.org.au/ and register your support with them.
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    Created by Alberto Sunderland