• Save Community Literacy Classes
    The Newman Government has stopped all funding for Community Literacy classes. Thousands upon thousands of Australian adults have problems with reading, writing and arithmetic. We all need these skills to work or study and to enjoy life in our wonderful country. Many people go to TAFE literacy and numeracy classes but some people can't because: * they live too far away; * they don't fit strict government guidelines about who can attend some classes; * they have problems which stop them from coming to classes every day or every week. These people need Community Literacy classes, which can be very flexible and help students in a more informal environment. Tell Campbell Newman and John-Paul Langbroek: Queensland voters want Community Literacy classes for Queensland
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    Created by Hazel Davidson
  • self sufficient coffee and water drinkers of sydney
    We need to clean up the area we live in and create less waste. Residents can bring their own cups/bottles, discounts could be offered, good business for locals and less waste in rubbish bins.
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    Created by Vanessa R
  • Ensure that Nauru and Manus Island are NOT a reinvention of Howard's "Pacific Solution"
    Australia's total migration program outcome for 2011-12 was 184,998 places (this from the Dept website) and our wealthy nation could easily reduce this intake so as to permit a substantial increase in our refugee numbers without serious deleterious impacts on our budget. The degree to which an increased refugee intake appears as an economic cost can be used by opponents to whip up negative sentiment in that sector of the electorate which is susceptible to such arguments. Should research show that these costs could be considerably reduced, the objections of many would be refuted.
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    Created by Anne Mason
  • Julian Assange
    A US citizen cannot be prosecuted in another country. Example: Military personnel, though they committed the crime of shooting down unarmed civilians, could not be prosecuted in Afghanistan and on return to the US, only one person was given an extremely short sentence. So, why should they have a right to prosecute citizens of other countries through their unjust justice system? There should be complete press freedom, irrespective of the medium used, as long as it can be proved to be true. What Julian Assange revealed was all true.
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    Created by Nancy Sibtain
  • National Student Card Petition
    The petition of the undersigned shows: Currently in Australia student cards only act as concession cards in the state or territory of issue. Student cards are therefore invalid throughout the rest of Australia, which means that students are ineligible for discounts on goods and services which they would usually be granted concession prices for in their home state or territory. An example of this is transport.
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    Created by Jamilla Hull
  • Save Peregian Originals
    Peregian Originals is an open air community event that celebrates original live music and brings the Sunshine Coast community together. These events are held on 1st and 3rd Sundays in the park located between the Peregian Surf Club and the beach. PEREGIAN ORIGINALS IS CURRENTLY UNDER DIRECT ATTACK FROM SUNSHINE COAST COUNCIL. YOUR COUNCIL HAS TOTALLY IGNORED YOUR HUGE EFFORT TO EXPRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF PRESERVING PEREGIAN ORIGINALS. Once again – for the 4th time! – COUNCIL IS ACTIVELY MOVING TO DISMANTLE OUR EVENT. On August 23rd, their stated agenda is to ‘cut our event in half’. COUNCIL HAS REFUSED TO ISSUE OUR (12 YEARS RUNNING) ANNUAL PERMIT TO RUN 24 CONCERTS PER YEAR. Peregian Originals will not grow healthily, will not survive, will end, under Council’s unjust directive. Our East Coast Originals President, Anita Sweeney, has gone to great lengths to make this, and so much more, very clear to Council. We have risen to meet all the extensive compliance regulations; Anita has submitted an 87 page Business Plan, as requested and pressed for by Council. And very recently, you THE PEOPLE have made yourselves very clear: WE WANT PEREGIAN ORIGINALS TO REMAIN, PRESERVED AS IS – WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT OUR COMMUNITY EVENT BEING ‘CUT IN HALF’, REDUCED TO 12 EVENTS PER YEAR. Council has totally ignored Anita, as they have the vast vast majority of citizens on the coast. You all expressed yourselves so beautifully, emphatically in support of one of the best community events on the continent. We feel Council’s behaviour here is entirely unacceptable.
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    Created by steve michie
  • Stop dangerous driving in motor advertising
    Families are destroyed when young drivers die on our roads. The suffering extends to police officers, medical professionals and their families. Every day we see dangerous driving promoted in car advertisements while we hand out licences to youths to drive vehicles which can exceed 200klms. Please help stop the carnage on our roads by signing this partition to legislate against irresponsible promotion of dangerous driving.
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    Created by Shane A
  • Verge Gardens in Herbert Street Manly
    These gardens improve and beautify the streetscape and contribute to the community feel.
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    Created by Kim ARNOT
  • Ban intensive piggery factory farming in Australia
    Pigs are highly intelligent social animals with complex behaviors. Treating them like objects rather than animals with feelings is cruel.
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    Created by Maryanne Jude Scott
  • Review of Child Support payment system.
    We understand that these points are just a small part of the Child Support process, but if they were reviewed and some small changes were made, we believe that it will make it simpler for parents to understand how the system works and how create less friction between all parties.
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    Created by Robert Blanch
  • Facebook to change their rules to PAGES, CAUSES and GROUPS being created.
    We need Facebook to change their rules to PAGES, CAUSES and GROUPS etc being created. It is way too easy for someone to create a Hate page. Some pages on Facebook are disgraceful. There is a constant reminder on TV about Internet Bullying and how many people these days kill themselves due to Internet bullying. Pages like "Abo Memes" "Dead baby Jokes" "Adalia Rose is Ugly" the list go on and on. They are a constant reminder of how much hatred there is in the world…. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg , if you are this intelligent to create Facebook and are for ever changing how Facebook looks. How about putting some common sense into it and making these PAGES, CAUSES and GROUPS etc go through some sought of approval before it is out there for the world to see. Instead of it taking 1000's of people to report a page to get shut down. PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT THERE.
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    Created by Amber Morris
    Because:- 1. These Programmes are 50 years overdue (e.g. my late Mother showed and told-me in 1954 at North Ryde in Sydney, how the Broad-Leaved Privets overtook' Buffalo Creek!);officially 9 Privet-Ligustrum sp. are here inAustralia, of which 3 species are already 'geographicallly invasive', and could well be (also) hybridising, to become 'worse'; 2. Because the NSW State Government has been too-corrupt for too long, and some 'certain ethics' need to be re-injected back-into 'the system' here (and in Qld as well, post-Fitzgerald Enquiry and the proven 'rampant-corruption' there, of years ago- that still lingers in that state's (2012) Sustainable Planning Act - a typo' QLD Act of Parliament , which Act makes 'no mention'whatsoever of the/our remnant natural 'Environment'.!!!! 3. Because the federal and state boffins that 'call the shots'on what they perceive is the country's 'worst weeds' DO NOT as a general Rule take-into-account a plant's known TOXICITY, nor the number of toxins known to exist/be manufactured in a/ny exotic plant species, let alone whether or not any or all of those toxins are 'made' in order to kill fauna that eats their fruit etc, OR whether or not 'cumulative toxicity' is/can be expected, on the basis of veterinary knowledge in international scientific literature 4. Because local Councils across-the-country ARE NOT Taking 'Noxious Weeds' at all seriously, and that many/most Councils' have followed Byron Shire/Gold Coast Shire 'down the tube' by no longer recognising if a 'Declared Plant' is also 'Noxious' anywhere else; and hence, a 'blinkered approach' has evolved(culturally-speaking), with lovey-dovey pictures of all the 'Environmental Weeds' being placed-onto their websites, with beaut' colour pics' of all of the pest plants in-flower(lots of colour'), but 'ZERO INFO' about 'any Caution' for humans or wildlife-lovers as to whether the plants have toxic fruit, toxic bark, toxic leaves, or are seasonally toxic, have 7 or more toxins(e.g. Camphor laurels, Privets),or whether/what wildlife species are 'most at risk'; in brief, none-of any-of-that! Scientific facts have been relegated in-favour of nice-looking websites etc and (5) Councils have been tardy or not-recognising State Law/s that require Councils to prepare profesisonally-challenged' Weed Species Management Plans as part and parcel of the Shire 'Bushland Proetction Scheme/s'; Councils need to move-on-this! Cross-Reference to KEY Academic Website : www.camphorlaurel.com
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    Created by Joe Friend Picture