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  • We want Fresh Wild Caught Barramundi on our plate: No to the closure of Chambers & Finke Bay
    The only other viable area to bring fresh Wild Caught Barramundi in, was from Finniss River/Fog Bay but that was closed to ALL commercial Barramundi fishermen last year. Chambers and Finke Bay is critical for the consistent weekly supply of fresh Barramundi due to the distance from Darwin (3 hrs) and is accessible by road by a truck to collect the freshly caught Barramundi which has been placed on ice in readiness for the drive back to town. The distance enables the freshly caught Barramundi to reach Darwin in prime condition as it can be delivered every two days to ensure the best quality for the people of the Territory and for the visitors to our town. DID YOU KNOW - That the commercial Barramundi fishermen, VOLUNTARILY asked for a seasonal closure of four months to protect and to ensure the sustainability of Barramundi stocks. Why? Because the large breeding female fish are in their main breeding cycle between October to January every year and this is when all commercial Barramundi fisherman have chosen voluntarily not to fish to ensure that future stock of Barramundi can be plentiful for all to share. The proposal to close this area has failed to include genuine consultation with all Stakeholders concerned.
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    Created by Carmel Ball Picture
  • Tougher Sentences For Violent Crimes
    Australia wants justice, not a slap on the wrist. Australia is feed up of the punishments not fitting the crime. A strong message needs to be sent out that there are consequences for violent actions.
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    Created by Tasch H
  • Stop the establishment of a US Marine military base in Darwin
    During Barack Obamas visit to Australia in 2011 it was announced that a US military presence with 2,000 American Marines would be on rotation permanently in Darwin. This means that Australia would have a foreign powers military stationed here.The presence of the US in Australia according to many experts including Malcolm Fraser, Professor Tony Milner AM, and Professor Richard Tanter would be dangerous as any conflict between the US and other countries would then include Australia.
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    Created by Annette Brennan
  • Keep accredited Visual art and Music programs at Great Southern Institute of Technology
    It is important to continue to provide accredited courses in the Visual Arts and Music in the Great Southern because it creates a balance to an economically driven, sports minded, consumerist culture. Music and Art can be lifelines to young people that may not fit into mainstream education institutions.
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    Created by Melanie Price
  • Support TAFE Support
    This is about the services that wrap around a student allowing them to study, be successful and participate in community. Without support services this will no longer be the case. The State Budget cuts have already effected: Libraries, counseling services, youth workers, access to tutors and in class supports, careers practitioners, pathways advisers, mental health services, youth services, drug and alcohol supports, accommodation services, financial advice, access to databases for studies, access to computers and the internet, crisis intervention and much, much more. Support services have helped and continue, to this day, to help hundreds of thousands of students in Victoria – can we as a community afford to let this go?
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    Created by Shaun Corcoran
  • Walking out of Industrial Education and onto Flow Education at SevGen
    "How was school son?" (early years) "Mum have you ever felt like you could unzip yourself and the real you would step out" This was the walk home from school conversation that has been at the bottom of my 'why' I have been tracking along to SevGen. SevGen is short for Seven Generations and is the thinking that all our deliberations should consider seven generations into the future. It has taken a long time but, there is a time for everything. Like prominent futures education thinker Sir Ken Robinson who says that "schools are killing creativity in our kids", I believe that holistically our children are going backwards with current education offerings and that the time is NOW to do something about it. Hence the education FEvolution that is happening at SevGen with a visionary bunch of FLOW educators.
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    Created by Terri Waller
  • Change Anti discrimation laws so they apply to all Australians.
    At present gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex people can be legally refused a place or care in any aged car facility if this against tenats of the church who owns the nursing home or other facility. It's time to have proper separation of church and state, this also includes any employee of a church school including teachers.
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    Created by Kevin Hardwick Picture
  • Bring Down The Wall Around The West Bank
    It is unfathomable that in 2013, that the world would allow such a thing to occur. We are all guilty of allowing 1.8 Million people to be reduced to prisoners in their own land. The UN has already ruled the wall illegal. It must be torn down or Israel must face UN sanctions, just like any other nation. In 2013, we must bring down the wall which is 760 KM long and 8 meters high, is four times the length of Berlin Wall and is a symbol for segregation, oppression, and hatred. This wall cements the plight of the Palestinian people. It stops supplies which include medical aid and food. It restricts movement, and strangles the economy of the West Bank, by not allowing Palestinians to leave for work. It reduces free men to little more than caged animals.
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    Created by Tarek Khamis
  • Save Community Literacy Classes
    The Newman Government has stopped all funding for Community Literacy classes. Thousands upon thousands of Australian adults have problems with reading, writing and arithmetic. We all need these skills to work or study and to enjoy life in our wonderful country. Many people go to TAFE literacy and numeracy classes but some people can't because: * they live too far away; * they don't fit strict government guidelines about who can attend some classes; * they have problems which stop them from coming to classes every day or every week. These people need Community Literacy classes, which can be very flexible and help students in a more informal environment. Tell Campbell Newman and John-Paul Langbroek: Queensland voters want Community Literacy classes for Queensland
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    Created by Hazel Davidson
  • self sufficient coffee and water drinkers of sydney
    We need to clean up the area we live in and create less waste. Residents can bring their own cups/bottles, discounts could be offered, good business for locals and less waste in rubbish bins.
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    Created by Vanessa R
  • Ensure that Nauru and Manus Island are NOT a reinvention of Howard's "Pacific Solution"
    Australia's total migration program outcome for 2011-12 was 184,998 places (this from the Dept website) and our wealthy nation could easily reduce this intake so as to permit a substantial increase in our refugee numbers without serious deleterious impacts on our budget. The degree to which an increased refugee intake appears as an economic cost can be used by opponents to whip up negative sentiment in that sector of the electorate which is susceptible to such arguments. Should research show that these costs could be considerably reduced, the objections of many would be refuted.
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    Created by Anne Mason