• Appalling Statement by NSW Legislative Council Whip, praising Dictator.
    Agusto Pinochet is responsible for a bloody coup that ousted a democratically elected government in Chile, for 14 years of a dictatorship that caused the deaths of between 2.000 to 3.000 people. His government used torture on thousands of others and created and atmosphere of terror that resulted in hundreds of thousands of people having to seek asylum in other countries, many in Australia. In addition to Human Rights violations, Pinochet was found guilty of corruption, depositing $30 millions of taxpayers money into his overseas accounts. To call such a man "a reluctant hero" and "morally courageous" is outrageous. Apart from making a mockery of the terms, it diminishes the standards of our State Government by demonstrating contempt for the rule of democracy, lack of respect for Human rights and honesty in government. Mr. Phelps remarks have caused distress not only to those victims of the regime now settled in Australia, but to other fair-minded Australians. The NSW government should publicly disassociate itself from them by removing Mr. Phelps from his position.
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    Rural residential communities in western Palerang, including Wamboin, Bywong, Sutton, Carwoola, Burra and Royalla are currently zoned 1(d). 1(d) has a suite of objectives and conditions that ensured new development maintains the amenity of the area for all residents while balancing lifestyle, small-scale agriculture and the natural environment. The NSW Department of Planning changed the available zoning categories for new Local Environment Plans (LEPs). 1(d) was no longer an option. As Palerang Council developed its new LEP, the best available match to 1(d) in objectives, landscape and amenity protection was the category Environmental Living (E4). Palerang Council at its September 2013 meeting corrected an error in the E4 draft (as promised) to allow ‘extensive agriculture’ without the need for council consent. This means existing and new landholders can continue grazing and agricultural activities as before. However there has been a loud and insistent campaign by some western Palerang landholders against E4 that appears based on opposing and stating fears about any zoning with the word ‘environmental’ attached. No evidence of disadvantage from E4 has been shown once the error on extensive agriculture was corrected. The loud anti-E4 campaign reportedly has some councillors convinced that it speaks for all the residents of Bywong and Wamboin. COUNCILLORS NEED TO HEAR OTHER VOICES To keep rural residential amenity as we know it, let council know you want to stay with the draft PLEP and E4 by adding your name and comments.
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    Created by Bill Taylor
  • Ban Alcoholic "Energy" Drinks
    I recently watched an ABC "Catalyst" segment on the danger of "energy" drinks and was disturbed to hear the scientific analysis of alcohol/energy mix drinks, explaining the danger they pose, especially to young people. A teenage fatality is central to the issue in the program. See http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/3826162.htm I believe there should be an active campaign to ban the sale of the alcoholic ones completely as they pose a huge health risk. The Beverages Council are conveniently deflecting criticism with caffeine statistics and consumption rates when consumption of the drinks have already proven deadly. Please, don't take my word for it though - have a look at what Catalyst brings to light. As a mother I genuinely fear for our youth in particular since seeing the scientific proof of the product's insidious effects. If you agree please petition the newly elected Minister for Small Business, Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs, Mr Bruce Billson at http://brucebillson.com.au/Contact.aspx in support of a ban of alcoholic "energy drinks"
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    Created by Helen Ellacott
  • Election Reform
    We need to make sure that parties who are elected are done so based on voters choice, and voters preference. But we also need to make sure we have as many parties and candidates who genuinely want to run, without making it harder on them Instead of punishing candidates, or making the big parties have an easier time, allow the voters to decide for ourselves the preferences we give based on parties, or on people, as we choose.
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  • Reduce the complexity of voting below the line in the Senate, discouraging preference deals
    Voters can neutralize the effect of the preference deals, one of the scourges killing democracy softly. In addition, you can still vote independently and deny the two major parties a majority in the Senate – a good way of keeping the bastards honest! Start below the line by giving your number one vote to the smaller party you like the most. Then, continue on from the very next column with the next numbers, and so on accross the page, leaving out the two major parties. Then give the two major parties your last and second last set of numbers. You may finish up giving one of the minor parties a higher vote than you would like. Don’t let this worry you! If they’re not a popular party, they probably won’t get in anyway. One of the bonus side-effects from this KISS approach is that some bureaucrat working for the electoral commission will have to allocate your preferences about 40 or 50 times! They’ll really have to earn their money.
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    Created by John Roberts
  • Right for all tax payers to vote
    Non-citizen residents of Australia, who are paying tax in Australia, cannot vote in this country, and very likely not in their country of citizenship. Australia takes the monetary contribution of these residents - the tax, the ultimate contribution to a society - but fails to give these residents the right to contribute to the election of the people, who will distribute this money - the tax. Many residents in this country have no vote anywhere in the world, where Australians must vote in Australia and - when living abroad - may even vote in their country of residence. This set-up to me seems to violate democratic and so human rights. Where you contribute, you should have the right to be heard.
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  • Jumps racing in Victoria and South Australia
    Horses do not 'by nature' run. In their natural environment, they run only as a fear response to predation or other danger. When they are forced (trained) into a situation where they have to run, they all break blood vessels in their lungs. Not good! Added to this, Victoria and South Australia are the only two states which, in spite of knowing the numbers of deaths and injuries suffered by horses (Primarily in jumps racing), and that tens of thousands of horses are and have been slaughtered because they were unable to earn their owners money or were to old to run. The sane world is at last becoming aware of our responsibility (Japan and whaling, duck hunting [again Victoria], fox hunting, badger baiting, hare coursing and other 'sports' that are seriously cruel to other species. The Victorian attitude is a disgrace in the face of of world opinion and all Australians whilst giving lip service on this basis, if they really care should DO SOMETHING!
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    Created by Robert Hamilton-Bruce
    "Human trafficking" is the subjugation of human beings into prostitution, forced marriage, forced labour, slavery, soldiery and other exploitative activities. In other words, human trafficking puts a price on basic human rights, and unfortunately due to increasing demand and an ever increasing supply of humans to victimise human trafficking has become something of a booming industry. Among the multitude of reasons for human trafficking, human trafficking often results from extreme poverty, in which men, women and children become victims of extreme exploitation out of sheer desperation to improve the economic situations of their families. Australia has consequently become a hot spot for human trafficking under the lure of false "job" opportunities. However due to factors such as imprisonment and intimidation many victims of human trafficking are unable to seek help. It is therefore vital that Australians become aware that human trafficking is taking place in not only Asia, but Australia also, in order to help prevent the continuance of such injustices. Sign this petition if you agree that awareness needs to be raised about human trafficking and its implications in Australia.
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  • Universal Suffrage
    In Australia, we like to think of ourselves as a democracy, upholding the ideals of equality with regard to universal suffrage. However, the reality of the matter is that not all Australian citizens have the right to vote. Some of those people are people who are imprisoned in correctional and mental health facilities. We are happy to tolerate the politically interested and the politically ignorant to vote because we understand that is what a democracy is - a citizen's obligation and right to have a say in the way they are governed. This logic and that right ought to extend to those who are on the receiving end of the most naked form of power. Those who experience the most naked form of power ought to have the right to have a say in who governs them too.
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  • Global Warming
    Australia can show a better example soon. The sooner and more aggressively Australia sets a comprehensive example the easier it will be for other nations and investors to adopt and improve on Australia's leadership. SIGN NOW and PLEASE FORWARD this urgent message to others to help convince our governments and leaders how Australia can show real leadership.
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    Created by John Swainston
  • Save 'The Stack' in Port Kembla
    The Stack is an established local landmark - highly visible, 200 metres high and can be seen from Stanwell Park in the north to Kiama in the south. It is being demolished on the basis of mis-information about its structural strength. The current owners (Port Kembla Copper) closed their smelter in 2003, so they have no use for it, but a Company, Stack 360 Pty Ltd, has lodged a DA to re-develop the Stack into a Tourist Destination - with lighting show (like Vivid), viewing tower and internal stairway and lift to the top, and Stack Running down the sides (using a harness). THE STACK NEEDS TO BE SAVED, but time is running out.
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    Created by geoff stuart
  • Don't fund CSIRO's GMO projects without first ensuring strict controls on the results.
    UK Professor Moloney is to be the new Group Executive of Food, Health and Life Science Industries for CSIRO. His track record includes leading Rothamsted's GM wheat trials in the UK and was instrumental in developing the world's first transgenic oilseeds in California which have given Roundup Ready Canola. It is very likely that he will continue to focus on GMOs at CSIRO. The IAASTD report produced by over 400 scientists worldwide was published by the UN and is the most authoritative study ever conducted on agriculture at an international level. It concluded that GM had 'little to offer in meeting the major global food and farming challenges'. However, in the absence of long term independent research, there are serious questions regarding GMOs' safety. Unlike the USA, the European Union has established a stringent legal framework regulating GM food and feed. The framework aims to ensure 'a high level of protection of human life and health and welfare, environment and consumer interests whilst ensuring that the internal market works effectively'. The frightening reality is that, once we release GMOs into the general environment, it will be almost impossible to undo whatever negative impact to health and environment may result! The genie will be out of the bottle. We must set aside any short term pressures and adopt the EU framework now.
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    Created by Ailsa Cowan