• Save Queensland’s Equality in Parenting Laws
    We don’t want the Newman Government playing God and saying who can and who can’t try to be parents. We mustn't allow this Government to remove the rights of Queenslanders to try and have a family. We want everyone treated the same. Altruistic surrogacy is when a woman agrees, for no financial gain, to bear a child for intended parents so that they can have the chance of becoming parents. Altruistic surrogacy is only tried when other ways of becoming parents don’t work. It’s the option of last resort. Now the Newman Government says it wants to decide who can have that chance. Lisa always wanted to be a mum. Through a cruel twist of fate, she was unable to have children. Lisa split up from her husband Bob because he didn’t want kids. Surrogacy is Lisa’s only chance to become a mum. Under the proposed changes, Lisa won’t get that chance. Not only are these proposed changes unjust and a removal of rights, but they are also a broken election promise. When asked about potential changes to surrogacy laws, one week before the election, Campbell Newman said: “We will not be making any changes to the laws on those matters.” However, while proposing to remove their rights to surrogacy, the Newman Government is happy for gay and lesbian couples and singles to be foster carers to children in need of protection - talk about mixed messages. Experts in the legal field are against these changes: - The Queensland Law Society has described the planned changes as "a miscarriage of justice" - As then Queensland Law Society President, and now LNP politician Ian Berry stated: “I support the principle that same sex couples should be able to become the legal parents of a child. I believe that limiting access to surrogacy arrangements based on the sexual preference of the parties is highly undesirable” which “would offend” the Family Law Act, and “Australia’s human rights obligations under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Economic Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.” - The President of the Queensland Council of Civil Liberties said that the Newman government seemed content to violate the principle of equal treatment regardless of sexuality. - International surrogacy expert, and Brisbane family lawyer Stephen Page states: 1."The proposed changes are not likely to be effective" 2. "The proposed changes appear to be in breach of the (Federal) Sex Discrimination Act" 3. "The proposed changes are in breach of Australia’s international human rights obligations" The Attorney-General has been silent for a few months on what exactly is proposed, but we can't stay silent on this issue. If we stay silent, these harsh changes may happen quickly. Please sign on to support this campaign, and we'll stay in touch with further actions you can take. Please sign on to support this campaign to save Qld surrogacy laws, and we'll contact you occasionally with further actions you can take.
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  • Kiss and Go Zone at Ingleburn Public School
    Child safety first and foremost. Assists working parents who don't have the time to drive around the block ten times to find a park and have to walk their child into the school. Limits the temptation for parents to ignore current signage and incurr fines (which happens daily and by a huge number of parents).
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    Created by Natalie Jewitt
  • Privatisation of Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick NSW Hydrotherapy Services
    Hydrotherapy is the only way that many people with physical disabilities can exercise with appropriate professional support and dignity, in a cost effective way. Public/community pools cannot provide this service. Privatisation can cost up to $78 for a single treatment. It will also severely compromise the health, independence, well-being, choice and access of people with disabilities as well as further disadvantaging pensioners and low income users.
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  • Support Jake Lynch's Academic Boycott of Israel and End USyd's Collaboration with the Technion
    BDS is not an “extreme” or “radical” policy as has been made out in The Australian newspaper. Israel is a state that systematically defies international law. It has occupied Palestinian territories in defiance of the UN Security Council for over 40 years, expanding settlements which are regarded as illegal by the international community. The International Court of Justice condemned Israel’s apartheid wall in the West Bank as “illegal” in 2004 and a UN investigation of the 2009 Gaza war condemned Israel for “grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention” in targeting civilians. In November 2012 Israel’s latest assault on Gaza, "Pillar of Cloud", killed 157 Palestinians including dozens of children. Israel's indiscriminate bombing of civilians was described as a “war crime” by Human Rights Watch and was immediately followed by Israel announcing plans to build 1500 new settlement homes on illegally occupied Palestinian land. Therefore we are disappointed that the university management seems to have attempted to distance the university from the ethical stance taken by CPACS. The Vice Chancellor Michael Spence argues that the Australian Government’s diplomatic relations with Israel make the university boycott “inappropriate”. However, it is the failure of such local and international foreign policy to seriously challenge Israel’s disregard for international law that makes the BDS necessary. BDS is a non-violent and effective strategy to help end Israeli impunity and move towards the realisation of the Palestinians' rights. The target of the CPACS’s boycott could not be more appropriate. The Hebrew University is clearly implicated in the illegal occupation as its Mount Scopus campus occupies land in East Jerusalem which is internationally recognised as being on the Palestinian side of the Green Line. The stance taken by CPACS has made clear that the University of Sydney's institutional partnerships should not come at the expense of Palestinians' human rights. It is thus troubling to observe the strong relationship between the University of Sydney and Israeli universities, none of which has ever made a public statement critical of the occupation or Israel’s systematic denial of Palestinian human rights, including refugee rights. Most troubling of all are the links with the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. The Technion, through its ties to arms manufacturing and development, is an Israeli university uniquely and directly implicated in war crimes. The Technion's research history includes the development of the remote control D9 bulldozer used to demolish Palestinian homes in violation of the Geneva Conventions and it has strong links to Elbit Systems - the company that produces technology for the apartheid wall declared illegal by the International Court of Justice. As such, we demand, as a first step: i) That the Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence immediately establish a policy to end all existing and further academic, research and student exchange relationships with the Technion. ii) That the Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence, Dean of Sydney Medical School Professor Bruce Robinson, and the Associate Dean (International) of Sydney Medical School and Director of the Office for Global Health Professor Merrilyn Walton immediately end the current partnership between the Technion and the University of Sydney Health Faculties. For more information please contact: Ailin from Students for Justice in Palestine USyd at [email protected]
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  • Don't allow Queensland's national parks to be opened up for resort development
    National Parks have been protected in the first place to protect areas of ecological importance from development, mining and other industry. More than ever, these wild places are crucial to maintain ecosystems and to ensure the protection of endangered species. If we allow development in these areas, we are interfering in the protection of these places and not guaranteeing future generations they will have these places to enjoy.
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  • Amend or Repeal Law that gives NSW Police the right to Breath Test without Reasonable Cause
    The campaign against drink driving has led us to believe that the police can breath test a driver if he or she has reasonable cause to believe that someone might be driving under the influence. However, the actual article of law states no such reasonable (or probable) cause. The only "criteria" is that someone be in a car that is on or near a road. Hence, the police can test anyone on the slightest personal whim which, from a legal standpoint, can be then used as a pretext by the police to conduct a search of the vehicle, a search of the driver and a whole range of other invasions of personal and private property rights. Although this might be in a good cause, the vagueness of the point of law can set into motion a whole chain of events that can lead to personal victimisation, racial profiling, the targeting of minority groups or anything else a police officer might decide. Therefore, I ask that this article of law should at the very least be amended to say that the police must have reasonable cause to believe that a person has been drink driving, driving erratically for instance. However, since speeding or other bad driving behaviour has ALREADY been covered by other laws, and breath testing can then be legally carried out, then this article of law is revealed for what it really is; giving the police non discriminatory powers.
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  • Campaign against the global trade in asbestos
    Asbestos kills! There is no safe asbestos! "The global asbestos lobby, led by the governments of Russia and Ukraine, is going all out in its efforts to prevent the listing of chrysotile asbestos as a hazardous substance under the Rotterdam Convention." http://www.rightoncanada.ca/?p=1736
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  • Save 120 year old tree
    To ensure the relevant 10/30 legislation is consistent with local and state government planning and environment objectives to preserve our natural/environmental and cultural heritage.
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  • NSW Workers Compensation Amendment Act 2012
    All injured workers in NSW, past, present and future are now subject to the most evil injury law. The NSW Gov't has taken away your right to diagnosis, medical care, treatment, rehab and legal advice. Any injury advised to WorkCover will be assigned a case manager of an insurance co. This case manager, often 17 years old, and about to be calling you from India, will have absolute discretion. Their decisions are binding. WorkCover will decide if you can have free legal advice, where you will be assigned 1 of only 250 lawyers left in the scheme. Otherwise you will have to pay. Any appeal about your capacity to work, must be taken to the Supreme Court, at your own cost. You will be dumped on the dole and medicare. Business will not employ you because you have been injured. ISN has met with the NSW Business Chamber, as well as regional chambers, and confirmed. We call on the people of NSW to assist in this urgent campaign. We ask that you visit, email, facebook,twitter and/or phone your State MP, WorkCover, Insurer, Centrelink, Business chamber , Union, GP, employer, colleagues, family and friends. Ask if they know of these amendments. Anything would be helpful. Everyone in NSW is affected by this legislation. Families are breaking up, people are living in cars, all because they went to work and were injured. Homelessness and suicide in NSW is about to rise rapidly. This is a statewide call to assist. Please encourage as many as possible to sign our petition and visit www.isninc.com.au for more info.
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  • Stop all live animal exports from Australia
    Australians are disgusted by scenes of animal cruelty. Last year, the export of cattle to Indonesia was stopped because of inhumane practices in abbotoirs. The Govt. has had 12 months to sort this out and has failed miserably. The only way to ensure that this doesn't happen again is to slaughter the animals in Australia
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  • People Against Relentless Gambling Advertising (PARGA)
    An entire generation is growing up thinking that it is normal to bet on every thing all the time. By the time our children are 18, they will have been swamped with advertising from all manners of betting agencies, online and offline, in the belief that betting on an event is necessary for it to be enjoyable. This incessant and relentless advertising, with their associated gimmicks, will lead an entire generation into gambling addiction, causing all manner of social and financial problems across the country. This relentless advertising, at the very least, must be regulated to minimise the harm done by these betting agencies.
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  • Apple get real about recycling your gear
    We are encouraged to buy buy buy the new while disposing of the not very old. This reinforces a consumer pattern that is unsustainable and that is destroying the planet. Here is a chance for our leadership companies to show leadership on the most important issue of the day or the century.
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