• Feed our native wildlife - not more cattle
    Like many Queenslanders, I believe 83% of our state's land being eaten, trampled, urinated and defecated on by cattle and sheep, is already too much. Degrading more of our state's land and endangering our wildlife further is NOT ON. 'Opening up' our National Parks and conservation areas, sadly consisting of less than 5% of our state's land, will be catastrophic and far reaching. Choosing to feed cows over protecting our limited habitats and our endangered animals is wrong. 83% of our state given over to cattle is enough - no more!
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  • HALAL food
    The inhumane killing of animals by either not stunning them or not stunning them enough. Captive bolt is the method that the CSIRO suggests is the correct method. The animals were found to high levels of stress hormones. The other issue is one of human rights. All of our poultry and 90%of our meat is not halal. Many religious people cannot eat halal as per their beliefs, and we cannot even get to any meat that is not halal because the meat is not labelled. We have a right to freedom of religion and from religion and halal flies in the face of that. I have no objection to people eating their religious food but I want the meat killed humanely and I want to be able to access food that is not ritually slaughtered
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    Created by Patricia Norman
  • George Pell must go!
    Case in point: As many as 26 Victorians have committed suicide after being abused by ex-priest and serial child rapist Gerald Ridsdale. Cardinal George Pell, who was then auxiliary bishop of Melbourne, accompanied Ridsdale to court - a show of support he attempted to explain to the state parliamentary inquiry into child abuse this week. Ridsdale's trial revealed the church hierarchy had moved him from parish to parish, where he continued to reoffend, despite complaints having been received. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/victims-fear-as-expriest-ridsdale-nears-parole-20130529-2nc5r.html#ixzz2UilwEfrW How many more are there? Surely the catholics cannot support a man like Pell? Lets tell them we have had enough.
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  • School bus route - Artarmon to the Forest area
    The current options for our young children getting to and from school with public transport are unsuitable/non-existent. Many of the children are too young (eg 5 and 6 years olds) to negotiate regular public transport on their own. In addition to having to cross busy roads without adult supervision to make connections or get to a bus stop, many would also need to negotiate busy interchanges such as changing from train to bus at Chatswood Station, etc. There is a need for a safe public transport option.
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    Created by Katie Harris
  • decriminalise marijuana
    Imagine the amount of money that could be saved by the government with this action ? the cost of courts and police ...Imagine the amount of money that could be made by the government by administering fines instead of criminal convictions..in a time when the budget is seriously cutting into the incomes of the less fortunate in the community..and education and health..this change would be very timely now!!
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  • All hemp food processing plants in Aust. be required to accurately label products produced
    So that consumers can make informed decisions about the products they buy. Compulsory information to include > Country where raw feedstock grown > Irradiation status of feedstock > GMO status of feedstock > Extraction process used > Packing method used and date packed.
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    Created by Anthony Maney
  • Democracy not Murdochracy
    Proper functioning of a Democracy requires that the electors receive information which enables them to make decisions based on facts and not subject to the aims or opinions of a media proprietor. Murdoch editors have described how they were left in no doubt as to the political party that Murdoch wanted his outlets to support in elections in Australia, The UK and the US. Leading political figures in all these countries have said how important Murdoch's support or otherwise was to whether they won or lost elections. This interference has a debilitating effect on the Democratic system of government, As an editor of the New York times once said, "Democracy, it just doesn't work if people don't know" Australia has become more of a Murdochracy than a Democracy. We call on our elected representatives to act on the behalf of the people of Australia and remedy this situation .
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  • round about in front of koonawarra public school on the corner of byamee st. and fowlers rd.
    My friend had a car accident there last night!. My daughter & her daughter both the ages of 6 were in the car. My friend is also 15 weeks pregnant. Luckily nobody was severely injured. Koonawarra primary school is on the corner of both byamee and fowlers rd, people are always speeding over that hill. there is a speed sign already in place for a 60 zone which nobody pays attention too. there is always accidents there and i think its about time we need to do something about it!! we would like to get a round about put in.
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    Created by Melanie richardson
  • Free a man condemned to death
    Afghani Taqi Bakhtyari is a marked man. An educated, journalist and award winning novelist, Taqi has had a Fatwa declared upon him. His crime? To write a book. With no freedom of speech in Afghanistan, his death threat under Sharia law means he and his family face an unsustainable life on the run, with nowhere safe to hide.
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  • Make Insurance Companies accountable for denying liability for claims through "loop holes".
    Having worked for major insurance companies as a claims clerk for a number of years I am aware of the standard approach of some of the less reputable insurers. One company I worked for required me to offer a contributory negligence settlement as a first tacit to reducing a claim payout in every case even when it was clearly our drivers fault! Given that we only insured heavy vehicles acceptance on a 60/40 contributory negligence basis was often a huge saving! Others use every trick in the book to deny liability. i.e. Driver failed to advise a speeding infringement and many more small hidden loop holes. Some companies ALWAYS consider their reputation when settling claims that are a bit contentious by offering a settlement without admitting liability. This is to be admired but rest assured that almost every insurance policy ever written has an "out" clause in it even if it isn't used: e.g. Act of God etc. The insurance industry as a whole needs to be held accountable for it's performance by a regulatory body with TEETH to back it up!
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  • International condemnation of US lack of gun laws to protect its citizens
    Gun control is simply that: controlling who is eligible for the responsibility of owning a weapon and controlling what weapons are considered appropriate for ordinary citizens. The right to bear arms is not a universal human right and it is not an unlimited right within the US. if it was where would it end? Would rocket launchers be allowed as a "right to bear arms?" Is it a right for US citizens to bear nuclear weaponry? We are all citizens of the world, and the United States has an obligation to their children and their families to show strength and leadership on the universal human right to live and grow up in a safe environment free from terror and persecution, and until such gun control laws are passed, the US is failing its obligation to provide such a safe environment.
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