• Equal opportunity in the Family and Childrens Courts WA
    I watched my daughter do her best to represent herself without legal representation or advice in the Children's Court and also The Family Court of WA. Her daughter was subsequently placed in the care of the father who had perpetrated violence against my daughter. This sometimes occurred in the presence of the child. The Magistrate in the Children's Court did not even acknowledge the very well articulated closing speech made by my daughter. The whole hearing was biased from the start. The Family Court case continues as my daughter continues to fight to protect her child. How can parents in situations like this hope for an equal chance in the courts? It is discriminatory on the grounds that unlike the father and his family, my daughter is not financially able to pay for representation. Other parents must find themselves in similar circumstances.
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    Created by Annita Kalau Picture
  • Adopt the Newcastle Solution in Kings Cross & Sydney CDB
    Alcohol fuelled violence is devastating not only the lives of those who are assaulted but the families, friends of perpetrators as well. Precious public resources such as police, ambulance, hospitals & the courts need freed up to respond to the needs of the entire community, not those fuelled on alcohol. The community needs to feel safe, not in fear when they step out for a night out. Quoting Rev Crews 'What we do know is that the Newcastle experience works. We know from that 1am lockouts and early closing work. And yet, against the vast bulk of police and expert advice, you (Premier O'Farrell) refuse to do something similar in Kings Cross and the city.' Petition your Sydney City Council, state & federal representative to take action now.
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    Created by Andrew Moore
  • Put oral chemotherapy (Xeloda) on the PBS
    At the moment there are 2 options for patients undergoing radiation treatment for pancreatic cancer which have exactly the same effect, one is Xeloda which involves taking 2 tablets twice a day, the other is 5FU which involves getting a central line put in the arm and wearing a chemo pump 24/7 for 6 weeks. Most people would of course choose the tablets, problem is they are not on the PBS and the patient must pay around $2000 to take these tablets. As most cancer patients are not in a great financial position they must opt for the 5FU which is uncomfortable and undignified to wear. Please give these patients some dignity whilst undergoing these horrible treatments.
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    Created by jennifer long
  • END Australian government crimes of CRUELTY to asylum seeker CHILDREN RIGHT NOW!
    Would you feel any hope in your life if YOU were one of these children in detention? Being- and seeing -your loved ones you depend on -so cruelly treated -right now by our Australian government? How would your life be if YOU had childhood in an Australian asylum seeker detention center -through NO FAULT of yours or your family? We must END all this terrible CRUELTY to innocent asylum seeker CHILDREN -NOW - We Australians collectively have a DUTY OF CARE for all children who need refuge with us..
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    Created by Barbara Loh Picture
  • Increase Funding for Public Schools - Keep Gonski
    Without adequate public school funding there will be a massive divide in classes where the lower will be suppressed should private schools receive more funding than public. Isn't the idea of funding public schools to give every child a chance and opportunity to better their lives, in turn, making Australia a more productive and economical country. Education is a right, not a luxury.
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    Created by Michelle Stone
  • Save Gonski funding for schools
    Because research shows that there is a great disparity in educational outcomes across Australia which correlate to socio economic areas. The funding should be targetted at disadvantaged students to assist their educational and social growth. All schools should receive a basic amount for each student which is then complemented by a loading for indieneity, financial disadvantage and cultural background.
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    Created by Ron Miles
  • STOP Rupert Murdoch/Sky Channel from getting tender for ABC's overseas Australia Network
    Australia needs to be heard in southern China, India and the South east Asia/ Pacific region with out being hindered by commercial interference. The Australia Network has an audience of over 30 million people, making it the biggest Australian news and current affairs provider. Securing jobs and opportunity for Australians to be seen and heard by millions of our neighbours in the region. Our point of view is important and must be delivered with out a biased influence from other nations companies and executives. As well as rewarding overseas companies with tax payer funded grants from your department, DFaT.
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    Created by Katherine Cairns
  • Deadly serious. We need Pedestrian Crossings across Chinchilla Street to Chinchilla CBD
    It is very dangerous for anyone without transport who needs to go into the CBD part of Chinchilla. The elderly who travel on their mobility scooters, people in wheelchairs or with disabilities, children on their way to and from school. Every person who has to cross Chinchilla St to go over to the Chinchilla CBD is in danger. My sons and others have told me of their close calls, trying to manouvre Chinchilla Street to get to the overpass.
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    Created by Cheryl Tydd Picture
  • Misleading Parliament laws should extend to misleading the public
    Politicians deliberately create false impressions within the community in order to further their political aspirations, this is not news to anyone. The problem with this is that there are no laws preventing this practice, or at least providing consequences for this activity that are sufficient to discourage it. The ACCC enforces misleading and deceptive conduct laws within the Competition and Consumer Act in relation to corporations and businesses. Of course this does not prevent anyone from being misleading, but it does provide consequences for those who mislead and deceive and discourages this behaviour. We have seen this misleading behaviour repeatedly when members of the house misuse their parliamentary expenses, in the asylum seeker debate, the climate change debate, in relation to most budgetary measures and in relation to numerous political scandals. Corporations exist soley for their own profit and our society quite rightly provides consumers with protection against this conduct from them. Politicians are paid by the public to serve the public, however voters recieve no protection from the misleading conduct. We do get a chance to vote them out after each parliamentrary term, it would be great if we could vote them out for what they have or have not done, rather than for what they say the other side have done, or the what they say they might do if they are elected. It is easy to cynically state that this is how politicians are, and that is definitely the case. However, if laws like this existed, politicians would need to be able to truthfully show what they have done to deserve the job. I don't believe this one petition will enact these laws, but if enough people sign up, we could hopefully start the public debate.
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    Created by Kurt Foster
  • Say "NO!" to WA Govt Education funding cuts
    WA Govt school staff didn't go on strike for more pay. They were striking against the WA Government's funding cuts to Education, which affects them (yes) and most importantly WA school children in public education. Cuts include 500 jobs, 30% funding cuts for the SSPRA program for kids with behavioural, language and learning difficulties. Schools will have to pay a long service levy of $600 for each teacher and $400 for each school support staff annually. And the list of cuts goes on and on. We know you say schools have never been better funded, but the cost of educating our children has never been more expensive, just like everything else in life, power bills, petrol and food... As parents, grand parents, uncles, aunts, future parents and concerned citizens we ask you and your government to reconsider these extreme funding cuts to our WA government schools
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    Created by Lauren Davies
  • Charter of Rights
    The recent introduction of draconian legislation - the VLAD law - in Queensland, has clearly demonstrated the urgent need for a Charter of Human Rights. The fact that the current Government has an overwhelming majority and there is no Upper House of review, demonstrates the fragility of democratic process in this State. This legislation - the VLAD act, affects all Queenslanders in the most negative way possible.
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    Created by Paul Keyworth
  • Only individual voters should decide who is elected to the Australian Senate.
    We have elected a Senate where micro parties have obtained senate seats through a system of exchange of party preferences and the emergence of paid deal-negotiators, when only a handful of voters, as few as 0.22%, voted for them. These unrepresentative senators will, incredibly and tragically, hold the balance of power in the Senate. We need our representatives elected only by the people, not by parties and individuals who manipulate the system. This is a foundational issue for our democracy.
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    Created by Jean Hooker