• Melbourne City Council should sever its sister city relationship with St Petersburg
    Russia has passed oppressive and discriminatory laws against LGBTI citizens. It is important for countries which respect the rights of all citizens to stand up and state that this is not acceptable. Melbourne currently has a sister city relationship with St Petersburg. It would be a clear and unambiguous statement from Australia that it disapproves of the Russian laws if Melbourne were to sever the arrangement.
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    Created by Val Sherwell
  • Make same-sex marriage legal in Australia
    Australian law states that ALL Australian's should enjoy the same rights regardless of race, colour, religion, and gender...and yet it's legal to discriminate against [tax-paying] people based on sexuality. Aside from being unfair and unethical, it's downright un-Australian! This petition will be provided to Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott prior to the upcoming election to show them and their parties that the majority of intelligent, free thinking, tolerant Australians support same-sex marriage, with the aim that this will positively affect their policies on the subject. If you support equality and same-sex marriage then please don't ignore this petition - please sign and then share the link with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email, SMS, etc and encourage them to do the same. If we don't act on the things we care about, we can't complain when things don't change! With sincere thanks! Equal Rights in Australia
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    Created by David Cartright
  • Support Australian Health Professionals to continue their ongoing training and education.
    Doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists etc are required by legislation to fulfill many hours of ongoing professional training every year. This means travel, maybe accommodation, and workshop/conference costs to be paid by those professionals. Up until June 2013 the tax office has recognised these out of pocket expenses and allowed health professionals to claim them on their tax. From July 1st the tax office is capping those claimed expenses to $2000. This means your Dr or other health profs who treat you and I, may no longer be at the forefront of medical knowledge because it is just far too expensive to attend anything more than the minimum required to remain registered. This goes against the philosophy and legislation which requires all Australian health professionals to be highly skilled offering the best quality of care to the public. Let your local MPs and the leaders of all political parties know that this penny pinching tax office ploy is highly unsafe for the health of all Australians.
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    Created by Carol Park
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  • Stop the TGA and BigPharma Controlling Infomation on Botanical Medicine and Vitamins
    The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is slowly trying to control everyones use of Natural Medicines including Herbal Medicines and Nutritional supplements. They are trying to make it illegeal for Herbalists and Naturopaths to give advice and infomation to the general public on Botanical Medicine and vitamins.
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    Created by Natural Medicine Party
  • No Tip at Arthurs Seat
    It is such an amazing, pristine and beautiful part of the Peninsula with an abundance of wildlife. I know so many people that use Arthurs Seat on a daily basis and it would devastate so many locals (including the animals) if it was turned into a stinky tip!
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    Created by Nicole Pitman
  • STOP the LIberal party's sexual harassement of Julia Gillard
    This description of Julia Gillard villifies all Australian women and it is totally and utterly offensive
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    Created by eugenie forbes
  • Change food labelling laws
    This is important for 2 reasons. In the first instance it provides us with a more informed choice in identifying Australian grown and processed business which we should be supporting. It would also help identify goods that may not be of the same quality and standard as Australian grown and processed food. This is important from a hygiene and food safety point of view particularly foods that may be tainted by undesirable substances or grown or stored using chemicals that are not used in Australia.
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    Created by Brian Austin
  • Hunter community demand a fast 2 hour train service to Sydney
    The current Newcastle to Sydney train service is slow and inefficient because it has too many unnecessary stops. Currently the fastest train trip takes 2.5 hours which is much too slow. Many people drive on the F3 because the train is so slow. The new State Government promised fast express intercity train services but have yet to deliver. The recently leaked draft timetable did not include any express services to Newcastle which is completely unacceptable. The express intercity services can be easily created by eliminating all unnecessary stops such as Wyong, Woy Woy, Tuggerah, Epping and Strathfield which will reduce travel time significantly.
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    Created by Tony Proust
  • Pernalulu(Bungle Bungles) National Park is a World Heritage Indigenous Art site
    Pernalulu is a World Heritage Indigenous Art site, numerous artworks are currently being allowed to fall into disrepair through inadequate protection policies. Failure to protect such artworks is not just a disservice to indigenous owners of the artwork but to all of mankind as these works are part of humanity's history as well. There was a world outcry when a large stone buddha in Bamiyan, Afghanistan was blown up, yet we remain silent over these 20,000+ year old paintings that are currently being destroyed. It is essential that policies are implemented to give the traditional owners the powers and resources to protect these precious artworks.
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    Created by Paul Ford
  • Support Assange
    Wikileaks and initiatives like this enable the world to have access to information that is not revealed in other media due to the control of otur media by individuals, foreign governments or business interests. What Assange and Wikileaks have endeavoured to do is to enable greater freedom of information. All Australian citizens should be supported by the Australian Government; Assamge is being framed in a similar way to the way in which Guantanamo and other prisioners have been accused and held in prison without fair trials. It is unreasonable for the Australiann government to abandon Australian citizens in their efforts to cow tow to the US.
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