• Politicians, donate your raise
    On July 1, 226 Federal MPs and Senators received a pay rise and a tax cut – including me. I didn’t want it. But because it’s set by an independent tribunal, I can't reject it. None of us can. All we can do is decide what to do with it. We’re paid well for the job we do. The annual salary of an Opposition backbencher is more than 98 per cent of Australians make in a year. We can’t really claim that we need an extra $5,000 or more. But there are plenty of people in our local communities who do. There are pensioners who are shivering in their homes because they’re worried about being able to pay their electricity bill. There are students who can’t pay for their textbooks. There are parents who aren’t opening their mail because they know what’s inside is a Final Notice. I know what that feels like. I’ve met them. I’ve been there too. They're why I don’t think the best way to spend this money is by giving it to a bunch of overpaid MPs and Senators. The value of my raise and my tax cut was about $4,600. I decided to donate it to my local Make-A-Wish Foundation. It’s going to help sick children in my local community, to help make their dreams come true. I chose to donate my raise. I’m calling on all Federal MPs and Senators to do the same. And you can help me, by asking your local representative if they think there’s no better way to spend that $5,000 than on themselves. Senator Jacqui Lambie Independent Senator for Tasmania
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    Created by Jacqui Lambie
  • Stop Land Clearing That Will Wipe Out Koalas
    Koala populations are already struggling in certain parts of Queensland such as Dalby. Habitat is critical to the survival of the koala and up to 80% of koalas who lose their habitat are likely to be wiped out. The proposed destruction of koala habitat is for new coal seam gas wells on Queensland's Western Downs. Coal seam gas mining is a threat to farmlands and water resources not to mention the public health risks which have not yet been properly assessed. Potential harm could include an increased risk of cancer. What else can we do? Write to minister Hon Jackie Trad [email protected] Write to the Premier of Queensland Hon Anna Palaszczuk https://www.thepremier.qld.gov.au/tools/contact.aspx Join the Animal Justice Party Queensland https://animaljusticeparty.org/join/ Donate to the Australian Koala Foundation https://www.savethekoala.com/
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  • Ban apartment smoking (ACT)
    The harmful health effects of second hand smoke are well documented. In addition to these health effects the nuisance of having second hand smoke infiltrate your apartment, your furnishings, and your clothes is unacceptable. Residents are living in apartments with their doors and windows closed 24/7 to avoid smoke drift entering their apartment. This is not a healthy lifestyle.
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    Created by Smoke Affected ACT Voter
  • #EvacuateNow - Newcastle Vigil #BringThemHere
    For the past four years successive Australian governments have chosen to make people seeking safety suffer in offshore detention.
 The US deal won't provide safety for everyone. The men, women and children abandoned in offshore detention are in immediate danger with nowhere safe to go. This is an urgent SOS. The camps must be evacuated immediately. #EvacuateNow Four years too many
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  • Save Barrabup Forest....once it's gone, it's gone!
    Barrabup Block is less than 5km to Nannup and is the main gateway to our beautiful little tourist town. There should have been more community consultation from government agencies due to the proximity to town considering the negative impact it may cause. The majority of this forest has not been logged since pre-1920, which makes it very unique as it is the oldest and largest forest this close to town. Rare and endangered flora/fauna and cultural heritage are located within this block. We need to protect this natural asset as it is far more valuable to our community and our environment if left in its natural state. This forest should be something we protect and hold dearly so that future generations can not only enjoy it but celebrate its existence. Please help us save this magnificent forest.
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    Created by Martin and Ellie Mckie
  • Urgent Aged Care Reform Now
    Our campaign is going nationwide, because we should all care about provision of quality aged care - one day we could all need it! The system is broken, but it CAN be fixed. Urgently increase government funding for reforms to aged care services across the country. -Upgrades to ageing infrastructure and stimulate the creation and expansion of new infrastructure to accommodate growing demand. -Federal and state grants to purchase vital equipment and access the best care resources. -More funding for life-enhancing programs such as lifestyle, fitness and nutrition. -Research grants for studies on care models and their impact on quality of life for seniors in aged care facilities. -Creation of federally maintained and funded guidelines and resources to aid in care planning that truly reflects and recognises the diverse needs of ageing Australians. Develop and implement workforce strategies to improve conditions, attract more workers and increase specialist staff within the aged care sector. -Urgent action on developing strategies to attract quality staff to the industry, including specialist doctors and nurses - and keep them. -Creation of more attractive opportunities for Clinical Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and internships for Medical Officers within the aged care sector. -Fair pay rises for staff that brings remuneration in line with other health care industries. -Stop the rapid casualisation of aged care jobs - encourage the creation of more permanent positions and set minimum shift times to four hours (up from two). Work with AHPRA and appropriate unions to introduce registration as health care workers for all personal care/support workers/assistants in nursing/health services assistants. -Implementation of the National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers, to be overseen by AHPRA. -Revamping of industry structure to allow for specialised training and better career advancement for all aged care workers. -Mandatory national employment screening. Establish nationally consistent training standards and continuing professional development requirements. -Establish nationally consistent minimum standards for training and accreditation. -Mandated that aged care is a core requirement of the nursing curriculum. Include dementia skills training. -Mandated core updates for all health care workers within aged care such as challenging behaviour training, oral hygiene and continence education. Mandated minimum staff to resident ratios nationwide, for nursing and care staff. -Registered Nurse on site 24/7 -Lower nurse to resident ratio for medication administration -Lower carer to resident ratios for personal care duties -Funding for high care residents to have access to a one to one care worker if required for behavioural or other special care needs. Implement mandatory reporting of elder abuse, or reasonable suspicion of abuse, for all healthcare professionals. -There must also be a dedicated, transparent reporting system for families and other concerned persons who suspect abuse is occurring. - Accreditation agency, complaints teams, advocacy services, abuse hotline & the department to be mandated to communicate with one another to ensure investigation and any actions required are swiftly implemented. Revamp the National Accreditation standards and process for annual auditing. -Stronger sanctions and restriction of right to operate if standards are not met. -Unannounced visits by inspectors. -Families and residents to be informed when a facility fails to meet accreditation standards. Strengthening of ageing in place related legislation. -Ensure advanced care directives are followed and palliative services involved earlier to assist with greater dignity in death. -More funding for state based palliative service consultants that work specifically within the aged care sector. -Palliative care training for medical officers and nursing staff to ensure individual needs are met at end of life.
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    Created by Eleanor Morgan
  • Get Darcy an interview with Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull
    I recently read in my good friends Darcy's dairy that he has a dream to interview the Prime Minister of Australia Malcom Turnbull. Darcy has been studying PR for 3 years and I think an opportunity like this will greatly enhance his job opportunities and confidence in his respective field. Lets make it viral guys!
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    Created by Max Brailsford
  • Thomas George, help reinstate a permanent police presence in Murwillumbah
    A recent murder in broad daylight in a family-friendly park in Murwillumbah has highlighted the lack of a permanent police station in the town, which has had it's services wound back in recent years. Murwillumbah is a beautiful town, with a vibrant, positive community, which used to have a permanent police station. There are parts of town where people no longer feel safe, which will affect tourism and our local economy. The lack of police is attractive to criminals looking to avoid attention and while the police are doing a great job, we need them here permanently.
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    Created by Bob Axford
  • Ban brown coal mining in Australia
    Brown coal creates more pollution than other fuels such as black coal, natural gas and much more than clean renewable energy, making Victorians among the most greenhouse polluting people per capita on the planet (Victoria EPA website). Australia's greenhouse gas emissions from brown coal can be reduced dramatically and in a much shorter time frame than through the implementation of renewable energy by ceasing the use of brown coal and instead using black coal from Queensland.
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  • Telstra help the Elderly get connected on the NBN
    1. My mother, who is frail, has an emergency medical alarm attached to her phone, which cannot be used in the absence of a land line. I faxed (via PO) in a certified emergency request over a month ago! 2. It appears the Telstra overseas staff cannot deal with emergency connections or local connection problems, and are unwilling to refer problems back to Australia to be rectified. 3. I suspect that this is a systemic problem for anyone who has to get an urgent phone line under the NBN, and unfortunately use Telstra. 4. One cannot get a Telstra person in Australia to help sort out connection problems, and I am unable to deal with the NBN directly.
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    Created by Diana Droog
  • Climate levy for Paris Accord cowards
    Our children and grandchildren will have to survive the dire impact of climate change. Already the impact of Global Warming is effecting our: Health – air quality, extreme weather Food supply – farms, water, weather, energy Shelter & Jobs – pollution, energy, Industry – tourism, land produce, education The rest of the world will have to pay for the share of carbon pollution the US is refusing to accept responsibility for. The US is the world’s biggest economy and the world’s second biggest carbon polluter. This means our children and grandchildren, and our industry will be paying very dearly for the belligerent sort-sightedness and self-interest of the USA.
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    Created by Andrew Speirs
  • Make swastikas illegal please
    Apparently it's not illegal to parade around adorned with the symbols of Australia's enemy. People are becoming more brazen with the rise of white nationalist groups in Australia. You've all seen the photos of people on public transport displaying the swastika on clothes and tattoos. It is a deeply offensive symbol and it's probably in everyone's best interest to just ban it in public ay.
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