• Local roads captain creek Queensland 4677
    Safety particularly in the wet season which impacts school children, maintence costs on vehicles in particular tyres, dirt blowing into homes etc.
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    Created by David Stalker
  • LoganCity Connect Free/ Gold Coin donation Shuttle Bus Services (aka Free City Loop)
    Its time for Logan to get modernized, connected and vibrant. Beenleigh Town Square is good project, we need broader connections. Leadership is the art of understanding the needs of others and guiding them to achieve common goals. To do so, you need to communicate effectively and inspire people to work as a team.
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    Created by Girish Shah Picture
  • Support Science Debates for all Major Politicians Running for Office
    Science affects everything but most politicians manage to avoid talking about it because a lot of science and scientific research has to do with consequences beyond the limited terms of politicians. In other words, if they can get away with not talking about something in order to get elected, they'll happily throw your children under the bus.
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    Created by matthew chapman
  • ACCESS is Critical not political
    To ensure that all residents of Unanderra and surrounding suburbs have safe access to their local ràil transport . To remove this barrier of access and reduce the disproportionate disadvantage of this vital and growing community.
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    Created by Unanderra Community Action
  • Stop the East West Link toll road from being built
    The East West Link toll road is bitterly opposed by many sectors of the Victorian community. It promises to be the biggest generator of traffic congestion in Victoria's history. It will cost $8.6 billion to build, a record $1 billion per kilometre. No detailed information has been made public as to its feasibility or how it will be funded or paid for. A “spend” of $8.6 billion on this road project will mean that there will be no funds for public transport projects in this State for the next 10 years. The East West Link toll road is to be constructed through Royal Park. Seven flyover roads will connect the toll road to the Tullamarine Freeway, City Link and Flemington Road. The damage to Royal Park, Melbourne’s oldest and largest park, will be catastrophic. The parkland destroyed by this roadway can never be replaced. The loss to public wellbeing, to the environment and to our liveability will never be made up. Some 102 properties have been acquired for the project and up to another 88 more property owners in Collingwood and Parkville are awaiting acquisition notices. Over 50 more residents in Kensington will not know their fate until next June. Economist and columnist Ken Davidson writes: “Dan Andrews says the contract [for the construction of the East West Link toll road] “will not go ahead” because it is not a legally binding document, and he pledges to “snub” the contract if elected. This provides a lot of “wriggle room” for a Labor government to allow the contract to go ahead.” (“The myth about Whitlam’s economic incompetence”, The Age 27/10/14) The legislation enabling the State to avoid public scrutiny of these types of deals with the transport lobby and the finance industry was put in place by Victoria’s former Labor governments. Labor in government undertook infrastructure projects without disclosing the business cases for the projects or allowing adequate public scrutiny of the projects, using private public partnerships which have been outrageously expensive and exploitative of Victorian taxpayers. There is little confidence in the community that similar deals will not be done by Daniel Andrews if his team wins government in the November State elections. The purpose of this campaign is to secure an unconditional and immediate written commitment from Victorian Labor and its leader Daniel Andrews to rescind the contracts for the building of the East West Link toll road upon taking government in the November State elections irrespective of the legality or enforceability of the contracts or the outcome of any legal proceedings challenging the legality or enforceability of the contracts or the Minister of Planning’s actions in issuing approvals for the construction of the toll road, and irrespective of the costs of rescinding the contracts.
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    Created by Joe Edmonds
  • SA Motoring Enthusiasts need your Support
    SA has a State Election on the 15th March 2014 and a group of independent enthusiasts have been communicating and meeting with the Political Parties, Ministers and candidates for a few weeks now trying to get acknowledgement and a decent deal for all motoring enthusiasts in SA not just the ones in car clubs who are sometimes represented but often not. If you or your family, friends, relatives associates or even “Bob” down the road who has an old car in the shed want to let politicians know that you and your vote counts and that you as an individual want your passions and interests looked after please send them an email. This is a once per election cycle opportunity for you and everyone you can muster to make a difference and even if the independent enthusiasts don’t get what they want for you and other enthusiasts it will be a first step to making politicians listen and stop ignoring enthusiasts or using them as a cash cow. Get everyone you know to send a big message to Politicians before it’s too late. If you do nothing you get nothing, link it to your face book and twitter make this a big last week push so they don’t have time to put spin on it and make a real difference.
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    Created by Marc Enthusiast
  • Extend the proposed light rail beyond Hobart and MONA
    The Brighton and Kingborough Municipal Councils are two of the fastest growing residential areas in the state and both lie within 30 kilometres of the Hobart CBD, with existing rail infrastructure already running from Bridgewater to Hobart. Given that this rail infrastructure already exists, it only makes sense to use this for passenger rail. It will ease stress on the Brooker Highway and Main Road running through Hobart's northern suburbs, parking space and congestion in Hobart's City Centre will be relieved, and stress on the Southern Outlet between Kingston and Hobart will also ease. Also, given that a light rail vehicle will run on electricity, Aurora and Transend will have an additional main client to supply electricity to and they can afford to lower the unit price of electricity to residents, especially those on lower incomes. Tasmania is also a self-sufficient supplier of hydroelectricity, a clean and renewable energy resource, that can reduce commuter dependence on petroleum-powered buses and cars. An extended light rail system is a good idea for safer and cleaner transport, the environment and commuters on lower and higher incomes.
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    Created by Josh Durno
  • Pedestrian crossing at the Miller St-Devon St intersection
    To provide a safe place to cross Miller Street for children attending Bell Primary School and for children and adults accessing the Route 112 tram stop no 36. The Bracken Ave Reserve is a lovely track which more families with young children would use if there was a crossing.
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    Created by Sheryll Venn
  • Safe Speed for Byron
    To prevent another tragedy. Protect our children, families and wildlife.
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    Created by Fiona Hunter Picture
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