• Support the Casino to Murwillumbah Rail Service
    (Background) The Casino to M'bah line was opened in 1894 and operated until the NSW government closed the service in 2004 despite widespread community opposition. The last service on the line was an XPT that only ran twice a day. REOPENING THE CASINO-MURWILLUMBAH RAIL LINE FOR COMMUTER SERVICES TO CREATE AN INTEGRATED PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE: •Significantly increasing population (Northern Rivers has the highest predicted population growth in NSW) •We have a high reliance on private cars. Rising petrol prices, climate change. Rail would be better for the environment by reducing our co2 emissions. •To reduce Traffic congestion at Byron Bay, Lismore, main highways, local markets and festivals. Rail would provide infrastructure to deal with Peak Tourism periods •Reduce Road maintenance (buses create more road damage than cars). •To reduce the Northern Rivers Road Toll, which is the highest in NSW. The Pacific Highway is the most dangerous road in NSW. and there is an accident on Bangalow-Lismore Rd on average once a week. We are losing far too many local lives on our roads, including accidents involving vehicles, hitch-hikers, cyclists or trucks. •Reduce the high rate of drink driving in the Byron Shire. •Many towns are currently not connected by public bus services. The Railway connects most towns to the regional centre Lismore, and to tourism hotspot Byron Bay. Connects residents to essential services. •Trains cater for elderly, disabled, wheelchairs, bicycles and surfboards •Support locals accessing Education, Housing and Employment, Community Health, Youth ,and Mental Health Services, eg. ‘Headspace' in Lismore •Will create jobs, reduce social isolation, addresses local social issues and disadvantage •Promote Northern Rivers Regional Tourism: Heritage Rail, access to recreational activities including local markets, beach, galleries, local produce, festivals, beautiful scenery, country towns, National Parks •A Rail Trail Study has been announced, but rail trails work much better when integrated with a train service, especially through our terrain and dispersed towns. •Freight HQ at Casino provides freight opportunities as the rail is adjacent to many mayor supermarkets and industrial areas, and the local area produces crops such as sugar, soybeans, nuts and coffee. Putting road freight onto rail will make local roads safer •If the High Speed Rail is built in the future between Sydney and Brisbane via Casino, rail travel times from the Northern Rivers to Brisbane will be reduced to 2hrs or less, and will be more efficient than road travel
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  • 'Queensland Rail to Casino'
    Unless you are a 'deniersaur', the planet is dying. And if you are, it still is. We urgently need to; • Transfer from fossil fuelled private vehicles to public transport, which has greatly reduced energy needs per passenger mile. • Power this public transport by renewable sources. • 'QR to Casino' is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Reinvigorating an all but abandoned line (Northern Rivers Line) will transform transportation between Casino and Brisbane, greatly enhancing the 'value' of the region. • Northern Rivers has long been beholden to special interest groups who do not want shoppers to have easy access to Brisbane, or who think that the North Coast does not need Public Transport, as other lines connect to Brisbane - from the 'Sydney' & 'NSW Government' point of view. • It is time Northern Rivers residents had a say. • A road tunnel is currently being built on the Pacific Highway west of Byron Bay - cost ~ approximately 1 billion dollars - this is about the SAME COST as re gauging & electrifying NR line, & connecting it to GC Line / Brisbane. • Ask NR residents would they prefer to have the Byron tunnel, or a direct electric train to the Gold Coast & Brisbane? • Reopening the NR line as a serious rail line - no longer 'once a day to the big smoke', but 'integrating the region, on the hour'* will considerably reduce road traffic, making roads safer and making existing roads capable of handling all regular traffic. NR residents can then commute to Brisbane - 'Relaxing by Rail'! • The land use and residential pattern of the NR area has evolved around the North Coast rail line. Development of the Pacific Highway then caused the line to be closed, due to competition. Now that the highway follows the coast (eg Yelgun to Chinderah bypass), those towns and villages on the NR line route are poorly serviced. Reopening the NR line on that route will correct this situation. • 'Synergy' means that each new station added to a rail line or network, benefits all of the other stations. That, e.g., Burringbar would be (ultimately) connected to Bendigo, benefits both stations. Short lines eg GC line, or worse, short lines with limited service (once per day of the old NR line) are of significantly reduced usefulness. • Integrating these lines to become 'QR to Casino', & powered by sugar cane bagasse, overcomes these difficulties. * Approx 40 trains per day run from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. Initially, about 1 train per hour should be enough for the NR section -
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  • Prioritise Sydney's public & active transport (over the Westconnex).
    WestCONnex won’t work! Public Transport Will The NSW State Government is proposing to build the WestCONnex motorway: a 33km toll-road around Sydney that will destroy neighbourhoods, waste taxpayer funds, cost families money, increase pollution AND not fix our city’s traffic congestion problems! The WestCONnex proposal involves: • Duplicating M4 lanes from Parramatta to Homebush (Stage 1: construction from early 2015) • Constructing a tunnel from Homebush to Haberfield (Stage 1: construction from mid-2016) • Duplicating the M5 East (Stage 2: construction from 2016) and • Constructing a tunnel between Haberfield and St Peters (Stage 3: construction from late 2018). WestCONnex will mean: More Tolls Previously free roads will become toll ways. A return trip from Parramatta to the city will cost $14 in tolls if WestCONnex goes ahead and drivers will try to avoid them by speeding through local suburban streets instead. Pollution Belching smoke stacks, truck diesel fumes, greater reliance on cars… Do we want to end up like Beijing, described as “barely suitable” for life as smog regularly blankets the city? Congestion As with all new roads, WestCONnex will attract more traffic to the road network, particularly given that much existing public transport is at capacity. Only increased public transport relieves congestion over the long-term. No New Public Transport The estimated $11 billion to build WestCON will soak up all government funds that could otherwise be invested in sustainable public transport for all. Destruction of Bushland and Parks Important heritage bushland and local parks will be concreted over by WestCONnex. Let’s protect what little green and open space inner-west and south-western Sydney has left. Waste With the taxpayers’ funds slated for WestCONnex, the Government could instead build a second SydneyHarbour crossing, equalise all fares on the Airport rail line and build two more stops, fund light rail around ParramattaCity – and still have money left over. The Government is wasting money on building a transport network that doesn’t plan for current or future needs. High Rise WestCONnex is more than just a toll road. It is also part of the Government’s plan to use proposed new planning legislation to increase density in our already overcrowded suburbs. New high-rise buildings in previously low-rise residential areas will spring up, with occupants and their cars swallowing any new road capacity WestConnex initially provides. WestCONnex is not the future we want! What do we want? The future we want is a less congested and more accessible, amenable city. • Let’s spend that $11 billion on a range of considered public transport alternatives that suit our changing travel preferences. • Let’s free up the existing road network for business and people who need it. • Let’s keep our local communities under local community control. • Let’s aspire to overseas cities which have invested in public transport for all. And let’s invest in public transport now, before unaffordable petrol and peak oil makes white elephants of new motorways. We want politicians to listen to concerned citizens, independent transport experts and community groups. What can you do? • Does your local State politician support WestCONnex? Contact their office and let them know you don’t! • Join one of the No WestCONnex action groups and get involved in the campaign. • Follow developing events via Facebook – No WestConnex Public Transport • Follow developing events via Twitter: @westconnex • Receive the latest WestCONnex at http://westconnex.info Email us at info AT westconnex.info Community meetings throughout Sydney enthusiastically passed the following motion “This public meeting rejects Westconnex and calls on Marrickville Council, all local councils on the route, and local Members of Parliament to run a fully-funded campaign against the Westconnex toll road.”
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  • Maintain the $400,000 funding for the Leichhardt Bike Plan
    Leichhardt Council has a good reputation for its Bicycle Strategy. The number of residents and families who use bicycles is growing strongly. All parties have supported funding the plan in the past, but Liberal and Labor councillors cut to zero the $400,000 budget for new projects for 2013/14. Much has been achieved in the last 6 years but several major links and many smaller but useful works remain to be completed, and women and children are under represented in bicycle counts due to lack of safety concerns. The Bike Plan is being updated this year. Renewed regular funding is vital to complete and improve the cycling network, so the coming generation can cycle safely and easily around Leichhardt.
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  • Sunday Streets in Sydney
    Sunday Streets calls for main streets to be opened up for the community on Sundays, by taking cars off those streets for the day. Streets can then be used for walking, bicycling, dancing, playing, or holding street stalls, festivals or workshops. It brings significant economic benefits to local businesses on high streets as thousands of people come out to explore them. The health benefits of Ciclovia are enormous. Research published in the Journal of Urban Health found a cost benefit ratio of $2.32 in health benefits from San Francisco's Sunday Streets. Local businesses take to the streets by claiming the footpath in front of them. There's live music, arts and culture, and other recreational activities - such as climbing walls, dance, yoga and aerobics classes - staged at various parts of the route. Everyone is able to participate and get some exercise. The original Sunday Streets, called Ciclovia, was developed in Bogota, Colombia in the 1970s and there are now over 100 cities around the world that hold Ciclovia regularly including New York City, Chicago, Berlin, San Francisco, Jakarta, Vancouver and even car clogged Los Angeles. In Bogota it spans 120 kilometres and is held every Sunday and public holiday, while in other cities the route is typically up to 15 kilometres long and held a few times a year. The bigger the better! Check out a video of Sunday Streets in San Francisco: http://vimeo.com/12470723 This petition was developed with Go! Alliance, Bike Leichhardt and BIKESydney. Further information: http://www.sydneycyclist.com/forum/topics/ciclovia-for-sydney http://www.altmedia.net.au/leichhardt-to-celebrate-its-streets/70959 http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/push-to-open-sydneys-main-streets-to-the-public/story-e6freuy9-1226634568107 http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/inner-west/campaign-to-open-main-streets-to-the-public-grows/story-fngr8h4f-1226816683700 http://OpenStreetsProject.org/ http://www.streetfilms.org/tag/ciclovia/ Sunday Streets in NSW is endorsed by Go! Alliance, BIKESydney, Bike Leichhardt, Cycle Sydney, Ecotransit Sydney, Bicycle NSW, Aboutlife Natural Marketplace, the Balmain/Rozelle Chamber of Commerce, The Global Map of Musicians, the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, Cheeky Transport, La Latina Sydney, the Sydney Latin American Film Festival, the Alternative Media Group of Australia, the Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce, Jamie Parker MP, Alex Greenwich MP, Bike-it, Bicycle Garden, the North Sydney Chamber of Commerce, the Organic Food Markets, Bike Gal, Bike North, Universal Favourite, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, Leichhardt Council, the City of Sydney, the Three Yogis, the Community Acupuncture Collective, Clean Energy Sydney, Walks N Wags, Padfoot Whiskers & Wings Pet Photography, Clovelly Road Better Block, Woollahra Council, Randwick Council, Bike Marrickville, Newtown Precinct Business Association, The Pedestrian Council of Australia (in principle), Marrickville Council, Teamor Cafe, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and the Yoga to Go Studio.
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  • Petition to improve Mental Health Services in rural and remote SA
    With suicide becoming one of Australia's leading causes of death, something needs to change. The rate of suicide is rapidly increasing in rural and remote areas on a daily basis. And why? because the lack of resources and access to mental health services.
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  • A Bonza Bridge for Redfern
    Redfern is the 6th busiest station in NSW. It needs a southern concourse with better access on all platforms. The current plan meets this basic requirement, but fails on so many other fronts. It is a meagre 6m wide, having only been modelled for foot traffic to 2036. We all know what that means - people will be stuck with it for the next 50 years! There is no consideration for cycle access across the railway. It does not integrate in any meaningful way with the current and proposed large developments in the area, such as the ATP and the proposed North Eveleigh site. The current “landing sites” have severe safety and amenity implications on the surrounding residential streets on both sides. The residents have been omitted as “main stakeholders” in the design process, whereas the Commonwealth Bank, Sydney University, and Mirvac were involved early and often. The design appears utilitarian, rather than inspirational, in an area of Sydney that is used to being treated as second-best. A curved or boomerang design may well offer the same engineering solutions, with better “landing sites”, but at an increased cost - you all know what that means too. Cheapest option is the one being pushed. This, despite the fact that the sale of government land (ATP site) was supposed to provide $300+ million for the upgrade of Redfern Station. Give Redfern a design landmark! Make the rich commercial stakeholders pay more than the bare minimum, rather than pushing the costs to the local small-guy residents again. Voice your concern over the fact that the large interests always seem to get their way. And most importantly, let’s build something inspirational, something to be proud of - long into the future.
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  • Qantas - STOP broadcasting Sky News and Newscorp media in your aircraft, lounges and at your gates!
    Sky News and Newscorp publications are notorious for their racist, right-wing rhetoric. We know this type of media commentary has fuelled division and hate in our community, and after Christchurch we know that hate kills. When Qantas provides the platform for the broadcasting of Sky News and Newscorp publications in their aircraft, member lounges and at airport gates, it sends a message that our National airline is legitimising and endorsing those views. Those views are not in keeping with the "Spirit of Australia" - an inclusive, respectful and proud multicultural society. Tell Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, to show some corporate leadership and terminate Qantas' contractual arrangements with Sky News and Newscorp publications NOW.
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  • Don't build a new airport! DO build high-speed rail instead!
    This petition against building a second airport at Badgery's Creek is urgent and important as to do so would contravene all the independent research findings which clearly demonstrate that societies and nature would suffer unduly. Conversely, building high-speed rail will address climate-change and revitalise many communities in regional NSW as well as connect to major centres like Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, being 50% of current air traffic; and will provide for real local jobs. It will also empower people and ensure quality of life to all of us and Nature on whom we depend. This has to be seen as the only sane alternative in today's world.
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  • No to an airport in Koo Wee Rup
    The draining of the Great Swamp produced some of Victoria's and Australia's highest quality soil, rich in nutrients. The development of an airport, the increase in traffic and the pollution which will follow puts at jeopardy the ability to utilize this land appropriately. Reducing the betterment and better health of all Australians. Currently there are significant infrastructure restraints in the area causing complete grid lock over any long weekend, with even mild increased traffic towards Phillip Island and Gippsland areas. Whilst the structure of the project has been sold to Victorians as a great deal with a foreign company funding construction, it is they who will be distributed all incomes, whilst all tax paying Victorians will be forced to pay the infrastructure bill to develop functioning roads to this service. This will create a huge tax burden for all Victorians whilst only servicing what currently stands as 250,000 Gippslandians. Putting further financial burdens on local residents to prepare current houses for additional requirements necessary for being approximately 7 minutes from the airport and decreasing value of the properties. The government has been urging residents to move further out of the city to manage the housing crisis and when Victorians choose to do this to enjoy the country they then decide to propose an airport that will take away everything we love about living further out. The night sky and stars are part of this and an airport being this close will take that away. The impact on the local wildlife and whether they will be able to reproduce moving into the future. Please help us tell the Government to rethink this plan and relocate it to a more appropriate area.
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  • Stop government sell off of Sydney bus services
    Need to keep public services in public ownership Protect bus driver jobs Stop govt unfairly blaming STA and bus drivers for delays to services due to Sydney road congestion
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    Even if ASF or any other company would pay a fair market price for the land (and we know this would NEVER happen!) the answer to their application SHOULD BE: NO! 1. If the SEAWAY/BROADWATER is meddled with in any shape or form the resulting effect on river tides/sand movement/silting/effect on the ecosystem is anyone's guess? WE CANNOT RISK IT! 2. We need the SPIT and all other open spaces on the Gold Coast to be preserved as our city is full of high-rises, we haven't got enough roads, our public transport system is basically non-existent, traffic is chocked throughout the city 24/7. 3. No development should be allowed north of Sea-World! We need the Spit developed as parkland and for recreation now and for future generations. 4. The Gold Coast, specially the central area where most high-rises are has no park with trees! Our greedy, self-serving council for decades has been selling anything/everything that could be sold... and the raping of the natural environment continues. This city NEEDS a decent large park, such as the Central Park in New York. Humans NEED OXYGEN TO SURVIVE which oxygen comes from TREES! No use to say that the Hinterland has enough trees and oxygen when the coastal winds blow it the other way, away from the coastal region where the high-rises and the biggest traffic exist. 5. ASF and all other companies should once and for all be given the thumbs down as far as the SPIT is concerned!
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