• No more Uranium Exports from Port Adelaide
    We are convinced that the transport and handling of such dangerous toxic material presents a threat to the health of workers involved and to the residents of Port Adelaide, and that these dangers will be exacerbated by the proposed increase in this transport. We wish to see Port Adelaide live up to its status as a popularly declared nuclear-free zone. We call on the relevant local and state authorities to have in place the most comprehensive plans possible to deal effectively with any spillage of the uranium oxide being transported through the district, and to provide details of these plans for the approval of the people of Port Adelaide and the wider community.
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  • Dump the Muckaty Dump: Its time for responsible radioactive waste management
    For eight years there has been sustained opposition to successive federal government plans to build a national nuclear waste dump at Muckaty, near Tennant Creek. There is no environmental or scientific basis for a radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory. The plan is purely political and deeply irresponsible and would mean more toxic trucks on our roads, more communities at risk, and more hazards for workers and emergency services. Nuclear waste is high risk and long lasting. It needs to be managed responsibly based on proper process and sound science. The controversial dump plan is opposed by many Aboriginal Traditional Owners, public health and medical experts, environmental groups, trade unions and churches. These groups are all calling for the Federal government to scrap the plan in favour of an independent public commission. Australia has never had an independent, expert and public assessment of the safest and most responsible way to manage long-lived radioactive waste. This is urgently required. The Muckaty proposal is a bad deal but it is not a done deal. Sign the petition today; there is literally no time to waste.
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  • Preserve Western Port - Stop the Development of Port of Hastings
    The expansion to accommodate a projected 3000 ships per year will involve massive dredging, dumping of dredge spoil, land reclamation, risk of oil spills, air pollution, beach and cliff erosion associated with channel deepening, and loss of habitat. This has the potential to destroy the Western Port we know, love, and depend upon. Our beaches, fishing, wildlife, tourism economy, clean air, clean water. Western Port is a wetland of international significance, and Australia has obligations to look after it under the Ramsar treaty. Please take some time to learn about the proposed port expansion and its likely impacts. To stay up to date visit http://preservewesternport.org.au and http://www.wppcinc.org Thanks!
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  • Fix the chicanes on the Bellarine Rail Trail
    The narrow chicanes on the Bellarine Rail Trail are the blight on a potentially great trail. The chicanes: - pose safety and access issues to all riders. inexperienced riders are particularly likely to collide with the heavy wooden chicanes. - reduces use by Tandems, bikes with trailers, loaded touring bikes, cargo bikes/trikes which typically cannot be ridden through the chicanes - don't stop dirt bikes (they can access the trail in other places and negotiate the existing chicanes) - provides a uncomfortable experience for tourists - who are less likely to return to the Bellarine Peninsula's fine wineries, beaches and landscapes. Renovating the chicanes will improve access to the trail, get more people riding, walking, running, skating. It will be safer for cyclists, leading to more locals and tourists enjoying the Bellarine Rail Trail. It's a great asset that needs to reach its potential.
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  • No East West Tollway
    The aim of this petition is to show politicians that the local people of the areas affected and greater community do not want this environmentally devastating project. The East West tollway idea is being pushed for the benefit of the big trucking companies who want a quick trip to the docklands at tax payers expense. For the ordinary motorist the toll will be unaffordable. The area from Clifton Hill, Fitzroy through Parkville to Parkville West will be a construction site for up to 5 years, the area carved up into small isolated segments and the subsequent pollution at the end of this will be substantial. Royal Park established 1873 from a grant from Queen Victoria has been under siege for many years from developments such as the Children's Hospital, the Hockey centre and the Commonwealth village. Now, they too are under siege from this proposal. The Children's Hospital stands a few hundred metres from the proposed site. Royal Park (the lungs of the City) includes bush parkland, carefully planned and managed to mimic the original landscape that white settlers saw. It includes wetlands, the zoo, a golf course, sports grounds, a strip of the original woodland, an Urban Camp, a tram and train line. The tunnel is planned to come out from the middle of the park with 2 huge on/off ramps going right, 40 metres from the Zoo and left leading to a widened Flemington Road. Gigantic fly overs will dwarf sports grounds, wetlands, Urban Camp and housing. The tram and tram lines re-routed and woodland razed. The affect on the urban environment will be immense. Over 5000 trees are already marked for destruction in the Park. The wetlands, with its many species of water birds is a fabulous drawcard for visitors will be ruined. Fruit bats, the great pollinators, skinks, frogs, possums and animals in the Zoo will be further traumatised and disappear from the area. I implore anyone who does not know this area, come and have a look. Start at the Native gardens at Gatehouse St and Royal Parade. And then imagine how hell can look like. Facts -9.5 parklands worth $207 million -5,200 trees worth $17 million. Wetlands and water storage (14 % of M.C.C. annual irrigation.
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  • Fatigue laws to be reviewed for Professional Drivers
    Everyday for the past week or so I have read about incidents/crashes involving trucks and cars. Obviously your new laws to curb such incidents is not working and failing dismally. I urge you to reevaluate the newly implemented fatigue laws. No one can dictate to another human being when they will or not be fatigued and require sleep. That includes all motor vehicle drivers. But you haven't implemented a log book and mandatory hours for car or motor bike riders/drivers. This morning 28 February 2014 a young man of just 24 died in a truck incident. How many more injuries or deaths are you going to ignore before you do something proactive? These Professional Drivers have spent anywhere from a year to 30 on our major highways and roads working 7days a week. Did anyone bother to consult them? They are the ones who know when they need a break, they are the ones who keep this country moving. Would it not better to consult with these men and women now and yes the log book to remain but to give them some leniency. As working adults the ability to decide. I recently travelled on the Pacific Highway and was absolutely astounded by the number of trucks on the highway now compared to 10-15years ago. I was also shocked at the amount of car drivers who have no regard for these massive vehicles and take the utmost stupid risks not only endangering their lives but that of other road users. Granted there needs to be a regulatory body that oversees this industry but it should be made up of Professional Drivers past and present. Not people who sit behind desks that have not spent one day on the road as a truck driver. This country of ours is going down hill at a rapid rate. We need to stand behind the men and women who drive these trucks as without them your fruit and vegetables would not make it to the supermarket or green grocery, there would be no fuel and the list goes on. Its not as simple as some of you think e.g. just transport it by train. How do you propose to get it from the train to the relevant stores? Horse and carriage ? Truck Drivers keep this country moving and they need us now to show our support to them. I urge you to sign this petition for the safety of these Truck drivers and the safety of all road users.
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  • Keep the 456 bus from Greenwood Station to Hillarys Harbour running daily.
    This direct route on public transport is 15 minutes quicker than any other on offer, so we'd like the PTA to keep it running. Hillarys Harbour is a popular and safe destination for all people, not just for those who drive. Efficient public transport is essential, since traffic at the Harbour is often very busy. The 2700 car parks are regularly at capacity. Any more car parking would be at the cost of natural bush, so instead we need good direct public transport options. The new weekday 456 service also caters to the local communities of Hillarys and Sorrento with approximately 200 trips currently being taken per day and this number is growing as news of the service spreads in the local community. Teenagers, school children and the elderly love this service. Car parking at Greenwood station is at capacity by 8am daily, this bus currently results in 20 fewer cars lining up to park. Gradually more locals are ditching their cars for a direct and comfortable trip into the city.
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  • Deputy PM - Please Champion the safety of Those who Are Vulnerable on our roads
    With over 30,000 Australians killed or seriously injured each year, road safety is a health issue! Yet basic actions can be taken to protect people's lives! As part of Australia's Road Rules we need a national law that acts to protect those who find themselves vulnerable on our roads and highways. By making sure that passing drivers and riders "slow down and move over" when approaching an incident, crash or breakdown we can ensure road users "Drive So Others Survive!" (See Centre for Road Safety Video www.youtube.com/watch?v=H75mP0X41Gw ) There is no longer a Commonwealth Minister for Road Safety so we are asking the Deputy Prime Minister (who is also Minister for Transport and Infrastructure) to become the champion for National Road Safety. Given his portfolio responsibilities, we believe the Deputy Prime Minister needs to become the National Road Safety Champion by publicly stating his commitment to road safety. We then ask the Deputy Prime Minister to demonstrate this commitment to the protection of vulnerable road users and those who protect and assist (emergency services, tow truck drivers, roadside assistance personnel) by leading the push for a "Slow By at least 30" (SB30) Australian Road Rule.
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  • Don't log the Nymboida state forest
    The Nymboida state forest is the home of many endangered animals such as koalas and black cockatoos. The trucks for this project have also notified the local school bus that they will not stop for them as Glens Creek Road is often not big enough for two cars, instead they have given the school bus a radio so that the bus can know where these huge logging trucks are and get off the windy road before they get hit. I have lived in Nymboida nearly all my life and i have always seen these beautiful black cockatoos flying around, they are such a majestic bird and it's despicable that people from outside Nymboida should come in and threaten our endangered species and the lives of our children. This year my little brother will be catching this school bus and two years ago I used to catch that bus as well and I know just how dangerous Glens Creek Road is, its far too small for even a bus and a car to pass each other let alone a logging truck. This logging project is happening on the border of my family property, all the wildlife will be cleared away and stumps will be left, the delicate ecosystems that extend outside my family property will be destroyed and my once beautiful childhood home won't have the abundant source of wildlife for future generations. Craig Busby, region manager, should be told we don't want our local children threatened by their logging trucks and we don't want our endangered species threatened by the noise of the logging and the destruction of their homes.
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  • Fix traffic flow at the Australia Ave / DFO roundabout
    This roundabout is a critical access route for people coming into Sydney Olympic Park, Wentworth Point and Newington. The roundabout is just unable to cope with the following activities: 1. Weekday end-of-day traffic when the access to the roundabout from Australia Avenue, Homebush Bay Drive and Underwood Road often backs up. It can take up to 20 minutes to get into the roundabout (and more on a really bad day). This has become worse with the increased number of people who are working in SOP and traffic banks back along Australia Avenue. 2. Weekend traffic when DFO shoppers clog up the roundabout. These people are typically coming into the roundabout from the south, via Centenary Drive. They enter the roundabout and totally block access for those attempting to get into it from Homebush Bay Drive and Underwood Rd. Some residents have reported that it has taken an hour to get home from Rhodes due to this traffic. 3. Event-related traffic at SOP. This has problems similar to the weekday end-of-day traffic. Also note that public transport routes 525, 526, 450 and 533 go through the roundabout. The significant delays due to traffic defers people from using public transport, and this in turn puts more cars on the road. The situation is getting worse. Contrary to expectations, the redevelopment at DFO (which included parking changes) has not improved things. Currently, we have around 2100 units at Wentworth Point, with under 5000 residents. Over coming years, these numbers will increase four-fold. NSW Government and Council have approved significant increases in the number of dwellings in Wentworth Point (and SOP). New residential buildings at Sydney Olympic Park are currently under construction, as are new commercial buildings. This will bring thousands more regular commuters into Sydney Olympic Park, many of whom will be using this intersection. The current infrastructure, and particularly this roundabout, are at breaking point, and we urgently need a solution NOW! Any further development at Wentworth Point and Sydney Olympic Park is compromised until this situation is resolved.
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  • Build the Toowoomba Bypass Now
    The Toowoomba Bypass will: Improve safety for motorists and heavy vehicle drivers Provide an efficient route for the transportation of goods to Brisbane and overseas markets Provide a safer alternative to the steep gradient of the current range crossing for drivers of heavy vehicles and passenger vehicles Create a quicker route to Brisbane or to the west, for those not wanting to travel through Toowoomba Reduce traffic movements in the Toowoomba city.
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  • Stop Keane Road in Forrestdale
    Imagine an area of bushland the same size as Kings Park, but with more species of plants, with bushland in better condition and located right on the back doorstep of Harrisdale and Forrestdale. That is what we have in the Anstey-Keane Bush Forever site. It doesn't look like much from Anstey, Ranford and Skeet Roads but once you walk in there and learn where and how to look you will see hundreds of different species of plants. It should be conserved and managed properly, not destroyed by a road through it.
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