• Copacabana Roads Petition
    The state of the roads in Copacabana is a disgrace. Over the years, the community has seen a piecemeal attempt by Gosford Council to patch-up and repair roads, with no apparent strategy to provide sound, safe roads that are not always in a constant state of repair. Your signature will provide a clear message that Copacabana residents and ratepayers are not happy and want action.
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    Because we have paid tax for these tunnels and roads to be built. By Governments who are seeking to make profit from transport for the public. We are slugged exorbitant toll charges to use these roads. The stress that traffic and the grid lock causes to commuters. The total unfairness and expense of the toll charges. A suggestion is to increase registration as minimally as possible to allow all people to use these tunnels and bi ways, freeing up Brisbanes traffic gridlock
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    Created by Kelly Jane Smith
  • Stop blocking a community garden, QLD Dept. of Main Roads
    • Provide green space in one of Brisbane’s most urban neighbourhoods. • Greatly improve visual appearance on a busy road. • Save tax payer money. • Foster community spirit and cohesiveness. • Our “herbs of world” proposal would provide educational opportunities for children and adults alike. • Demonstrate that the State government is listening to local communities.
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    Created by Eddie Game
  • Support Rail Explorers Byron
    1. Access for all. Everyone can ride the rail bikes - the elderly, families with young children and the disabled. This means that everyone can enjoy the spectacular views and beautiful scenery between Bangalow and Byron Bay. 2. Employment. Rail Explorers will create approx 22 full time jobs from day one, with many more jobs available in the future. 3. Social Enterprise. Rail Explorers is committed to donating up to 20% of profits back to the local community. 4. Economic and Environmental Sustainability. Rail Explorers will generate revenue through ticket sales. This revenue will help to fund the maintenance of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail. Rail Explorers will utilise the existing rail infrastructure, with very minimal environmental impact. 5. Preserve the rails. Rail Explorers will clear, repair and maintain the 13km of track between Bangalow and Byron Bay. If in the future it becomes feasible to re-introduce public transport on the corridor, the tracks will be still in place. 6. A Fun and Unique Activity. Rail bikes are extremely popular in South Korea, Europe and North America. Rail Explorers Byron will bring this fantastic attraction to Byron Bay. 7. Rail Trail beside the tracks. Rail Explorers is looking into the feasibility of building the bike and walking trail beside the tracks.
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  • Residents for a Sustainable Upper Kedron
    Our local plan's density and footprint for development guidelines are not being followed. Our habitat and ecological corridors that are supposed to be protected in the local plan are being destroyed. The liveability and sustainability of our suburb is under threat from this mass, unplanned, over-development. We call on the Queensland Government to intervene to: - Implement our local plan in full so our local road network is not thrown into gridlock. - Support sustainable development so emergency service vehicles can rely on our local roads. - Put our community ahead of developers.
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    Created by Zoe Parmenter
  • Youngs Crossing Flood Immunity
    Moreton Bay Regional Council needs to urgently improve Youngs Crossing to relieve the flood immunity. The 2012 report provided a $16M solution to elevate the burden on the community when there are water releases from the North Pine Dam and improve the alignment of the road. This is important to our community, your constituents, residents and ratepayers for the flow of traffic and elevation of congestion.
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    Created by Tammie Peatey
  • Stop the Ads blaring on Melbourne's railway platforms
    When waiting for a train on the way home from the city, commuters may wish to talk to their friends, talk on the phone, listen to a podcast or just stand in peace after a long day at work. Is that too much to ask? We are already bombarded by visual advertisements, but loud advertisements prevent us from working or relaxing. We the undersigned call on the Transport Minster to instruct Metro Trains and PTV to silence advertising on platforms and in trains. This is not on. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/train-station-advertising-screens-draw-complaints-from-commuters-drivers-20141017-117ole.html
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    Created by Chris Goodman
  • Please tell the Qld Government to stop destroying essential parkland
    80,000 Queenslanders shouted out to the Queensland Government that they want more green space in 'The Queensland Plan'. Now government needs to listen. People want positive, healthy and resilient communities. They want to be able to travel from A to B and they know they don't have to lose their parks to make this happen. We are smarter than that. Please help save this valuable green space and remind government that they are meant to be protecting it for now and for the future.
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  • Give bikes 1-metre of room when passing
    Cycling is a healthy activity and benefits include greater physical fitness, lower BMI, reduced incidence of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Cycling is also good for mental health and is a social, friendly activity. However, here in WA, there is a clash of cultures, a war over territory: drivers often feel we have no legitimate right to use public roads, and pass us without due regard for our safety. In order to increase the number of cyclists on West Australian roads, they have to be safer. A 1-metre rule in 60 kmph zones (1.5 metres if >60 kmph) would be an excellent start in showing commitment to cycling in WA, and to making it a safer activity for all age groups. Nb. See the following bill put to the West Australian parliament by the Honorable Lynn MacClaren: http://fly6.com/media/21724/wa-parliment-20march14-fly6.pdf. With appropriate legislation, education, and the right infrastructure, we can all share the road and enjoy a healthier, safer Australia.
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    Created by Andrew Bell
  • Daniel Andrews please stop the East West Link once & for all
    Transport decisions made by Governments play a critical role in the development (or not) of a sustainable city. Making the right decisions regarding transport infrastructure is essential to the city’s economic prosperity, environmental impact and social inclusion. This road will divert funding away from other critical public transport projects and could cripple the states finances for a generation. It should be taken to an election.
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  • Put on a Bus from Wangaratta train to Mount Hotham
    The PT options to get to Mount Hotham at the moment are disgusting! Get a train or bus to Wang, then another very infrequent bus to Bright, then another bus to Hotham Heights. 6-12 hrs to do a 4.5 hour drivable trip. Lets make Mount Hotham accessible and therefore more fun for all to participate in.
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  • Build Upper Blue Mountains Cycling Trail Now or Unlock the Gate to existing track
    This is important for the health and safety of the local community as well as provide an important economic stimulus through tourism. Waiting for the past 25 years for this is too long! Either unlock the gate to the existing track or build a new track.
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