This is a vital service to the Perth disabled community. Drivers are dedicated and strive to deliver positive outcomes for the community in relation to their transport needs. The Minister wants to revert to a single service which will dictate to both client and driver and diminish the rights and choices of both. He proposes to literally blackmail all of the people involved by denying subsidies to those who don't use his preferred service. We must preserve our freedom to choose which taxi company or driver suits our needs based on the quality of service they provide.
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    Created by Tony Gibb
  • Don't Close Hampden Rd Artarmon
    The decision to run the cable up the main street of Artarmon Village is poorly conceived and ill-advised. A fully functioning Hampden Road is essential for providing local access to Artarmon Public School and Royal North Shore Hospital. Prolonged partial closure of Hampden Rd will severely affect parking and traffic flow and force closure of businesses in the Artarmon shopping strip. Concurrent development in Hampden Road and at the school means that 2016 is the worst possible time to be considering this project.
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    Created by Nicholas Logan
  • A cost too high for Cyclist Safety
    The NSW Government is introducing changes to road rules and enforcement that will affect anyone who visits NSW as a tourist, visitor or new resident. It will also set a dangerous precedent for other States and Territories to follow. The changes include bicycle helmet fines of $319; and bicycle infringements equivalent to motor vehicles (such as $425 for riding through a red light or pedestrian crossing). Even more alarming is the requirement for any adult on a bicycle to carry a drivers licence or NSW photo ID (cost $51) at all times, even tourists. The fine for not carrying photo ID will be $106. The NSW Government says this is a simple change to the road rules. However, it sets a precedent for other community ‘groups’ to be singled out and forced to carry ID. Please sign this petition asking the Premier of NSW to stop these changes from going ahead. The letter, and all of the signatories of this petition, will be delivered to Mike Baird MP, Premier for NSW, on 16 February 2016 when Parliament resumes. We need as many signatures as possible. Please sign this petition, and consider writing to your local state MP asking them to support you. This petition has been underwritten by the following organisations (contact us to add yours): Australian Cycle Alliance http://cycle.org.au Bicycle New South Wales http://bicyclensw.org.au The Australian Cyclists Party https://australian-cyclists-party.org Bicycle Network https://www.bicyclenetwork.com.au Cycling Promotion Fund http://www.bikeoz.com.au/index.php/cycling-promotion-fund Freestyle Cyclists http://www.freestylecyclists.org Newcastle Cycleways Movement http://newcastlecycleways.org.au Pedal Power ACT http://www.pedalpower.org.au BIKEAST http://www.bikeast.org.au Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club http://www.dhbc.org.au BIKESydney http://www.bikesydney.org I Love Sydney Bike Lanes & Cycleways https://www.facebook.com/ILoveSydneyBikeLanes Cell Bikes http://www.cellbikes.com.au Orange BUG http://bicyclensw.org.au/join/affiliation/bugs/nsw-west Dubbo BUG http://dubbobug.org.au/ Art Cycle Inc http://www.artcyclesydney.com Coffs Harbour BUG http://www.coffsbug.org.au Albury Wodonga Pedal Power Inc https://sites.google.com/site/awpedalpower Eurobodalla BUG http://eurobodallabug.blogspot.com.au Central Coast BUG http://ccbug.net Bike Marrickville http://www.bikemarrickville.org.au Bike Leichhardt http://leichhardtbug.ning.com Ashfield Bicycle Group http://www.ashbug.org.au/ Canada Bay BUG http://baybug.org.au/ Sydney Spokes http://www.sydneyspokes.com/ Quean BUG https://sites.google.com/site/qbnregionbug/
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  • Ban Advertising on the Windows of our Public Transport
    1) It is a matter of road safety. 2) Public transport passengers require clear visibility. They need to see the street names, the places names, etc; the windows are there for a reason.
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    Created by Agnieszka Niemira
  • Audit WestConnex
    The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) has shortlisted WestConnex for potential auditing. They are completing other infrastructure audits at the moment, but are due to make a decision about whether they proceed with the WestConnex audit very soon. ANAO will consider public submissions when making the decision about whether auditing WestConnex is a priority, so it’s important to demonstrate that lots of people care about this issue and want the project to be investigated. If we can convince ANAO to investigate WestConnex, then we know that the shoddy business case for this project will be exposed. It is primarily $3.5 billion of federal funding that is propping up the WestConnex project, so having the Commonwealth Auditor-General criticise the justification of the project will create campaign opportunities to get the federal funding withdrawn.
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    Created by Shaun Murray
  • Stop the massive intrusive school camp development on Booloumba Creek Rd
    A development application has been submitted to the Sunshine Coast Regional Council seeking to build a massive and intrusive school camp complex in the quiet heart of the beautiful Mary Valley in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The school camp complex to be built on Booloumba Creek Rd will house over 200 students and teachers and generate significant levels of intrusive noise which will dominate the area day and night, ruining resident’s quality of life and devastating property values. The presence of a dozen massive white geodesic domes for accommodation and an enormous white pavilion will permanently ruin the visual and rural qualities of the area and detract from the experience of visitors to the beautifully scenic area as well as being a permanent eyesore for residents. The venue will also be available to hire out on weekends and school holidays to all manner of groups meaning there will be no respite from the noise and disruption for neighbors and residents. Further, Booloumba Creek Rd is a narrow winding rural road that in several places is only one vehicle wide. The addition of coaches full of students and other heavy vehicles servicing the complex will add significantly to the risks faced by local residents and visitors to the area. This massive and intrusive school camp will completely dominate the entire area, permanently destroy the rural ambiance, wreck people's quality of life and has the potential to damage the fragile ecosystem of Booloumba Creek itself. Please help us to stop this development before yet another quiet corner of the world succumbs to development and exploitation.
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  • Allow country drivers to drive to a town at night for police stop.
    This is important to me as I am now afraid to drive at night for fear of being attacked by an unknown highway robber or worse and know next time I must pull over no matter how unfounded my fears are.
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    Created by Paul Jury Picture
  • Protect Artarmon Bushland and Village Green
    The Artarmon Reserve and bushland is a much loved and well used space by the residents of Artarmon and Willoughby, local school children and workers in the Artarmon Industrial Area. Residents, with the support of Willoughby Council have spent countless hours restoring the bushland in the reserve. It is now one of the only areas in Willoughby offering a natural bush escape. Sydney Metro is presently deciding the route of the new metro train line. We are not against trains but we are against the unnecessary destruction of our bushland. There are several options for developing the Sydney Metro which are cost effective and entail no impact on our bushland whilst allowing our public transport expand to new areas which are currently not served by trains. We urge Sydney Metro to avoid options which would see the loss of the Artarmon Village Green and station garden as well as a large part of the bushland reserve - and the construction of a large, high embankment which could materially change the remaining bushland and walking tracks not to mention the loss of large Eucalypts.
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    Created by Gwyn Denton
  • More Parking in Elwood
    1 car share pod reduces cars in a neighbourhood by 14 - that is 13 more car parks. To reduce parking demand, increase air quality (by reducing reliance on cars) and reduce emissions. Also increase usage of Walking, Cycling and Public Transport therefore increase investment by the Council in these safer, more children friendly transport methods. Let me know in the comments if you are a member of a car share, and which one please.
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  • NEEDED: New Mainstream Media Entity For Perth
    Perth's media is managed externally and there is nothing organic about the issues raised, no pride in the news that is published and no engagement from the wider community due to an apathetic opinion towards change for our city. The majority of Perth is without a representation in the media and with the growth in the State's population, it's about time we had one.
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    Created by Sean Mooney
  • End tailpipe emissions
    While the Coalition are in denial about their regressive policies on the out of control emissions front we need to rely on citizen action in decreasing our carbon footprint and every little bit helps. Removing petrol and diesel cars from the roads is something we can all have a had in. Most of the advanced economies reduce the sticker price with a subsidy for buying green. Our state government in Victoria talks the talk now it is time to walk the walk. For figures on the impacts and modelling have a look at the Beyond Zero Emissions website and much more. Wake up Australia - we are being left behind.
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  • Free Valet Parking Service for Disabled at Westfield Shopping complex
    The amount of disability parking is limited on each level. If Valet parking was made available to those people, not only will this increase the number of patrons with a disability to be encouraged to come to the centre, they are able to enter and exit the car park in a well light, safe area. Not only is it exceptionally important that these patrons feel comfortable and safe, it will help carers who would otherwise struggle to get those in their charge in and out of the car in the event that no disabled parking spaces were available, they do not have to resort to parking further away. The valet service would enable patrons to exit their cars, their cars parked safely, and their enjoyment of the shopping centre unencumbered by the strains of limited disabled parking spaces.
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