• All aboard. If you can! Make QRs new $4b trains accessible
    People with disability (PWD) in Queensland need your support to ensure their citizen rights are upheld. Trains in there current form will ensure many groups of PWD (vision impairment, physical disability, intellectual disability and autism) will be disadvantaged in both boarding, using facilities and exiting the trains. Taxpayer funded public transport that by its very nature is meant to be a driver for inclusion of citizens into community will instead exclude. 1. The corridor linking a carriage purpose-designed with accessible seating and a toilet is too narrow for most manual and motorized wheelchairs causing some PWD to have to leave the train and re-enter through a different door in order to use the bathroom. A time consuming exercise, potentially dangerous whilst raining, all whilst the train stays to a timetable. 2. The toilet space does not meet the relevant size standards set out in legislation. Meaning it is simply inaccessible to some PWD who use a wheelchair for mobility and a danger to use for others. 3. The location of the guard (who assists a PWD with boarding and exiting the train) will be at the rear instead of in the middle of the train. This is a change from years of the guard being located in the middle of the train so as to intentionally align the guard with the purpose built accessible boarding area on existing station platforms. The new rear location presents potential safety concerns for a PWD being left behind on a platform due to not being seen from a guard location at the end-of-the-train – concerns that are real and potentially life threatening on an unmanned station late at night. These trains are meant for 30-plus years of service, meaning potential generations of PWD missing out on community inclusion. The roll-out will coincide with the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Queensland. The NDIS has been designed to be the foundation of a new era of participation for PWD, and accessible public transport is key to participation in jobs, education, training, social life. The Queensland Government has rolled out “Towards an all abilities Queensland” the new state government plan for disability in Queensland. Its proposed vision is that “Queenslanders of all abilities can live the life they choose.” Given the $4b train design it begs the question, can PWD choose to use a train in Queensland? Should you travel on one of these trains and encounter an issue please contact [email protected] and we will assist you to make a complaint.
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  • Save ABC integrity and variety especially on RN
    Where else can an Australian audience get the variety and depth of views and visions and above all the stimulation of such a range of ideas? Where else is there such a range of respected specialist journalists who cover everything from arts to science and religion to rock? Why is the ABC accused of left-wing bias when it shows opinions of all spectra and gives voice - although not as much as it could or should - to those who don't have access to commercial media. Why don't the Board and your minister develop pride in this unique and irreplaceable institution and those who work for it, instead of white-anting and undermining the amazingly talented a dedicated staff? There is no place for Information and enlightenment in the categories below but the ABC covers them all so I've ticked them all!
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  • West Australians need a safer cycling environment
    The former Western Australian Government refused to support Minimum Passing Distance Laws (MPDL). This lets everyone down, as a dangerous road environment stops people from riding even short distances, leading to more congestion and its associated public health costs. The current road rules fail to adequately prosecute dangerous drivers. It is clear that lax penalties handed out to motorists that have killed or seriously injured vulnerable road users is a travesty. We insist that the Government respect the memories of the victims and the families left behind after every cycling fatality by ensuring that their loved ones did not die in vain by introducing the MPDL forthwith. The Western Australian Government says that it wants to encourage cycling. Please help us to encourage the Government to support their pre-election commitments with concrete enforcement through legislation that demonstrates that bike riders are equally deserving of protection in the eyes of the law. Please join us by signing this petition, sharing with your friends and accompanying us to the WA state parliament in March to deliver the signatures.
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  • Tennyson Dunes - Revegetate not decimate
    The Tennyson sand dunes are the most significant remnant dune system remaining on the Adelaide metropolitan coast. There is a narrow strip between Grange and Mordun St Tennyson and the Charles Sturt Council want to construct a 3.5m wide shared bike path through it, Ripping out the native pants in favour of concrete and disturbing the structure of this section of the dunes
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  • Improved bus lane for the M2
    It impacts thousands of commuters each and everyday by adding a significant amount of time to the journey into work - affecting jobs, day care and family time. Waiting a few years for a train is not enough. See this Reddit thread for historical context: https://m.reddit.com/r/sydney/comments/2o75v5/traffic_on_the_m2_is_getting_worse_boss_this_is/
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  • Love Glebe? Worried about Westconnex building a freeway on Ross St
    We are parents, families, kids and community members who love Glebe. We are very concerned that WestConnex Stage 3 will negatively impact on the local schools in Forest Lodge and Glebe by building an off ramp and exit along Ross St. WestConnex will bring over 36000 more cars to Ross St, dumping them in the Glebe area. We want to protect Glebe from a freeway that would cut the suburb in half and drench the community with fumes and pollution.
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  • Love Glebe? Worried about Westconnex building a freeway on Ross St
    We are parents, families, kids and community members. Our kids go to the local schools in Forest Lodge and Glebe and we are very concerned that WestConnex Stage 3 plans to build an off ramp and exit somewhere near Ross St in Glebe. WestConnex will bring over 33000 more cars to Ross St, dumping them in the Glebe area. We love Glebe. We want to protect it from a freeway that would cut the suburb in half and drench the community with fumes and pollution.
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  • Upgrade Dickson shopping centre in accordance with the Dickson Master Plan 2011 and 2016-17
    Dickson group centre is the main northern gateway to the national capital and serves an unusually large population catchment, providing important health, library, postal, banking, public transport, retail, recreation, restaurants and a wide range of other commercial services to the whole of North Canberra and many parts of the ACT/NSW sub-region. The centre is in urgent need of maintenance, shoppers are regularly experiencing harassment, and local businesses will face extremely difficult trading conditions once the centre's major carpark is fenced off. Now is the time to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to deliver the quality and integration of facilities that the Dickson Master Plan promised.
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  • No To Wallarah 2 Coal Mine!
    It has been shown that the mine will significantly effect the underground water flow within the Dooralong Valley. It will interfere with endangered species including the Charmhaven Crabapple and squirrel gliders in the area. It will cause significant noise and dust penetration to the nearby residential property of Blue Haven (less than 300 metres from the coal conveyor system and coal loading facility). It places at risk significant commercial enterprises being developed by other land owners in the immediate area and it removes both legal and actual access to a number of privately owned land holdings.
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  • Save Melbourne City Square
    Melbourne is now a wonderful tourist city that is a pleasure for residents and visitors alike. There is no need to destroy the city. After 20 years of development, the Melbourne City Square now functions very well, has established trees and is used by a large range of community groups. St Kilda Rd is a tree-lined iconic boulevard. It will take another 40 years to return these to their present conditions. The Melbourne Metro Rail project needs to adopt 21st century engineering practices. Tunnel construction can practically all be completed below ground. There is no need to disrupt the running of the CBD. With hundreds of trees throughout the city to be removed unnecessarily, deeper tunnels will save most of these trees. Politicians and engineers need to be held socially and environmentally accountable. With a truck removing rubble from the City Square every five minutes 24/7 - according to MMRA - the congestion and safety issues to pedestrians and cars is enormous. Let's be smart about this project.
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  • More Trees Needed to Compensate For the Loss of Randwicks Historical Trees
    Some of these trees date back to the late 1800s and provide important habitat for native birds and wildlife. Local Sydneysiders are outraged, many have participated in protests and marches trying to stop the trees being cut down, or even stop the light rail as a whole. "Nothing makes Sydney more beautiful than trees, especially the large old ones. I don't understand why simply putting in more buses wouldn't be a more logical, cheaper and greener solution." Silviu Dobrota 23/02/2016 "It's sad that we have to forgo the trees. Especially the ones over 100 years old! They have same right to be on this planet as we do." JK Blackwell 15/02/2016
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  • We want safe bike lanes for 'school central' in Geelong's west
    Bike riding gets kids active, improves their health, and teach kids about the community. It also takes cars off the road, which reduces road maintenance costs to rate payers, reduces traffic stress, limits pollution and slows climate change.
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